The following is an email conversation between Jennifer Lawson of Australia and Roy King in the USA. It started when Symanthia Harper, forwarded an email about the brush fires in Australia from Jenifer to me. For reference, each email is numbered. My replies are only included if necessary for context.

These emails describe the life of a wanderer including her successes and failures. Jennifer’s experiences, thoughts and actions provide many guides for our contemplation of life and its meaning. Jennifer’s view of the elephant goes beyond the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and legs into the actions, reactions and their results. Many of us have had experiences similar to Jennifer’s but I don’t personally know of anyone else with the volume of experience. These recollections are so diverse I am sure each of us will have some points of description we can identify as similar to events we have experienced. Please share your recollection of those with me. If you do not want them shared state it at the beginning of the email. These are published with Jennifer’s permission.

The first couple of emails (mine and hers) are semi-political. Most of the political and everyday “posts “ have been omitted. The first two provide background and context of where we live and the times. This context helps in understanding the viewpoints of the metaphysical portion of the emails. If the political part is too much you can skip to START OF THE METAPHYSICAL.




From: ROY KING  
Sent: Friday, 17 January 2020 2:20 AM
To: Jennifer Lawson in Australia




I normally limit my conspiracy theories to people who have studied and understand the facts and will not have a knee-jerk reaction to my statements. You obviously have your facts in order and what you provide below is not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact. The following is a summary of our position in the USA.


For the last three years we have become divided between Republican and Democrat. This has been a successful tactic to distract us from the real enemy. As Hannity said, “this is no longer a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact”.  We call them the Deep State (Public officials controlled by the Elite started in the 1800’s), Elite (corporate and celebrity people controlled by a Cabal of thirteen families), Three of the “thirteen families” in the Cabal which control the United States. This is not a conspiracy local only to the US but is worldwide. The Cabal’s goal is a one world government. Their methods are to divide a population against itself, establish a one party government, have the government totally regulate the wealth of the nation (socialism) and establish a totalitarian government. A group of military, civilians and government employees banded together in the 50’s to fight this conspiracy. It wasn’t until 2005 they gained enough strength to be effective. They became known as the Alliance. This Alliance is not headed up by Donald Trump but he is the face of it we see. “Draining of the swamp” is the term coined for trying to remove the Cabal-controlled government employees from office and replace them with people who want to help others instead of lining their pockets. Unfortunately, a majority of our representatives in DC are controlled by the Cabal (republican and democrat). They are controlled by receiving the office and money in exchange for doing what they are told. What they are told to do usually involves something illegal for which they are blackmailed into doing more illegal acts. Make no mistake! The democrats do not hate Trump. They are acting as directed out of a stronger emotion, FEAR. They are fighting for their lives! The Cabal has chosen to divide us along these lines and have been successful. The way the Alliance is trying to be successful is 1-to provide executive orders, 2-replace and install judges, 3-investigate and indict, 4-arrest and convict. The first three have only recently been accomplished. The fourth is so extensive it could cause a national panic. The Alliance is letting the general  public awaken to the reality of the Cabal so there is no civil war when so many high ranking people are arrested. If Trump does not win in 2020 it will mean a legal defeat of the Cabal is not possible. If you want to know who is controlled by the Cabal and who isn’t we are about to receive a list. Those who vote for impeachment when there is no cause can be doing so only because they are incompetent or told to. The Republicans who stand around and do not support the president are also following orders.

 As pointed out above, this is a world-wide conspiracy similar to what you have indicated. There is a light at the end of our tunnel we have been walking and I don’t hear a train whistle yet. But, we are only half way through the tunnel. To peacefully and legally remedy your attack by the Cabal a similar move by your military as part of the Alliance is required. Trump is not a perfect person. He has MANY tendencies toward narcissism. But, he is providing what this country needs. I hope you find the right person to drain your swamp and your military backs him as ours has backed Trump. They have made it clear to the controlling families that if they assassinate Trump they will militarily destroy them. There has still been many low level assassination attempts that have been thwarted.  


In your dream you saw the “probable” future. This existing time line can be changed by positive decisions. If your country (or a significant %age of it) decides to remove the “Swamp”, The time line can be changed.




Hi Symanthia,


Now this is just the oddest thing.......and please send this to your 'teacher' for his opinion. There's no such thing as coincidence, so tell me what you think about this?? About half an hour after reading your email and your teacher's comments another email arrived which scared the absolute tripe out of me.

So here it is.

If we compare the fires starting in Paradise, CA to the ones in Australia both:

1.      Have more than 20 starting points.

2.      Are started along a line; not fanning out from a central point.

3.      Have been identified as “man made” not natural.

4.      Follow the path of a “proposed” rail line.

5.      Have entities that will benefit greatly when the land is purchased for the rail line.

Okay!  It's not rail lines Australia has to worry about but something far more sinister about China already softening up Australia read for an invasion. An invasion I saw in a vision which scared me to death. The vision of China's invasion of Australia was terrifying and was witnessed from two perspectives. First was an aerial view where I could feel the wind blowing through my hair as I looked down across the top of Australia towards Irian Jaya, West Papua New Guinea under Indonesian control, and saw a massive army of  millions of Chinese moving across the narrow neck of land there, launching a surprise attack on Australia by air, land and sea. I could see Darwin quickly overrun, but the main thrust was toward Queensland and the entire East Coast, where Australia's main infrastructure is.

The Australia Defense forces  were taken by surprise as and totally unprepared, as was the entire population of Australia. I could feel the terror and panic of people living in North Queensland that had to flee south en masse along the only miserable freeway leading all the way south to Brisbane. The main freeway was bumper to bumper traffic with stalled cars, out-of-fuel, where people simply abandoned their cars in terror heading inland by foot away from roads and beaches fleeing south to safety. Chinese planes had already begun strafing cars. From the first perspective of viewing this horrific scene from high above, I then found myself on the ground experiencing the terror and sheer panic of trying to survive. I was living in Brisbane (where I normally lived) and packing up my car headed toward my youngest daughter's place in Tenterfield  which was further inland.  From Tenterfield my daughter and family would travel as far as the petrol held up in both cars, further south into Central NSW, where I knew it would be safe. A line of defense was drawn by the ADF to defend Australia above Brisbane and Southeast Queensland, cross country to Western Australia and above Perth, or Geraldton. Everything above that line would be the war zone.  However, had it not been for the military might of the USA which came to Australia's defense and beat the Chinese back in massive battles and won the war, Australia would have been taken over by the Chinese.

Soooooooooooooo here's the other email which scared me,

from a web site called

Has Australia Sold Its Water Rights to China?

January 3, 2020

Bushfire Crisis: The De-Kulakization of Australia (2)  Part One is here.

Linde asks if the agenda is to

depopulate the Australian outback in advance of a Chinese takeover. 

 The "world's first multi-jurisdictional water management framework."

Canberra, Australia, 6 June 2019 - Mekong basin-wide planning, environmental monitoring, flood and drought management, climate change adaption, and stakeholder engagement are some of the key areas to benefit from a renewed partnership between the Mekong River Commission (MRC) and Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) of Australia.

 Fozdyke: "The Chinese government is now talking more openly, if indiscreetly, about the future of this wealthy country and its ignorant and stupid people."    

------------ Australia has Been Gifted to China

------------ Australia Has Been Gifted to China (2)

by Linde


Before these fires started in the Spring of the Southern Hemisphere 2019, there was a completely censored delegation from the Mekong River Commission to Australia in June 2019. Geographically, the Mekong flows from the Tibetan Plateau in the People's Republic of China through its vassal states on the Indo China Peninsula. The Mekong River Commission (established 1995) is officially an 'intergovernmental organization' which is the "platform for water diplomacy as well as a knowledge hub of water resources management for regional sustainable development." The MRC has been involved with the MDBA from the git-go, from the time the MDBA was established in 2008 and became a 'stakeholder' in a "multi-jurisdictional" Plan that involves the Mekong River Commission. The MDBA acknowledges that it is part of the "world's first multi-jurisdictional water management framework."

With Communist China. Great.

In June 2019, the delegates from the MRC arrived in Australia to inspect the management of the Murray Darling Basin Authority and renew their agreements. This inspection and a renewal of the 'memorandum of agreement' ceremony were completely censored in the Australian media. On June 6, 2019, Communist China's MRC and the MDBA attended the ceremony in the Australian capital, Canberra. 

So there is an agreement in place. What kind of agreement? is blocked in Australia.

This much can be found out from the Google Page One of blocked Ips in the search for information about the arrival for the MRC to inspect the Murray Darling Basin operation. The MDBA is a stakeholder in the MRC and has attended MRC stakeholder forums from the beginning of its establishment.

Now. The MDBA is solidly in the frame as one of the Very Bad Guys in the Big Six Year Dry - the precondition for the firestorms of Australia's Bushfire Summer 2019-20. Even the mainstream media, notably the ABC, has relentlessly kept the spotlight on them as the Major Stuff-Ups responsible for the demise of the Darling River system below the Murrumbidgee.


Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission Slams Authority for 'Maladministration' ABC News

Problems With the Murray - Darling Basin Plan - Behind the News.

Mass Fish Kill : What's Next For the Darling River Community. Australian Story : ABC News in Depth

Australians will naturally reach for Hanlon'g Razor. But I would say: not so fast. The total incompetence of these MDBA suits is not enough to kill an entire river system. For that you need organization and planning. And in this case, I would say you need UN Communist climate change dicta for 'sustainability' and a multi-jurisdictional framework under the Chinese Communist Party.


Australia is responsible for delivering the Incompetence In Toto as the cover story for the planning, organization, bi-partisan political control (and controlled oppositions), geo-engineering, dominance of information (a big thank you Hua Wei and Verison of Israel) and, of course, a chain of command. This latter will be very covert because all Western minions must believe in the official government co-incidence theory - no matter how bizarre, physically impossible or stupid. As the Jewish mothers tell us back in the States: "You can't fix stupid" and they are right. The Planners naturally factored in our old pals greed and corruption as part of the system. In a word, an ecocide of the magnitude of the dry-out of an entire continent requires the social Masonry of The Owners. Because, if you are going to have a fire sale, you first must have a Big Dry out of the asset. And this has now been proceeding for about six years.

At some point the initial stage of this operation must be completed and the next stage commenced. I speculate that the water diplomacy visit of the MRC delegation in June 2019 was concerned with this business. The eneficiaries of Australia's water rights for the Novus Ordo Seculorum paid us a visit and inspected the management of a major player in the Big Dry - namely Comrade Multi-jurisdictional Stakeholder, the Murray Darling Basin Authority. The MRC signed off on the completed tasks. Spring 2019 , stage two of the Big Six Year Drought commenced.


Not to boast against the Anti-Semites who were liable to the death penalty under Lenin and Stalin, but back in the day when the Triumvirate of Stalin, Molotov and Trotsky (the real deal) came up with the plan of 'sovietizing' agriculture for ZOG East in the USSR, the great class enemy of the people was the Kulak and the sub-Kulak ( those deemed by The Party to have Kulak attitude ).


When Stalin announced the Five Year Plan for Socialist reconstruction 1929-1932 , the Triumvirate made it clear to the Duma that liquidation of the Kulak was essential to The Plan. And Stalin duly made the Kulak liquidation speech on December 27, 1929. At that time in the Soviet republics , the Kulak consisted of a husband and wife with at least 2 children in possession of the family farm of 12 acres and 1 cow, 1 hog, 1 horse, 10 sheep, 20 chickens. Thus : the Kulak - class enemy number one was the Slavic peasant family making a go of it with 12 acres and a cow.

The more things change - even in the days when the mantra itself is 'change' - they do remain the same.

Surprise. Surprise. To the Global Communist Order and its Commissars in charge of socialist reconstruction in every vassal state owned by the Central Banking Cartel, the number one class enemy of the people in the 21st century is : the Kulak aka the Boer and indeed the ethnic farmer of every nation undergoing sovietization.

The Australian Kulak is no exception. Although, I must say, that our Kulak in addition to being a class enemy of the NWO is an intransigent climate change denier. The Australian Kulak retains a deep, abiding distrust of the UN (the world's largest Communist praesidium) and does not believe that CO2 emissions and fossil fuels are the cause of climate change and eco-catastrophes such as the Big Six Year Dry and the national bushfire emergency currently blazing across three states.


Worse luck for our Commissars, the average Australian Kulak votes in Australian elections. And the Kulak vote belongs to the Deplorable base that helped to elect the Climate Change Denying LNP government in the May 2019 election. It was elected on the same platform created by Scott Morrison when he was the treasurer in the LNP Turnbull government 2017.

During the Parliament Q & A , Mr. Morrison brandished a piece of coal and went on record with the a position he took to the May 2019 election: "Don't be afraid. Don't be scared. It won't hurt you. It's coal." Cue international outrage and opprobrium from the usual quarters.

Come the May election 2019, the Kulaks, of course, just voted 1 for the LNP against Labour's Bill Shorten, the straight up Bolshevik who got a man fired from his job for just asking a question.

And for The Owners of Australia Inc. and Our Betters, in the midst of the December 2019 firestorm and the Cudlee Creek and Balmoral devastation in New South Wales and South Australia, PM Scott Morrison, the climate change denier, did not disappoint in his official capacity.


His Handlers had him on vacation in Hawaii as a firestorm the size of Greater Sydney approached Sydney itself. He was returned forthwith to face the media and to defend his government's position on climate change. He was scripted with lines crafted to trigger a complete ASD meltdown in Time's Person of the Year and her fanbase.

Here is a sample of his gaffes. He claimed that compensation for volunteer firefighters is "not a priority". (We are talking about Australia's BEST fighting mega-fires across three states here ). And he was trotted out a second time before Christmas to reject calls for more assistance to firefighters. Volunteer firefighting organizations, he opines will be analyzed 'post these events'.

You could not make this shit up. Unless, of course, what is here being staged is a psy-op in Hybrid Warfare. In which case - then - yes, we have some very creative minds at work..

And, as one might expect, Class Enemy No. 1, the Kulak has been handed the bad guy 'fault' script for poor land management in terms of climate policy. Seriously. Class Enemy No. 1 is responsible for the 'multi-jurisdictional' Big Six Year Dry and the bushfires. 

Pull our other leg - Sky News if you are going to entertain us at a time like this. Round up some of those MBDA suits and give them a national sorry day script.  Paying the Price for Poor Land Management. Sky News Australia.


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----------Australia Government Wasting WaterDuring Drought 

----------------Operation Torch Australia 

-----------------Exposing the Media's Fake News About Wildfires

First Comment from Aloysius Fozdyke

Re: Has Australia Sold Its Water Rights to China?

The correct answer is, not just its water rights. The Australian government is selling off everything, although in many cases it's more or less given away.

The same is true in New Zealand and Canada, but the Chinese government is concentrating on Australia for what I hope are obvious reasons. It's based on voting. Since 2006 every time Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians vote in any election they've been voting for the Chinese Communist Party.

If you've never read the legislation, if you don't know what a D.A. Notice is, or if you haven't a clue about vice-regal appointment documents then I know that my statements don't make sense - but that's how the power shift was arranged. And by the time the predominantly white, Xtian trash wake up there'll be nothing left for them to wake up to.

When the invasion of Australia happens the world will see the truth about the myth of 'the brave, bronzed Aussie'! Our military isn't a match for China's and the Australian people were first disarmed before they began voting away the soil from underneath their descendants' feet. I'm not responsible for the fact that these still colonists don't understand how their constitutions don't work, but I am responsible for the fact that the Chinese government does.




Hi Roy,


Yes, I agree with you in every aspect. I see it as the rise of socialist/communism The real danger period for Trump will be after he is reelected, especially in January either before or after he takes office.

I have known for some time we are in a 'spiritual' battle for the earth and mankind itself, which I also saw in vision, where the forces of light were up against the forces of darkness in a 'final battle' for earth. I saw the forces of darkness, the deceivers, consuming the minds of many, like innocent lambs to slaughter, rejecting their precious belief systems, crippling healthy egos,and attempting to cast mankind into the eternal abyss of ignorance, deception and ultimate control; Easy prey.  But they won't win. They'll lose. Because I also saw the rise of the forces of Light come together from the four corners of the earth to fight this great evil, joined by great angels or highly advanced Beings of Light descending from above to join those in the Light, blocking every move the dark forces made.

Unfortunately most people follow the herd without thinking, or to busy to even think about such matters - easy pickings to the dark cabal. Just check out the Hollywood Elite and see how far off the rails they've fallen. You'd think with all the 'good, strong ' characters they've played in movies, some wisdom or individual thinking would have rubbed off. But you are correct, they too are AFRAID.

That's why the anger and hostility is so fierce against Trump, like a scorpion backed into a corner. If you want to know who Trump is just look at his birth chart compared to bloody Mary Hillary Clinton's chart which makes me shudder to think she may have come into power. The Greater Powers of forces in the Universe, or whatever you want to call it, saw to that.  Which is why I believe Trump was a 'great blessing' for the USA. Cut through all the bullshit and face saving ego, his heart is pure, he's a good man and a savior at the time America needs it most.

 I'm not sure whether you believe in Astrology, but you can tell a lot from it. For example Nancy Pelosi should have contacted an Astrologer before she brought on the Impeachment of Trump, because the planet Mars in Scorpio was opposing several of her own planets in Taurus and especially Saturn square Neptune (also in Scorpio) in the Democrat's natal Chart. Meaning, this was

the finish and undoing of the Democratic Party on this matter.


Great talking with you








What I'm about to tell you only a few close friends know about, which is exactly when and how I began having visions pertaining to the future. Before I get into this amazing part of my life where I developed a sense of 'knowing' about most things, even had dreams about the men to come into my life six months before they physically did, where I knew what about people I want to tell about an epiphany I had G.

In December 1980 at the time when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Libra over my Neptune, trine my Sun, trine Uranus, I was driving from Queensland to Victoria to visit my father at his holiday house at Lake Tyers. It was about 10.00 pm at night and no traffic around when I was about half an hour away from Lake Tyers and nearly hit a big red kangaroo standing in the middle of the road. I slowed right down and began to drive much slower than I had been when I saw a set of lights up ahead. Alongside me in the front passenger seat was my son David aged 13 who was wide awake after my nearly hitting the Kangaroo, and fast asleep in backseat were my two girls Danielle age 11 and Carolyn 9. David and I thought the lights were from some 'chicken factory' or something similar but as we got closer the lights became much brighter and bigger and I could see a series of lights evenly spread around the center of a very large object which filled up and blacked out the entire horizon and lower skyline. 

I could see the shape of the  'object' which appeared oblong and floating in suspended animation not all that far above the telegraph poles, blacking out everything apart from the stars I could see high above it. It was enormous. As we drew closer still I could see a very large powerful light or lights directly underneath the 'object, ' the ones  we could see for miles. When I finally found the words, I said, "What we are looking at is a bloody massive UFO - the mother craft ship because it's spanning the entire horizon." I stopped and parked the car at the side of the road then walked across the road together with David over to the fence. I was surprised there had been no electrical interference whatsoever. The mother craft was in the paddock, so close we could have jumped the fence and walked directly underneath where the lights were. Funny thing was, I felt no threat, in fact quite the opposite, it was the first time in my entire life that I felt truly 'home. As I belonged with them, whoever they were. How weird! After standing stock still in awe for about ten minutes we got back in the car and drove on to my father's holiday house from where I could still see the lights of the mother ship before it vanished into the night. Upon returning home to Queensland a few weeks later, I began having a series of visions pertaining to future events that always began the same way. Which made me wonder if in fact I had actually been taken up inside the ship and shown future events that had been recorded in my brain to be shown at a later date. Although there was no missing time factor, that I recall anyway.

Every vision started with being inside a massive room without end, where I could see two lifelike images of 'myself' in two different places, one that was stood up against the wall looking around everywhere and one that was seated looking at what looked like a TV screen in front of me at a table. The table was also massive in size and seemingly endless as well. From viewing the situation I then moved into the first image of 'myself' stood against the wall, and saw things from that perspective. In other words, the images of myself were not activated until my spirit or energy force moved into them.  Standing against the wall I could see more clearly the view of the never ending room/table and its occupants. The never ending table had humans seated  with TV screens placed directly in front of them too, and at either side sat these Huge Beings dressed in white robes explaining to the 'human's' what they were deliberately being shown on the TV screen. These huge Beings of Light sat head and shoulders above the humans, and I regarded them as teachers from a highly advanced Space Brotherhood, and at a guess reckon they were about 8-9 foot tall.

From the wall I then moved into the image of myself seated at the table where I was being shown future events on the TV screen. The screen itself had a 'magical' quality, almost like a portal, because as soon as I looked into the screen I began moving through it into a different dimension, and suddenly became part of  the scene. At that point I experienced the sensation of moving through space and time and feeling a gentle wind blowing through my hair  as I was shown future events about to occur.

The first event I was shown was of our Solar System in perfect harmony then saw the Earth exploding (from what I wasn't shown) and watched as the centrifugal force from that explosion gathered  momentum as the waves moved ever outward past Mars, the outer planets and past our Solar System heading toward our closest star neighbor, which I believed to be Sirius- the Dog Star.  And I heard a voice say to me. "This will not be allowed to happen, and that is why we are coming."

A week later I was shown 'their return' or 'their' coming.

It was a lazy afternoon and I was laying on a cleared hillside near Mallaney on the Sunshine Coast chewing on a stalk of grass when I looked up and saw crowds of people lining entire hillsides around the area all excitedly looking and pointing toward the Ocean, which you could clearly see in the distance from where I lay. As I turned toward the ocean, I saw thousands upon thousands of brilliantly colored UFO's resplendent in sunlight, blinking in and out, glowing and constantly changing shapes and colours, putting on a 'show' for the inhabitants of earth.  I felt a strong presence beside me and thinking it was someone I knew, turned around to find it was a group of my 'space brothers' standing right beside me. That was when I knew how tall they were. All were dressed in white robes, or so it seemed, and they glowed so that you couldn't tell race or gender which seemed to be insignificant to them. Nor did they travel in UFO's, they could travel through  inter-dimensional space at will, through the power of thought. The display of UFO's were for mankind's comprehension to truly understand the concept of 'space.'   The Being standing directly beside me, lent over me placing his hand on my head saying, "Well done little sister, you did what you came to do." The vision then faded. The Lords of Light didn't use the UFO's for their purposes they could appear en- masse wherever in the universe they so chose, the UFO's were for human comprehension to show humans they came from 'Space.'




On a more personal note it was back in 1980 that I had a vision about a devastating tsunami striking a tropical place because I could see groves of palm trees and an island condition, which I thought could have been the east coast of Australia. In the vision I was looking down from above and it felt real because I had the sensation of wind blowing through my hair- a phenomena I always experience during visions. Like I'm lifted up out of this reality into another time hence the sensation of travel and wind in my hair. Weird. What I saw was shocking, the sight of literally thousands upon thousands of  people being washed out to sea, unable to save themselves as the waves swept in one after the other. As the vision finished I saw a huge hand of God come down, in a white sleeved  robe with hand  outstretched pointing to something. As I turned my head to see what His hand was pointing to I was stunned to see an Astrological sign with two zero's and the sign of Cancer, a Solar Eclipse.

Was God an Astrologer? Or was it given to me in a language I understood! 

Interestingly enough from 1700 until 2100 or more, there are only 3 Solar Eclipses at 00 degrees Cancer. June 21, 2001, June 21, 2020, and June 21, 2039.


When the Boxing Day tsunami's struck Aceh in December 26, 2004 the scenes shown on TV were exactly the same as those I saw in vision. The tsunami vision was of Aceh, although no such Solar Eclipse at 00 degrees Cancer occurred. However it did make sense according to the Astrological study of Geodetics I had been studying at the time, where longitudinal lines around the world were divided into segments of 30 degrees making-360 degrees in total- making up the 12 Astrological houses beginning with Greenwhich at 00 degrees of Aries. So that 00 degrees of Cancer was in fact the longitude line Geodetically speaking of 90E not all that far from 95E where the massive 9.1-9.3 quake ruptured the fault between the Burma Plate and the Indian Plate, triggering the death-dealing tsunami's that struck Aceh, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries in the region.  It was the longitude of zero Cancer, not a Solar Eclipse. 

Until Aceh happened I was very concerned about a tsunami hitting Australia and in 1989 underwent a session of hypnosis trying to tap into my 1980 tsunami vision to see if I could pick up more clues.

However, what I saw under hypnosis was an entirely different tsunami and targeting a different location to that of 1980. This one was targeting Southeast Queensland, especially the Gold Coast. 


Even under hypnosis I was looking down upon the scene from a great height sensing wind blowing through my hair similar to visions. I was floating high above the ocean off the Southeast Queensland coast with my head turned northward, the direction the tsunami was coming from. Then I turned my head toward shore and could see it was early morning hours with a few joggers on the beach. No one was prepared, most people were still asleep in their beds. The location I saw was the Gold Coast. I knew it well as I lived not that far away. From behind me I heard a great roar as the waves smashed ashore.

The next thing I saw was from the hinterland, behind the coast looking out to sea in the aftermath, where I saw nothing left standing apart from several shredded but still standing high rise buildings. In other words I've seen two different tsunami's, and in June 2001, a quake generated tsunami did strike Chile...............on the other side of the Pacific where the Solar Eclipse occurred, and not Australia. This June however, the Solar Eclipse will be over Indonesia ending over Papua New Guinea, where tsunami warnings have been occurring recently due to quakes in that region, though none significant. 




Hi Roy,


I must apologize for  my previous email which seemed to have a mind of its own and the audacity to send itself off incomplete without my realizing I'd pressed the send prompt.

Sorry for rambling all over the place like a drunken sailor. That said, I've also written this email in a hurry so probably some typos in this too.........

At least I don't have to repeat this again, though I do have more to tell you.. That is, if you want to hear it.

Thanks for your offer of coming over but I'll be going to Athens, Greece and Istanbul in early July, and won't be able to afford to come to the USA until the following year.

So much has happened in my life I feel like I've lived many lifetimes in one.

In fact while living at Symanthia's place one time, I was doing both Astrology and tarot cards to help a couple, friends of hers, start a business. Giving them the timing for starting a new enterprise.

As they were leaving the guy turned to me and said, " You have completed all your Karma, you don't have anymore karma and now free to do whatever." Which I thought was odd, simply because I'd never given karma much thought, in fact was absolutely disgusted by the way the word karma was kicked around or abused so conveniently by ego-oriented idiots in order to punish others and control them. Karma is not a punishment, 'punishment' is a human concept practiced by most religions. I believe 'punishment' is extremely negative retarding 'spiritual growth' and stems (weaponized) by the dark forces or demonic lower astral to control man. True karma is the path of enlightenment and higher learning that brings great joy and happiness. Then again, and deep within ourselves (souls), we already know the state of enlightenment, we came from there in the beginning and return when our souls are 'released' from their earthly cocoon. While on earth we strive to get back to that euphoric state of being again. It's not about stepping stones to enlightenment, its about unlocking what we already know and temporarily forgotten. 

Following the very quick birth of my youngest daughter Carolyn, I had an out-of-body experience, and watched from the ceiling as forceps were used to extract the placenta. Unfortunately the forceps had not been sterilized and within hours I was dying from Septicaemia, poisoning of the blood. As I lay in a coma for three days, my intelligence/spirit was happily floating in this peaceful wondrous void of nothingness when I felt a powerful presence standing beside me telepathically giving me the choice to either continue my journey into the light or return to earth. I didn't want to come back, I just hated the thought of returning to Earth, but then I thought "I just cannot leave my three little children all alone to be brought up with an idiot of a father." (Which is what I thought of my husband at the time)  And at the point I (my spirit) returned and entered my body, an experience which I could actually feel, which was easily the most agonizing and shocking experience I'd ever had.  As I floated back into body it felt like I was being slowly encased in one of those old fashion metal scuba diving outfits unable to move, and felt suffocated, imprisoned, and weighed down with such dead weights, like going into a cocoon where I could not longer be free as I had in spirit -free like a butterfly.




Hi Roy.


Thank you for your email explaining where 'we all' currently stand and the scenario of the cabal 'using' the far left Dem party for their nefarious purpose of world domination. (I know a little about Socialism/Communism from my first husband who is a Democratic Centralist (Leninist/Marxist and an ardent member of the Socialist Equality Party- a small group of communists who are dead scared of the main Stalinist Communist Party.)  

I was particularly interested in the mechanics of it all because your analysis fits perfectly with a 'specific' malevolent planetary influence in the Democrat Party's Astrological natal chart which, from its very inception, is seriously 'conflicted' by major rifts and insurmountable divisions deep within its ranks. Which, up until Trump became President, wasn't all that obvious remaining well hidden while surreptitiously getting all their ducks in a row ready for the take-over under the 'pretence' of so-called liberal and socialist agenda's such as sanctuary cities, open borders, anti-police actions, stacking the courts with so-called liberal judges, free medical including for illegals and so on- all part of the agena. The Democrat natal chart indicates a major split between the more moderate Dems, as opposed to the radical left with their covert and overt agendas intent on the 'take-over' or 'highjacking' the Dem party for the sole purpose of controlling the USA under a one world socialist/communist government.

It wasn't until Roy mentioned the cabal's using the Dems to further their agenda that really started me looking deeper into their Astrological chart. I'd already mentioned to Symanthia in jest earlier on, that Nancy Pelosi should have contacted an Astrologer before she brought on the Trump Impeachment Process in the house, because at the time, the planet Mars in Scorpio was conjunct Pelosi's Moon in Scorpio, the Dems Neptune in Scorpio, opposition Pelosi's Uranus and Venus in Taurus and all square the Dems Saturn at 20 Leo- an absolute disaster for Pelosi and the Democrat Party. Things didn't improve in late January and early February in the Senate, when Mercury moved through Aquarius badly aspecting Pelosi's planets and Mars (heliocentric) moving through Scorpio over her Scorpio Moon and opposing Ven, Uranus in Taurus.

More losses for the defeated Democrats. And a great many more losses to come for the Dems in January/February 2021. A very dangerous time for Trump too!

So the 'conflicted' area in the Democrat natal chart is from the planet Saturn at 20 degrees of Leo (the more moderate, middle-of-the-road, traditional libertarians of the party_, squared or 'fractured' by Neptune at 20 Scorpio (19.24 Scorpio) depicting the so-called progressives, anarchists, power hungry,  corruptible, deep state operatives, the swamp, dark powers, sowing discord, confusion, chaos, secretive agenda's.. In fact Neptune in Scorpio squaring off to Saturn in Leo  is “the Prince of Liars”- and perhaps the worst possible planetary aspect you can have in any chart, also the 'portal' through which the cabal manipulates the Democrat Party. Which also gives us an insight into 'the very nature and agenda of the cabal itself.'  This configuration denotes the death-dealing type of Communism (Saturn) feared under Stalinist Russia and Mao's China where millions perished as a result. Any form of freedom of thought or religious beliefs (Neptune) would be repressed and severely punished.

The cabal, what some would call the Anti-Christ, is black as the ace of spades. They are not for the advancement of humanity but rather out to enslave it. They strive for absolute power and brutal world domination over mankind, are extremely negative, devious, evil, dabbling in the occult, black magic, the forces of darkness, evil, depraved secretive agenda's, malicious acts, totally corrupt and depraved, dealing in child pornography and child trafficking, the slave trade, , heinous crimes, and everything that is abhorrent under God. And no. The Republican natal chart does not have anything like this. The  day Trump took office, or looked like he would, the 'Scorpions” rose from the far left or dark side of the Dems swarming and attacking Republicans and steered their party to the extreme far left all the while literally encouraging their supporters to be extremely hostile, violent, intolerant, and hateful toward Trump and any of his supporters. By comparing individual charts of high-ranking Democrats to the Dem Party's natal chart, it is indeed possible to tell if there's a direct correlation and interplay between the two or not. We've already seen many of the top-ranking Scorpions rear their ugly heads at Trumps Impeachment trial in both House and Senate, so we know who most are. Including really nasty players -Bloomberg and Brennan.

Astrology is a the key to 'reading' people and predicting events.

As Symanthia will tell you, you can tell a lot about a person from Astrology. I also know about those on the 'dark side' who use Astrology for nefarious purposes. The mother of a guy I almost married was Welsh and also a practising Druid, who, did in fact, cast 'nasty' spells on people she didn't like, but would never give me her birth date for fear I'd find her deepest darkest secret- she was a black witch. 

Another time a young girl aged about 25 attended one of  the 'healing circles' I held every Friday night at my place attended by a group of 20 people where we did the 'laying on of hands' for those who asked for healing, and joined hands in a prayer circle to send out absentee healing for others.  She wanted a 'laying on of hands' and to pray for God's protection from the forces of darkness attacking her in the astral. She'd been a member of  a 'witches coven' and was now trying to escape but they were hunting her down. It was she who told me that the dark side including 'Witches Covens' and 'Black Magicians' use people's Astrological natal charts in order to pinpoint where their weaknesses lay, thereby manipulating and controlling them.

When I first learned about Astrology I could pick up a natal chart and read it like a book and later on was amazed by how accurate it was in predicting events. Even saved my life from being one of the victims in the 'Queens Street Massacre' at the Telecom Building in the heart of Melbourne Tuesday, December 8, 1987 -one of the very few mass murders to have occurred in Australia .

On Friday December 4,  I was staying with my mother in Frankston, about 40 miles from Melbourne and decided to go into the Telecom Building in the heart of Melbourne to find a phone number of a certain weather maverick Dr. Irving Krick who lived in California. It was international number which I couldn't obtain over the phone. So I went in as planned.

I went on Friday, because looking at my Astrological natal chart I could see that on Tuesday 8  transiting Mars would be forming an exact square to my Pluto at 9 degrees of Scorpio in my 8th house of death. Now, for the past 6 months I'd been studying mass murders, and this sure was a 'mass murder' aspect which I could well be directly be involved in on that date. So over the weekend I stayed put at my mother's place until Tuesday rolled around and  I watched TV to see if anything happened on that day.  It did, just as I'd predicted.

During the day a deranged gunman walked into the Telecom Building where I'd been the Friday before, and opened fire shooting 8 people dead at point blank range before killing himself. 9 people in total died that day, and Mars was at 9 degrees of Scorpio, squaring my Pluto at 9 degrees of Leo in my 8th house of death. Scary stuff right!

Another time Robert a close friend I'd met in Texas, asked me if I could predict a 'lucky' date of when to drill for oil. Two years earlier his Swiss friend Max had bought an oil lease at  Oakmulgee, Oklahoma, and so far had spent a lot of money hitting a run of dry holes. Maybe I could predict a lucky date for them to drill.

I didn't know if it was possible but decided to give it a try anyway.

So I got the birth dates of three people, Max- the Swiss guy, Robert -who was organising the drill team, plus the head of the drill team. Taking their 3 charts I looked for the position of Jupiter (the lucky planet) Mars (the planet of action) and Neptune (oil) and combined them altogether to come up with a date. All was set for the day -2 months hence- where I joined Robert and the drill team who had already begun to drill during the day. The sun was setting and I pointed out the planet Mars you could just make out on the horizon and said 'when Mars moves overhead that's when Mars will pull the oil out of the ground!”  I have no earthly idea why I said that, must have been the wonderful elderberry wine I was drinking at the time.

It was midnight and I was fast asleep in the back of someone's RV, when I was woke by Robert furiously shaking me saying, “We've hit a gusher' he said. “We've hit the Duchess Line!'  Which meant nothing to me, until I saw the oil shooting high up into the night sky just how an oil strike looks on TV.  I made believers of Astrology out of everyone that night, including myself.




Hi Roy,


Every time I write to you about my experiences they just get weirder and goes my life. There's a lot I have to say so I'll write it in drift and drabs, and please excuse the spelling or grammatical errors.

First off I want to tell you of an experience I had in 2002 (I think?? ) when I had not long returned from living with Symanthia in Texas and was in the passenger seat of a car driven by a friend Libby traveling from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We were just crossing the Brisbane River when she quickly pointed out the recently built Mormon Church situated near the high river banks at Kangaroo Point. She was concentrating on driving, so quickly said " Check out the Angel Moroni on the Church Spire- isn't that something." Something!!!!!!!  My God I couldn't believe my eyes! Standing on the high river bank well away from the church and the angel on the spire, was one humongous angel about  the same size as Christ the Redeemer in Rio which I visited during Carnival. The angel was all gold and shone brilliantly in the sunshine, and stood in robes with wings folded  and arms outstretched over the Brisbane River. It was standing sideways so couldn't see it front on, but from the profile could tell it had curly hair similar to the statue of David and sandalled feet. I was stunned and said to Libby (who wasn't paying particular attention,) "That must have cost the Mormons a fortune!" (Thinking it was gold leaf or something) Well, a week later my brother and his wife and myself visited the same Mormon Church before it became 'consecrated,' so I inquired of various church members, 'Where's that huge angel gone, you know the one that was standing on the river bank?." To which all just stared at me thinking I was nuts and replied 'the only angel here is on the spire!." Which was when it dawned on me that I was actually seeing the 'real deal.' Not only that, and gauging from its size, had to be an Arch Angel, possibly Michael. Roughly 10 years later the Brisbane River suffered massive flooding, the worst in 38 years. Was the angel sent as a warning- seeing as its hands were outstretched over the Brisbane River?

Last time I wrote about my 'close encounter of the 3rd kind' where for months following I was 'shown' visions of the future and forgot to mention that I saw other areas in that 'ship' where I seemed to glide in a 'shaft of light' from one level to another, more importantly saw a sort-of 'observation deck' which was wall to computerized- with the same tall Beings monitoring the Earth down to the minutest detail. It was made known to me that they were observing and monitoring everything relating to the Earth, outer space threats , climate, earth changes, human activity, even political etc, and would only intervene in human affairs when the time was ready.

As an affirmation many years later, I went to visit a psychic friend's home in Brisbane (Glennys Mackay who stayed at Symanthia's house in Houston) to have a 'special' reading' done by an Australian Nun who had been 'chosen' by the Catholic Church (one of few Australian Nuns) to take her final vows at the Vatican. After taking her final vows she was then taken 'upstairs' by a priest and raped, after which she fled Italy and went into hiding in 'hippy territory' northern New South Wales, Australia. As a rule I kept well clear from readers on account of  being able to read tarot cards and knowing Astrology, but I was intrigued by this particular Nun. I mean how many Nuns exactly have you met doing 'readings?'

Her method of 'reading you' was unique. You had to sit you on a chair, while she stood back and sketched her 'impressions' about you on large sketch paper affixed to a stand having earphones playing classical music to block out any interference. The first thing she did was come up close to me, stare right through me, then danced back to her sketch whereupon she drew my face. I then watched in sheer amazement as she drew a UFO right above my head and line from it connected to my ear. She then came right over to me and said," You are not really from here are you? Your 'true' parents are in that ship. You're just on loan for what you have to do here." (Whatever the hell that meant) What blew my mind though, this Nun was the only person in my entire life to have actually picked up on and read my emotional response to seeing the mothercraft ship, of feeling 'home' and of 'a sense of really 'belonging.' (And I wonder about the many people I saw on that ship being shown things and know about things the same way I had and if they too had the same feelings of feeling 'home.'  I was so obsessed about hoping to find others that I finally wrote to the famous Israeli clairvoyant Uri Geller asking him about his encounter of the 3rd kind he'd reportedly had in the desert and if he too had seen a mothercraft ship. But he was reluctant to say anything other than it was an other-worldly experience, awe inspiring and surreal. I knew Geller was for real after attending his 'spoon bending' and making watches work again exercises in Melbourne Town Hall, and realized he was tapping into an energy force or source most of us, including me, knew nothing about.

The next part of my journey goes into the dark side where I was taught how to 'roll back 'bad' dreams or even 'attacks' and clear the negative energy in the 'astral,' or subjective sleep states, vital to mental and physical health, areas where we are more vulnerable. I guess it helped hanging out with Rosicrucians - a worldwide brotherhood claiming to possess esoteric wisdom handed down from ancient times depicted by the order's symbol, a rose on a cross, who were trained in 'psychic self defence,' who taught me psychic attacks and dark thoughts were 'real' and could be 'dispelled."

Has anybody ever experienced 'being in the back of a black limousine' dreams where you are being driven somewhere but never get to see the driver behind a protective black barrier between you? I have only met one person from Sydney who had the same sort of 'black limo' dreams as myself, but there must be many others too.

(Please excuse me if I'm repeating myself as I have only recently told someone about the limo dreams but can't exactly remember who it was.)

In the first dream I found myself in the back of a black limousine being driven to some place way out country where I saw this huge disused warehouse which stood about 4 stories high. The limo stopped and I did not want to get out, but knew I had to, it was expected of me. I walked with great trepidation to the huge front doors and threw them open revealing a series of large spiral staircases leading either side to the mezzanine floor and to the other floors higher up, with each floor ringed in by a balcony, leaving the center open so that I could see all the way to the top. Except for one thing. Everything was pitch black and scared the living daylights out of me, because I knew something evil was there, something I couldn't see. I was so terrified I ran out of there and back to the limousine. Then, two nights later, I'm back in the same dream, same thing all over again, being driven to that rotten scary warehouse only this time despite being terrified was able to get to the second level when I heard unearthly shrieks and sounds of floor boards being torn up from the floor above. But that wasn't the worst of it. I suddenly felt this 'thick, heavy, smothering blanket of darkness descend upon me, choking the air and life out of my lungs, trying to squash me like a bug. For the first time ever I was experiencing 'true evil' at its worst plus the fear of loosing my life with it. I took off like a bat out of hell and swore this would be the last time I'd ever set foot in that place again. Unfortunately for me my training session was not over. I was kindly given a week's break before finding myself in the back of the limo headed for the 'evil' warehouse again. However, this time my mood had changed, this time I was absolutely furious, this time I would fight it.  So I flung open the front doors to be met with the same old thick evil blackness squashing the life out of me and threw my hands up in the air calling out in the name of God to come down and cleanse this place of evil and let the sunshine in. With that, the ceiling of the warehouse simply blew off and the sunshine poured in cleansing the place. I felt I'd been trained in some form of exorcism as well as to conquer my fear of evil.

Several months later on the eve of leaving for the USA I was put to the test. That night I fell into a very deep sleep where I saw my little grandmother (either Scottish or English whom I'd never met in this lifetime and whose head came up to shoulder height) walking together with me up a hill toward a particular house. Neither of us spoke but both of knew what we were there for. We knocked on the front door and a lady let us in and took us into the lounge room on the right hand side as you entered. She sat us down together on a two-seater couch then introduced us to a man who had come into the room and sat down with her on the other couch. While they were talking together I heard someone say something that was 'off key' and immediately sensed danger. So did my little Grandmother whose 'gift' of seeing things  I'd probably inherited. We began saying the 23rd Psalm especially the part where it says "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." For whatever reason these words must have been extremely powerful and incensed the 'evil' we'd sensed in the room which suddenly attacked us weighing us down like a ton weight of choking, cloying, darkness and terror, with the sensation of  having our throats 'ripped' out so neither of us could utter a word. That didn't stop us because we repeated the same words over and over in our minds- God's territory. It got so bad I finally asked to be delivered from this evil, and found myself floating (in spirit) above my bed and back into my body with my tongue stuck to the back of my dry throat.

The following morning totally worn out from that horrible experience I telephoned my mother two States away in the hope of trying to place where I'd been the night before. I asked Mum if she'd ever been to my sister-in-law's house, who at the time was going through a very bitter divorce with my brother. Yes she had. Step by step I went through the layout of the place, including the lounge room and sliding glass doors opening out to a large back deck overlooking the mountains in the distance. Yes! it was exactly as I had described in dream. Mum then told me my sister-in-law had only just had a called before I did to say she and her boyfriend had split up after a very nasty argument the night before. The night we were there!  And I suspect my grandmother were there to calm a potentially dangerous situation.   

In the second dream in the back of  a black limosine, I was driven to the house where I grew up as a child. The limo pulled up outside my house and I noticed that everything was sepia colored in brown and white, that only a few houses had been built and that trees and shrubs were small and had only just been planted in my mother's garden. As I looked down the street I saw my mother and her sister with bunches of wild flowers in the hands laughing loudly over some joke they'd shared. I wanted to get and join them. But as I touched the handle ready to pull the door open a voice from the front seat said sternly, " You cannot get out. It's not your time. You haven't been born yet!"  It was this dream that made a believer out of me that we choose our parents.

Another helpful tool is 'rolling back your dreams' or re-setting your dreams that have either bothered you, scared you, or you've felt under attack. The only time when time is actually on your side.

So I'll explain this by way of example or personal experience. I dreamt it was night time and I was all alone in a large house except for my dog who was fast asleep. A furious storm raged outside with the creepy shadows of the branches and limbs of trees dancing wildly along the walls. Being scared of something not right in the house I got up and walked out of my room where I could see my dog sleeping in the kitchen from a little glass hallway in between. Suddenly from out of the blue a thin skeletal arm shot out of the darkness and grabbed me by the throat, a sensation I could still feel even after waking up. Immediately I went back into the dream, visualizing every detail as I'd just seen it moments before, right up to the point of being attacked. The split second before I knew what was coming I used both my hands to turn round, reach up and grab 'the culprit' by its throat and destroy it. Doesn't matter how or what you use to attack your opponent (a manifestation from the lower astral) but get rid of it, so

as you don't waste precious time and energy worrying about it.

To a great extent my understanding of the other side, the spiritual realms,  or the astral planes comes from my maternal great Aunt Annie whom I met at the age of five shortly before she passed away, leaving me the journals in which she wrote about her many out-of-body experiences. Although her husband thought she was off her rocker and destroyed most of her work, enough was salvaged for me to understand what she was writing about. Interestingly enough she predicted both the first and second world wars two years before either began, heralded by what she called 'round white discs in the sky.' Which, of course, to me, represents UFO activity. At the age of 18 years old Annie contracted TB and was sent home to die as the doctors could do no more to help her. Now I can't say if she'd had any angelic experiences prior, but an angel appeared at her bedside and told her that she was not to eat anything but the fruit of the orchard and pure rainwater. Six months late she was free of T.B. Annie was a bit of an enigma to the family because she always knew when someone was going to pass away, or if there was a 'negative entity' in the room, mostly she could predict the future.

Before continuing I want to say I'm not entirely sure whether I believe everything my great Aunt experienced, because my out-of-body experiences were vastly different to hers. The most interesting parts I read about in her journals were about her out-of-body experiences where she was often taken to worlds of lesser light, as she called them. This is what some people describe as hell, which is not in fact a hot place, nor 'ruled' by a devil with a pitch fork. In fact the seven (or less) lower levels (known as the worlds of lesser light) as far as she knew were controlled by the Creator or God, where angles were appointed as guardians at each level. Each level is like a big training ground of souls rather than a punishment, where those who have committed certain crimes against humanity learn to correct their mistakes, and once done move on to the higher realms. 

To explain this concept a little more clearly. We are 'graded' according to our 'auric' emanations. Whatever we do on earth is recorded in our auras/souls/spirits, both light and dark, good and not so good. It is therefore our own auras that determine where we go when passing from one life form to another, and not a stern judge sitting their with a big sledge hammer passing judgement on our poor quivering souls. Aunt Annie's missions at times was to carry 'spiritual messages of hope' to those on various lower levels telling them they would soon be lifted to higher realms. She said descending into these lower levels felt like descending in a lift where she was considered a' messenger of light' and allowed to pass into these places. Sometimes she'd be mocked by people on various levels but would send them away in the name of God. As far as I knew she never descended to the lowest level and what was there. As a child I grew up around my mother and my aunt who constantly discussed spiritual matters and the other side, which made feel quite comfortable having little fear about exploring the other side.


Until next time.







Hi Roy,


My blood type is the common 0 positive. I was raised in Warragul a small country town in West Gippsland, Victoria. My ancestry goes back to ¾ Scot and ¼  English. On the English side I'm related to the Ashton's who owned the Lancashire Cotton Mills in England and the Scottish side is from the Highland Clan MacLaren, one of  most ancient Scottish Clans, with a history dating back a thousand years. Interestingly enough my brother has a derformity beneath one of his finger, known as Dupuytren's contracture, considered to be a signature of Viking heritage. A strong Celtic heritage may account for the ability of 'knowing' or being 'shown' things which became much stronger as I got older. Most of my learning in life didn't come through other people but through dreams and visions I had along the way. I'd have all sorts of dreams too, some warming, some prophetic, others  symbolic.

Like a dream I had in late September 1987 of seeing businessmen dressed in suits holding brief cases walking straight into a river and carried downstream where they emerged on the other side completely unscathed. I knew what it meant and warned my brother to sell his shares in the stock market and buy back later. A month later on October 19, 1987 Black Monday hit and the stock market crashed.

Sometimes warning dreams were for other people, or I played the role of someone else and realised the warning was for them not me, like the time my daughter Danielle aged 25 was  deciding to move in with her boyfriend to an apartment attached to a restaurant he had just bought. In the dream ( as I realised later I was Danielle and not myself) I was at a drive-in movie and had a fight with my boyfriend, so we drove home to the restaurant in silence, down a back alleyway leading to the back of the restaurant and parked the car out back. We unlocked the back door went inside and as we still weren't talking he went off in a huff into the restaurant section while I went up the stairs toward the bedroom on the second floor. Halfway up and off to one side was an office overlooking the alley way at the back. I was in the state of undressing when I realised the light was on and went over to the window to check if anyone was around and saw a guy dressed like an old fashioned detective (hat and raincoat) staring at me from the alleyway below. Freaked out I ran to the light switch turned it off  returned to look out the window but the guy had since gone. As I stared out the window looking for him I was suddenly attacked from behind and smothered by a pillow. I fought and fought but succumbed and everything went black. At which point I woke up in panic with the feeling of being smothered and finding it extremely hard breath. It felt real. 

Telephoning Danielle the following morning I inquired about the restaurant I'd never seen in my life. “Is there an alley way at the back?.” “Yes!” “Is there an office halfway up the stairs to the bedroom at the back of the restaurant?” “Yes!” “Is there a window overlooking the alleyway?” “Yes.”  “Please don't move in there,” I begged her, “because you're going to be murdered there.” She never did. I never doubted for one minute I'd made a mistake, I just 'knew' she'd die there because I'd just experienced her death.

Another weird dream-related event occurred years later when the kids had left home. I'd met this old boyfriend I'd dated years before when I was only 18 but my father  had split us up because he'd sensed something about the guy that was just not right. As we now lived several States apart and both divorced it was decided I'd come and live with him to see if we got along. He was a Polish immigrant and an alcoholic. Vodka was his poison. After a few months he started drinking more and more and becoming more violent which got so bad one night he began slamming his fists on the bed using profanities about me in his sleep. Which woke me up, and being alarmed sought the safety of the lounge room. Minutes later he stood before me looking as white as a ghost. “Are you okay!” I asked. “No!” he said. “I just had a dream about YOUR people. YOUR people were judging me.” “What do you mean.” I asked. He replied “I was in a court room standing in the witness box but there was no judge, jury, nor people in the room, I was the only one there. Nor was there a  roof  overhead  instead I looked up and saw round white discs, UFO'S, hovering over me which scared me to death. They were the ones judging me. YOUR people.” The oddest thing about this was although I'd mentioned having seen a UFO in passing, I'd never mentioned specifics nor told him what I really saw and experienced. He, like most people would never have believed me anyway. However, I did take his dream as a direct warning to me, that my life was in danger with this man, because his violence was already escalating at an alarming rate. I left him the very next day while he was at work, never to return.

I learned to take note of dreams,visions and even thoughts that came into my head,, because they were all accurate and came true. One time in LAX I was about to board the airport shuttle bus (from Domestic to International) when something told me that my suitcases hadn't been transferred across to my International flight and were still on the carousel. I went to check and on the carousel going round and round and the only ones there were my bags, one with the tags torn clear off. I learned to trust the voice within that always gave me correct information.

(If I mentioned my experiences to the 'shrinks' they'd throw me in a clinic for having a psychotic episode hearing voices in my head. But I knew the psychiatric profession well, because my first husband was a psychologist and worked at a psychiatric center for several years where our social life revolved around the psychiatrists, so I learned much about the major flaws and limitations of psychiatry and why so few people they treat ever become well. What good is it if you only read half a book, but leave the most important part out- the spiritual connection.

As a child around 5 or 6 years old I clearly remember having the ability to leave my body at will and how I did it too. Through visualising my body flattened out (like a steam roller had gone over it) then reverse it by visualising my body very thin, which I did reversing the image over and over and faster and faster alternating from thick to thin, thick to thin, which set up a sort of wave effect having a thrilling sensation in the pit of my stomach rather like going down a roller coaster at top speed. At this point I could feel my spirit rising and pushed myself out through the top of my head. And I'd fly off to other countries and see them all in colour, which was natural as the day and felt normal to me. My mother also experienced flying dreams when she too was little and saw other countries in colour like I did. (Flying dreams, I believe, are from a previous life in spirit and many people have them).

Growing up and becoming more involved with the world around me, I forgot all about my flying dreams until years later when I read about the Ekinkar who taught the art of astral projection, and although I tried to do it again getting as far as my spirit lifting out through my head I went into panic mode and stopped it. If I went out maybe I wouldn't want to come back and couldn't proceed because of being a sole parent with 3 kids. Or perhaps I was just plain scared. The ridiculous thing is, I had out-of-body experiences and astral projection incidences all the time, which all occurred naturally as a matter of course, none forced.  Maybe we astral travel every night without knowing.

One night I came to the realisation that 'what' we think about prior to going to sleep is vitally important to our health and mental well being during sleep state and to ensure that our subconscious thoughts are positive, content and peaceful before drifting off, because thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, manifest, to become, or turn into a physical reality the next day when we wake. When you are really troubled, stressed, tormented and surround yourself with 'negative' thoughts before sleeping, these thoughts manifest in the physical dimension or reality making you ill, sick, or  feel even worse than you felt before. It's a vicious cycle. Immediately I had the realisation it was though a light switch had turned on my head, where I saw the Eye of Horus surrounded by brilliant white light. Where the hell did that come from? I wasn't into Egyptology or that sort of thing.

Although one time while under a hypnosis session the practitioner asked if I was ever in Atlantis. Upon her asking I found myself inside a marble temple where I saw twelve people, both male and female, all dressed in white robes like the ancient Greeks, standing in a large circle on a raised platform. In their hands each one was holding a large junk of white crystal and gradually began joining them together. When the last crystal was moved into place, making a perfect crystal circle  the earth began to shake violently and the temple collapsed around them. They were not affected and rose together as one unscathed through the ceiling. Atlantis had been deliberately destroyed. Then again, maybe I was more suggestible under hypnosis and decided to steer clear of it after that.

That said, I did have a few experiences with the 'ancients.'

I was visiting the ancient ruins (Zapotek) at Monte Alban in Oaxaca Mexico, and was excited to  see the only ruin more intact than the others was the observatory. Seeing as my work was all about planetary influences on weather patterns which includes solar and lunar eclipses etc, I was now in my element and decided to sit down against the outer wall of the observatory while my friend wandered off elsewhere. It wasn't long before I began hearing voices talking to me in head telling me all about the work 'THEY' had done regarding planets and solar eclipses too, and went on to explained to me how they did it. They spoke to me in a language I'd never heard before but I understood them perfectly and knew what they were saying, because all language is understood in the spiritual realms, or telepathic. Anyway the more I read about the 'cloud people' who built the observatory, I felt they were the ones I was talking with. Unfortunately my friend returned and spoke to me, bringing me back to cold reality and the 'spell' was broken. They'd gone.

When I first began teaching myself how to predict the weather using Astrometeorology or Space Weather, using the Sun, Moon and planetary angles, I encountered a major snag and could find no answer to it anywhere. Without that specific knowledge my work came to a grinding halt. But instead of giving up I thought I'd try something that sounded so 'wacky' I could never tell anyone about it. I'd call up the ancients, those who'd studied planetary influences and written books on the weather, they'd know the answer. (I was of the belief  that the concept of time on the other side was irrelevant, that  nothing is ever lost to the collective consciousness of mankind, and that we do have the ability to plumb the depths of all knowledge and wisdom floating around in the ether.)

Aristotle wrote the first treatise on the weather, Johannes Keppler discovered the magnetic attraction or angular positions of  the planets to one another such as a square of 90 degree angle, or opposition -180 degree angle, and  Sir Isaac Newton used  planets to forecast an extremely severe winter in Europe and so on. Not that you'd ever read it in history books - Astrometeorology is too  closely aligned with Astrology.

Altogether there were about 10 names I wanted to call up though I had no idea what they looked like, so late that night I set the scene by visualising a large oblong table with a large white lace tablecloth and 10 places set including one for myself. And just before calling up the names I programmed my mind to remember the 'answer' at exactly 8.00 am the following morning just in case I drifted off to sleep in the interim and forgot the answer.

I sat at the empty table and then began calling names. At this point the 'visualisation' I'd controlled suddenly took on a life of its own, so that I found myself underneath the table checking out the sandals (all wore sandals) and watched as one by one the chairs filled up and people sat down. I don't remember anything else and fell fast asleep. At 8.00 am sharp the following morning, the time I'd programmed in my head, I sat upright and had my answer. The very answer I needed to continue with my 'predictive' work in weather forecasting. Which begs the question as to whether we in fact know a hell of a lot more than we think we know, and haven't bothered to really plumb the 'well' of knowledge deep within ourselves to know any different. We are told we only use a very small percentage of our brains, which is probably very true. So maybe we are a bit lazy and want everything without really trying or really putting in the effort. Anyway the method I used in 'calling up the ancients' for answers certainly worked for me.

I wonder in fact, if the 'knowledge' and 'knowing' about things had come from a  past life as a North American Indian woman, as the Indian Nation is known for 'connecting' with their ancestors. 

The next experience pertains to the passing of my mother.

It was the first of May of 1990 and minutes before my mother passed away at home from breast cancer, my brother and I with other family members were gathered around her bedside when her eyes suddenly flew wide open from having been shut in a coma for a few days. I was holding her hands and asked my brother to come hold them while I went round the other side of the bed and held my hands over the top of her head. She gave 3 short breaths then stopped breathing when I felt an actual 'energy' force pass out the top of her head and through my fingers. I can only describe it as a very 'refined' energy force, almost like a flutter or light breeze, which I felt had to be her soul leaving her body.

 Moments later gathered in the kitchen waiting for the medical team to arrive, I was making coffee for everyone at the sink and turned around to see my mother standing in the doorway leading to the lounge room, surrounded in this brilliant white light aged 40 years younger and dressed in her favourite snazzy golf outfit she loved so much. Everyone was standing facing me and didn't see her as I frantically pointed spluttering the words -'Hey there's Mum!' They all turned but she'd gone.     

The following day I visited Noreen, one of the few talented psychics I trusted who was on the same page as myself, and she said that Mum was currently in sleep state and because of her spiritual knowledge and enlightenment was bound for the highest levels shedding density (we accumulate on earth) along the way to become lighter and lighter until she reached Paradise where a big surprise unbeknown to her was waiting. It was her son, aborted when she was only 4 months pregnant after hitting a pothole in the road, waiting her arrival to be reunited. Also a younger brother I didn't know about either. Although I may give the impression Paradise is somewhere over the rainbow in the heavens, it's in another dimension altogether that we get a glimpse of every now and then. But here's the thing about my mother that simply gave my brother and I the creeps. Her name was Ivy May she simply detested and changed to Nina, and we buried her on the 4 May, which in Roman Numerals, is the exact same date as her namesake.  Bizarre, to say the least.

And although I'd experienced  many things in the spiritual dimensions, I'd never really been a believer in past life, namely because of people declaring they'd been the Queen of Sheba and that sort of rubbish that put me off the subject. That was until I went to a psychic development class in Brisbane and experience it for myself. 

I was in my early 30's when our teacher had the class count down to their birth experience and to try and break through the dark vale to the other side to see what their past lives had been. Well, I tried and tried until finally the blackness cleared and to my horror found my head inside some large animal's mouth with large rows of teeth just about to bite my head off. Thanks a lot! I was terrified and had one hell of a job trying to pull myself back to reality. Was I killed and eaten by a bear or a lion?

Curious to find out if there was any truth to it all, I found a past life reader in Brisbane who said. “I  see you as a North American Indian medicine woman gathering berries in the forest, and uh oh there's a bear.....” Before he could finish I flew out of that chair, saying “Don't tell me anymore, I've seen the rest.” How amazing is that, I mean the 'past life' reader could have come up with any other life but to hone in on what I'd actually just seen myself was mind boggling. Unless we were all delusional, maybe it was true. That  I had been an North American Indian woman at one time. This was the beginning of  my North American Indian 'spiritual encounters' which began in earnest when I visited California with a friend in 1981. My travelling companion was Genieveve, an Aquarian born on January 26 the same day as myself and 30 years my senior. She was a spiritually enlightened psychic (not many are) and often times 'inspired.' Before leaving on our trip Genny dreamt her daughter gave her Shasta Daisy, so Mount Shasta was where we were headed. First off we visited Elizabeth Claire Prophet and the Summit Lighthouse (or something)  in Malibu Canyon who was a total phoney which we couldn't wait to escape from and headed north to SF. We met a few other New Age groups that were equally phoney and decided to skip staying at Mount Shasta and just bypass it on the bus. On approach to Mount Shasta on a northbound bus out of San Francisco, we both began to feel  extremely tired as though in a trance. But at first sighting I sat bolt upright before instantly falling into a deep sleep where I saw a North American Indian woman in full regalia walking down the middle of the bus then seat herself opposite me. (Course this wasn't happening in reality.) She smiled then took my hands in hers and welcomed me to the area as a 'kindred spirit' and proceeded to give me directions on how to get inside the mountain which she said was a 'sacred spiritual center.'  Her hair was parted in the middle and braided in plaits either side and around her head was a red head band and although her face looked like leather and her age well over a hundred years old, her eyes were young and sparkled and her beautiful smile simply melted my heart. The dream then faded and I woke out of my trance-state, as did Genny who then described to me the very same Indian Elder I had just seen, as well as several Indian Chiefs in full regalia. I wondered later if she had actually astrally projected herself from inside the mountain, or had appeared to me in spirit and had passed on. Whatever the case, she certainly felt very real especially when touching my hands.

After that I had a few dreams about North American Indians- one in particular which really stood out where I found myself sitting down in a circle with a number of Indian Chiefs with headdresses on top of a mountain called Bald Mountain and was being taught how to walk through life remaining invisible from other people. Not drawing any attention to myself. Next thing I knew I was actually being put to the test by walking 'unnoticed' through a very crowded Western Bar. I'd passed the test.

I mean you just can't make this stuff up.

Years later I was talking to the editor of a local Houston magazine who always published my hurricane predictions and he mentioned someone who'd called the paper telling him about a group of 'spiritual' people who could cure all mankind's illnesses, had 'secret spiritual knowledge' and lived up to a thousand years old. At which I fell all over the place laughing. “Did you ask the caller where this group of people were from?,” I inquired. To which he replied, “Mount Shasta!. They told me they were from Mount Shasta!” So I sheepishly took back everything I had just said, apologised for laughing, then told my friend that everything he'd been told about Mount Shasta was in fact the truth, because I myself had experienced the 'spiritual people' that lived at Mount Shasta. The few times I visited Sedona in Arizona, I felt a strong spiritual pull, almost as though the quiet desert was very much alive in a spiritual sense and that the whole place felt like a vast spiritual inland sea. Maybe I'd lived there in a past life.

Next time I'll be discussing intrusive thoughts superimposed over your own and how to combat them, visions of the future- specifically a worldwide pandemic reducing the world population, strangers (not human) who walk among us, several interesting astral projections, the power of prayer, plus the phenomenon known as the 'Holy Spirit' which is very real and a 'very powerful light force' which I've experienced several times- one with Symanthia's Buddhist Group, another with a group of Kibbutznicks visiting from Israel at Niagara Falls, and once when I was alone in my apartment in Houston. An amazing experience. 


Take care





Hi Roy and Symanthia,


There's many scenarios of future events I've seen in visions or dreams which may or may not eventuate. One in particular which seems to relate to a pandemic that wipes out a vast number of people. If you have any questions about what I have written I'd be happy to answer.

Nobody knows all the answers, guess we'd be bored if we did. We're all on a journey in this amazing school ground of learning. As William Shakespeare in his play Hamlet states"There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." So true!

Once again I must humbly apologize for any typo's, grammar etc, because the more I go over things,

the more I go off on a tangent into something else. My mind is somewhat compartmentalized where memories are shoved away in different sections which upon opening tumble out all over the place and take time to wade through them all.

Next time in Dreams and Visions 2, is one of the greatest visions of all, Armageddon the final battle of man - a battle of the mind and soul, which I saw from the 'spiritual side' or 'spiritual perspective," fought by the Higher Beings against the Demonic realms that will be finally crushed and defeated.

In reality this could well indicate the rise and fall of the dark forces of Socialism/Communism, the champion of the lower astral and historically, a cult of power and control bringing death and destruction to countless millions.  






The following contains several dreams and visions pertaining to future events, one of which has already happened, the rest, yet to come. That is, if in fact they do occur, taking into account what Roy had to say about timelines seen in dreams and visions which may change or may not eventuate depending on the circumstances.

Apart from the 1980 vision of Aceh, Indonesia, where I was 'floating' high above and watched as destructive tsunami's destroyed the island killing tens of thousands which happened 24 years later on December 26 2004 known as the 'Boxing Day Tsunamis, (where the scenes shown on TV were exactly the  same as I'd seen in my vision), and another tsunami dream severely impacting the Gold Coast on Australia's East Coast which has not as yet occurred, was a dream about a major quake hitting San Francisco.

In this dream I unfolded a newspaper and opened to the front page where written in bold letters right across the top were the headline " 'FRISCO QUAKE 40,000 DEAD.' The zero's seemed to span right across the page so I'm pretty sure it was 40,000 and not 4,000. I searched for a date but couldn't find one, but at least I was able to read the small print stating the size of the quake was just as big if not bigger than the devastating quake of 1906. It could have been either a 8+ mag or even a massive 9 mag Richter scale quake, powerful enough to have toppled the Golden Gate Bridge, according to the report. Before I could find out any more details the paper disappeared as though it was 'pulled' from my hands. 

Easily one of the more terrifying and graphic dreams pertaining to the future was in 1986 where I woke up drenched in perspiration due to a worldwide catastrophe that had not only wiped out at least half the world's population, but taken out the grid, and destroyed civilisation as we know it. I didn't see or know its cause only that cities everywhere had bodies piled high in the streets but all the buildings were left intact, unscathed. Which seemed to imply the possibility of a  worldwide pandemic of catastrophic proportions deadly to humans but ineffectual and not affecting other life forms such as animals. This pandemic was on a far larger scale than the Spanish Flu of 1918 which killed millions.

The dream began with my living far out in the countryside probably an hour's drive from Brisbane in a rambling old farm house on about 4 to 5 acre property that was fenced in all round by a 6 foot high barbed wire fence. There were a group of us living there, and the reason for the barbwire was due to large packs of marauding dogs, big ones, that were attacking humans. 'Protected' inside the property were both farm and domestic animals and various fruit trees and crops we planted for survival. There were several nearby 'survival' groups living in farm houses similarly protected by barbwire like ours, who also grew crops we traded with for a variety of food. In fact most people living in country areas had been largely unaffected by the pandemic whereas most city dwellers, for some reason, hadn't made it. Maybe due to a deadly virus that struck people down without warning, or the city had been quarantined so that no one was allowed in or out, but we knew every time we left our farm armed with rifles travelling in army jeeps we'd 'borrowed' from an abandoned nearby army base, to search for food, other survivors, or went by convoy into Brisbane CBD itself to stock up on supplies (all the stores were open), such as food, bullets and petrol supplies, it was imperative to be home by nightfall. No exceptions. It was too dangerous to travel country roads at night in the dark.

Before all this happened and leading up to this event, there had been warning signs of impending doom because of a marked escalation and frightening surge in natural disasters the world had never seen before, increasing both in frequency and intensity where storms had now become far more destructive and violent than usual. Weather patterns in Southeast Queensland where I lived, had changed becoming almost tropical with high humidity and exceedingly high rainfall where everything had become so overgrown even at the side of the road you had to drive carefully.

But our greatest dread of all was having to travel to Brisbane and see piles of corpses everywhere, many of which had now become skeletal long since stripped of flesh by the large dogs now roaming the countryside in packs of 40 or more. In the beginning the dogs had stayed within the city limits until they'd run out of food then ventured further afield into the countryside looking for prey. A terrifying concern to us as these packs had no fear of humans.

We had a 'ham' radio someone had put together which we used to contact other 'survivors' in Australia and overseas, which is how we found out that countries the world over had suffered the same fate as ourselves. The only good thing about it all, nature had reclaimed her kingdom where everything was rapidly proliferating without human interference.

Over the next coupled of pages I'm going to digress for a bit to mention how drastically my life changed after seeing the mother-craft ship back in 1980, where my psychic abilities seemed to sky rocket where for years later I felt the very tall Beings (I'd seen in the UFO) around me many times. Oddly enough I could gauge their height with my ear and felt extreme heat radiating from them illuminating and inspiring my mind. 

Exampled by the end of 1986, where in front of a large audience of people, I made a prediction based on an up coming solar eclipse for Brisbane that the current Queensland Government would topple due to corruption and that heads of government 'would fall one after another.'  I'd asked Elsie Dodd, a well known and respected clairvoyant/medium, who was in the room at the time, to see who was around me at the time. And was stunned when Elsie told me, having no knowledge of my ET experience, that she saw several very tall Beings dressed in white robes surrounding me at the time of my talk. I'd felt them around me too and knew where the inspiration had come from in accurately predicting the fall of the Queensland government which came to pass following May of 1987 when the 'Fitzgerald Inquiry' into Crime and Corruption within government ranks began and government heads fell one after the other over the next few years. 

Following the UFO incident David (14) began seeing auras around people and could read their futures like a movie superimposed over their faces. Friends were astounded and even wanted him to 'read' for them because he was so accurate. Later when he attended University David began having 'flying' dreams where he'd meet up with four Beings not from earth and knew all their names too. He told me he'd travelled with them in a small UFO and flown one by wearing a sort-of-helmet which controlled direction and speed purely by the power of thought. The ship was controlled by thought. Too far fetched? Too much Dr. Who?  Well that's what I thought until David, always an ardent bush walker, began taking out small groups of fellow students trekking during holidays or weekends through uncharted territory and bushland none had ever been through before. But David never lost his way once, and knew precisely where to go every single time without fail, because the night or a few nights beforehand David would meet up with his 'flying' mates and fly over the area with them and was shown the exact path he was to follow. So I never worried.  

Then again the kids and myself had become somewhat adjusted to paranormal and poltergeist activity after having lived in a 'haunted house' for four years in coastal Frankston, Victoria, with my second husband Werner, before we split up and I left for Queensland with my children.  

When we first moved into the house at 100 Humphries Road, we didn't notice anything amiss,  but months later began noticing electrical points were being switched on and off, and the thermostat being consistently moved to maximum high temperatures during the night so that everyone was sweating in their beds, which of course we blamed on the kids. Then more sinister 'physical' stuff began to happen when the girls who shared a room and David in an adjoining room at the front of the house all complained about something 'roughly tickling' them as they slept at night. They also complained of being pinned down like someone sitting on them where they were unable to move. This freaked them out and anyone else who stayed overnight at that end of the house. And although concerned, I adjusted to all the paranormal activity going on, until one  night Werner let out a blood curdling scream after waking to see a spirit of a woman hovering above him over the bed, that faded into the study. His scream scared me so much I just pulled the bed covers over my head and disappeared because nothing ever scared big brave Werner. 

Soon after that, Geraldine, a friend, came to house sit one weekend and I left Carolyn behind to play with her daughter about the same age. Arriving home two days later Geraldine's face was white as a sheet as she relayed her terrifying experience. On the first night she was in David's room while the two girls slept in the girls room. Before retiring she'd checked the security, turned off all the lights in the house and closed off the parents retreat and study area up the far end of the house by sliding a very heavy timber door across which slotted it into the other side thus blocking the entrance. She'd begun to dose off when suddenly she saw lights coming from the study and heard the heavy timber door being slowly slid back across the opening. At first she thought it was the girls playing around, but found them both fast asleep. Rather shaken she got up turned the study light off, shut the door and went back to bed. Five minutes later the study light is on and the door wide open. By this stage Geraldine felt sure there was 'something evil' in the house 'toying' with her, for the entire house was securely locked up and our two dogs were fast asleep outside. So Geraldine spent a scary two nights on the couch with all lights blazing.

Then came Christmas Eve and we'd decided to celebrate at home with friends, one of whom was a  'psychic' currently being trained to be a 'medium' as she'd always seen spirits. During the festivities she whispered in my ear, “There's an evil spirit going back and forth in front of the Christmas tree and scaring me so much I just have to get out of here. Sorry!”  And left. I didn't tell anyone. I was enjoying the party too much. Around midnight when a few stragglers were still sitting round the lounge room I felt a 'deep freeze' on the left hand side of my body. Odd because it was a hot summer's night and no breeze.  The person sitting further to my left on another chair also complained of a 'deep freeze', meaning, 'it' was standing between both of us. Which is when I discovered the presence of evil was always 'icy cold' and always stood on my left hand side, whereas 'good' spirits, and the Higher Beings and Angels were always hot to extremely hot and always stood on my right. Sometime 'heavenly messengers' from the Higher Realms were so hot I felt my mind being illuminated and inspired to the point of being able to 'discern' things, to 'see things in their 'true' light.' In all the time of living in a haunted house, I never once felt 'threatened' by whatever it was, nor that the kids lives were in any danger. In the end I figured there were several entities living there, that I'm convinced made their presence felt the day I left for good. Doreen, the cleaning lady, had just finished up cleaning and left the house while I was returning to the house after having taken the last load of rubbish to a nearby tip. We'd missed each other by minutes.  As I unlocked the front door and walked toward the far end of the house- the parents retreat and study, I was met with 3 inches of water pouring into the kitchen from the study. Every room including the study, the large walk through wardrobe, the master bedroom were 3 inches underwater including water in the en suite. It was simply impossible to have flooded so much in such a short space of time! Taps had been turned off and the toilet level was normal in the en suite,  moreover, the door locks had recently been replaced and Doreen had one set and I had the other. A hose would have done it,  but you'd have to get in the house first. Even then it would have been impossible to flood such a large area under inches of water in a few minutes. So I 'blamed' the flooding on the 'spirit' tenants.

Moving on...............

Invasive or intrusive thoughts...........

First off I need to clarify that whenever I mention hearing voices in my head, they are thoughts superimposed over my own and not actual voices speaking out loud or yelling in my head. We use our rationale and logic in constantly 'mulling' things over, constantly thinking things over, discussing and arguing about what to do in certain situations, etc , etc,  which is the way humans figure things out and communicate with themselves. Positive, happy thoughts or thinking are extremely uplifting, inspiring, creative, instructive, calming, wonderful, blissful, informative, helpful lift your spirits into higher levels of understanding, through meditation, prayer, self awareness and sleep state among others.

Then there are the 'negative' intrusive or invasive thoughts that suddenly pop into your head from out of nowhere changing your happy mood into one of hostility, anger, rage and chronic depression. These thoughts should not be confused with voices people actually hear talking to them in their heads brought on by psychotic episodes associated with a schizophrenic disorder, which can be medically treated or kept in check. When you realise or become aware of negative hostile thoughts invading your own peaceful thoughts you can, in my opinion, do something about it.

It was early 1989 when I had begun work on a major hurricane prediction (Hurricane Hugo) which I warned in the paper would be CAT5 and target South Carolina in September that year. I was seated at my desk in a one bedroom apartment in the Woodlands, Texas, when suddenly my mood swung from being happy to one of rage and hating everyone I knew. As a rule I had ear phones plugged in my ears playing the latest hits but only removed them when I need to really concentrate. So didn't have them plugged in at the time. After a few minutes of 'feeling' such overwhelming hatred for everyone I knew, I realised these 'thoughts' were not my own, but had been superimposed over mine. These were 'demonic' thoughts stemming from the lower astral, capable of whipping people up into a murderous frenzy should a person be emotionally charged enough. In extreme cases 'demonic interference' occurs when people begin to think extremely 'bad, murderous ' thoughts totally unaware they are being used and allowing the forces of darkness  access to operate through them. Although humans are largely unaware of what is being played out behind the scenes, we are all capable of being easily manipulated and whipped up during highly emotionally charged states, into states of being totally unreasonable or irrational in a situation spiralling out of control. On several occasions I've witnessed people's eyes actually turning black with rage where all rationale and reason flies out the window and you know you are in mortal danger, because they are not really there, they have been momentarily taken over or possessed. Possession, even if only temporary, is real!

So how did I deal with getting rid of 'negative' thoughts? I put my ear phones back in and played some uplifting classic music and got rid of it. Never came back again either. Not that this works for everybody, but what is important is that you are now 'aware' of it and that in itself my stop it. Another form of 'lower astral interference' can sometimes occur during sleep state where you dream of family, friends or people you love  being aggressive, abusive or downright nasty  to you leaving you feel hurt, wounded and betrayed before you wake. Most people usually write it off as merely a 'bad' dream but others may feel insulted and deeply hurt by such dreams. However, it is the entities from the lower astral that take on the appearance or masquerade as one of our dear ones, saying terrible things in order to cause conflict and a rift between you and the people you love. Deep down you know that people who love you and you them would NEVER say such things.

For further insights into demonic 'mock-ups' masquerading as real people, there's a passage in a book discussing this very the subject written way back in the 70's called 'Sunburst' by Norman Paulsen who had been a Yogananda disciple. Although the scenario is different, his personal experience provide an into what the 'lower astral entities' get up to and are capable of. According to Paulsen he spent the night in a Californian lock-up for being highly inebriated and to sleep it off.  During the night he had a dream- 'a mock-up from the lower astral' where he saw the assassination of JFK being played out in its entirety by 'entities' masquerading as the President etc, just days before the event actually happened in Dallas. Horrified by what he saw Paulsen tried everything within his power to get out of jail or make a phone call to alert someone about what was about to transpire. His attempts prove unsuccessful. Even when he got out to warn others they thought he was just hallucination from his binge drinking. I believe it, because a very similar situation happened to me when I supposedly appeared to a friend's father at night standing at the foot of his bed with my back to him scaring the living daylight out of him. Except that Ron's father lived in Texas with Ron, and I was over the other side of the world in Australia. From his father's description it sounded exactly like me, especially the clothes I was wearing, an outfit I had just bought myself in Australia. A long sleeved black shirt with shoulder pads and a black and white polka dot skirt, which is  what I wore the next time I saw Ron in Texas who was just flabbergasted never thinking the image his father saw in the bedroom was actually me. But it wasn't me. In several astral projections I've experienced I was aware of where I was and what was being said by others, although no one could see me. These situations and conversations were verified or confirmed later on by the people I'd visited although they never knew my spirit was in the room.


On the subject of 'invasive' or 'intrusive' thoughts has anyone read CS Lewis's 'The Screwtape Letters' in which two Demons- the older Screwtape is instructing his nephew-Wormwood on how to become a demon? That's the gist anyway.  The first few chapters I found highly amusing especially when Screwtape inquires of Wormwood if has he has sent any 'terrifying visions of world wide catastrophes to his victim of late? Remind you of someone? Halfway or three quarters of the way through the book, there's a very subtle but noticeable change (obvious to me at least) in C.S. Lewis's style of writing which becomes a lot darker almost as though he is struggling with becoming too closely entwined with his subject matter - the ways of demons. After his great success in publishing The Screwtape Letters people constantly pressed him to write a sequel but Lewis refused to touch it. Didn't want to go anywhere near it ever again. And I think that's telling!

I also enjoyed reading Christian Psychiatrist M. Scott Pecks's 'The Road Less Travelled' and especially his “People of the Lie,' which provide great insights into people's subconscious motives and actions they themselves are not aware of,  including his views on schizophrenia.


Which now brings me to the subject of Dungeons and Dragons, a game David played years before with a friend from High School. From a faint recollection, it worked on the premise of summoning up beasts and dragons from below and setting them up as challengers in a forthcoming battle between players. One night in his room David had been setting up the game by summoning up a beast from below to 'trap' his friend when they played the following day, but had drifted off to sleep. In his dream he found himself walking through a cavernous underground world and upon turning a bend walked into a large hall where he saw a large stage upon which sat the beast he was just summoning up with a crown on its head. The beast summoned David to come before him, but David prayed for God's help to be rescued, and saw a great white net of protection come down from above and fish him out of there. At that point he woke up terrified and came rushing into the lounge room where I was reading and told me what had just transpired. The following day I gathered all his Dungeon and Dragon books and burnt the lot. For I firmly believed that the creators of that game and the many kids involved who played it didn't really have a clue as to what they were truly dealing with, nor the power they were giving to the misshapen creatures not 'created in the image of God' that dwelt in the lower astral.


In a dream many years later I also saw the 'white net of protection' covering a house I lived in with wolves outside attacking the place trying to find a way in. I then discovered a small unprotected opening in the corner of the house where the wolves could get in. Which all had to do with a court case a friend of mine was involved with at the time. I warned him that his attorney needed to check over the paperwork because there was a 'major flaw,' something the attorney had missed entirely, giving the other side the advantage. The attorney checked, found the flaw and corrected it. Thus saving the day.

This sort of stuff went on all the time.  


But a bit more on David who eventually went on to become a maths/science teacher at a private Lutheran College in Brisbane, and one time took a bunch of students on an excursion up north where they were billeted out at different houses. During the night as he was sleeping on one side of the room with a male student sleeping on the other, he felt something stroking his arm which woke him up. The student was fast asleep and upon looking down at what was stroking his arm scared David to death. There, standing on the floor, was a hairy creature about 2 feet in height with long arms like an monkey and large imploring eyes. David prayed to God and the thing disappeared. Two days later at home in the early morning hours David began to feel his bed quilt being dragged ever so slowly off him and panicked thinking it was probably the same entity. So went out bought himself a black Cocker Spaniel puppy and a box spring bed where there was no space underneath, and never had a problem since. Then there are the others, those who walk among us, who look like us, but are not from here. Has anyone in the group ever come across such a person?

During a long taxi ride from Melbourne airport to my mother's house in Frankston, the driver asked me out of the blue if I believed in aliens. How weird!  When I answered 'yes' he told me he'd lived in France all his life and up until a few years ago had been selling pharmaceuticals around the country. It was getting late so he booked a room on the top floor of a hotel and went off to eat in the dining area. Later on he returned to his room but had trouble trying to get his 'key' card in the door. A tall stranger walking along the hallway saw him in trouble and asked if he could assist. As the stranger opened the door, the salesman noticed a 'star' slap in the middle of his palm without any normal human distinguishing lines. “You're not from here, you're from another star system aren't you? ”said the salesman. Whereupon the guy lifted the struggling salesman effortlessly in the air, carried him kicking and screaming down the hallway and threw him with enormous force out the top floor window. He landed on the pavement below breaking every bone in his body, and was rushed by ambulance to hospital where he remained for six months fearing for his life the entire time. Once discharged he fled France getting as far away as he could to Victoria, Australia. He was convinced the guy was an ET from another star system.

Fascinating story for sure, but not convincing enough for me. However all that was about to change three months later when I went to live in Tahiti with Paul, a French helicopter pilot, whom I'd just met on a plane from LAX bound for Australia via Tahiti. Paul's job in Tahiti was to connect the entire island to power. Flying a Dauphin helicopter Paul lifted and anchored electric power poles then poured cement flown in large buckets into prepared holes, permanently fixing them in place. For a woman who knew nothing about this sort of thing I thought he was pretty clever. From the first time we met I was at ease with Paul, knew all about him from a precognitive dream I'd had six months earlier. I knew he was high up in the French Military (his uncle had been 2IC in the French Foreign Legion and Paul had been military most of his life. And also one of the few helicopter pilots to have survived the Algerian War). I knew that he travelled a lot, that he had a wife he rarely saw (twice a year), and other physical aspects about him such as having jet black hair, slightly swarthy skin, slim and short of stature, but his soft brown eyes were the real key to my recognising him. His eyes in my dream were the same in reality. I'd seen them before, but never in this lifetime.

Everyday in Papeete while Paul was at work I used to travel in and out of town on a what looked like a safari truck only bigger with half a dozen long benches either side of an isle, and a boom box up front near the cabin playing the latest hits. Known as Le Truck!  It was great fun! One day as I was coming back from visiting friends in Papeete headed for our hotel located on the side of a hill, I was seated right up the back near the boom box  where I had clear view of everyone who bordered the Le Truck and watched as this guy began boarding the truck. He immediately sent shivers up my spine and I felt my hackles begin to bristle. Instinctively I was on guard and for some reason felt threatened by his mere presence. I just knew he was not human, in fact was a threat to all humans. In appearance he looked around 30 years old, about 5.5 in height, of small build and  Nordic looking with almost white hair and penetrating very light blue eyes. He may have looked Nordic, but he wasn't and there was something different about his eye colouring compared to Nordics too. I watched him like a hawk out of my peripheral vision and noticed that he never blinked, nor did he fidget like everyone else, and sat transfixed to the spot and never moved once. In fact he pulled the cord and got off the truck mighty fast. And I reckon he knew I'd spotted his difference, so while I was watching him he was watching me. The minute he got off the bus I had an abnormal overwhelming compulsion to follow him, where the urge became so overpowering I had to stop myself by holding the seat as tight as I could. For I knew if I followed him,  it was seal my fate. I'd vanish into thin air never to be seen again. I felt he was that dangerous.


I never said a word about it to Paul when he came home, and later that night we decided to eat at an outdoor pizza place, a quaint little restaurant near the Marina in the heart of Papeete. As we seated ourselves at a table, I was flabbergasted to see yet another 'Nordic', an exact clone of the one I'd seen earlier, only this one had black hair, and was sitting alone at a nearby table. Paul went off and ordered some pizza's for us and on his return came over and whispered in my ear. “See that guy over there, he doesn't come from here does he? He's from another planet.” You could have knocked me over with a feather. I mean Paul was so darned practical, military trained and all that, and we'd never even discussed UFO's or ET's. At least I wasn't alone in 'knowing' they were not from here. So they do walk the earth. If you're ever in Tahiti stay alert and keep your eyes open.


I'll finish up with another warning dream which occurred when Paul was back in Gabon where he worked, and I was in Houston working on hurricanes. He asked me to come and visit him there, but no need for a visa, he said, he'd arrange with his friends high up in government. (I was convinced Paul was French Intelligence through observations and some of the odd things he did, and was not surprised that he knew top government officials in various places. As he'd told me that back in 1976 only hours after the event he'd flown some top dignitary to Entebbe Airport in Uganda to view the damage left behind by commandos of the Israeli Defence Forces following their famous rescue of Israeli hostages. He wouldn't say who, but I had my suspicions it was the murderous dictator Idi Amin.) Entering any country without a visa, without having any legal right or representation should anything go awry, especially in Africa, was inconceivable. No way would I do that, despite Paul's insistence that it'd be taken care of. But that night I had a dream, a warning dream. I was endeavouring to walk on a hillside overlooking a red, angry sea lashing at the coastline which simply terrified me, when I began to slip on loose shale. Paul and a friend of his were walking further up the hillside and could see I was in trouble, but the loose shale made it too dangerous to get to me in time. I just kept slipping further down and down until I fell into that red angry sea where I knew for certain I'd die. I took it as a sign, that it was insane for me to go into a West African Country of all places without a visa and refused to go.   




Hi all,


I rarely look at astrological natal charts and where certain planets or ASC/MC positions are in relation to fixed stars in the heavens and their meaning, which can give you a sort of character reference if you like. Well I checked Donald Trump's Ascendant (the image he presents to the world) at 29 degrees of Leo is exactly conjunct the 1st magnitude star Regulus. Very powerful position, according to Ebertin's translation of FIXED STARS and their interpretation, indicating the "Little King in the Heart of the Lion" called the ROYAL STAR. People who have this in their natal chart may convey royal properties, noble mind, frankness, courage. The importance of this fixed star is especially accentuated on the Ascendant where it will give a courageous and frank character and will raise the person to high positions in life, positions far exceeding the environment the native was born into. Riches and powers could fall to these people easily.Donald's Sun (denoting personality) at 22 degrees of Gemini is conjunct the 2nd magnitude star PHACT corresponding to  the nature of Mercury-Venus with a touch of Uranus denoting an appreciation for form and rythmics as well as artistic talent. The great mathematician Sir Isaac Newton and composer Richard Strauss had the same sun position. This fixed star gives a touch of genius and medium-ship. It is assumed that this fixed star will gain importance with the beginning of  the 'Aquarian Age." (I find this most interesting especially since Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be moving into the sign of Aquarius at the beginning of 2021- heralding a New Age) Trumps' Sun is also not far from the fixed star Bellatrix at 20 degrees of Gemini denoting a strong mercurial mindset. This will make for characteristics such as quick decision making,  thoughts and plans realized with energy, courage, fighting spirit, strategic talents, ability to organize, discrimination -but also often reckless aggressiveness of a elligerent dare-devil. The Bellatrix influence will lead to advancement and success, but the downside is always having to allow for being surrounded with envy and hatred. So the- there you have it, this is who Trump is, according to Astrology




Hi Roy,


First off, the last vision I had was two years ago where I was shown a large globe of the world slowly rotating so that I could see every country, over which was superimposed tanks of war slowly rolling across. It was a preparing for war.  


Many thanks for this video which I think has an important angle because we do know something's coming, we all feel it. I also believe what the video states about the cabal endeavoring to make conventional war and chemical warfare plans to dramatically reduce the world's population ready for a take over is right on the money. But plans, as we know, no matter how seemingly elaborate and thought through they appear to be, do go awry. I'm sure the Israeli prime minister would just love to take out Iran, but then I believe he is 'governed' by something 'higher-up.'   In other words, plans may go awry because of powerful leaders changing the cabal's course of action.


Back in 2000 I met Illana through my work and frequently visited her on the Gold Coast where we often talked about spiritual matters. She told me about a vision she'd had back in early 1996, shortly before Netanyahu became Prime Minister (for the first time) in which she saw Netanyahu becoming Prime Minister and was told that 'he was indeed blessed  and chosen for the job. Immediately following the vision Illana left for Israel and met Netanyahu during one of his 'rallies' and told him of her vision, that 'he' would become Prime Minister because 'he' was blessed and chosen by God to lead the people at this time. When Netanyahu became Prime Minister he often joked that it was 'God's will' he become Prime Minister. A joke shared between he and Illana. So I believe that both Trump and Netanyahu are part of a far greater picture, chosen to lead our Western Democracies at this time. The cabal (through which the forces of darkness operate) is made up of megalomaniac, delusional, self-serving men, evil men, who have chosen to inherit the earth themselves and will stop at nothing to achieve it and to hell with everyone else. They are an abomination whose agenda will not be allowed to proceed. For they have completely abandoned the Universal Law of non-interference and do not truly believe in a Creator nor His Universe, nor the higher spiritual realms nor Highly Advanced ET's, who are prepared to step in. And this will be the battle to come, the battle of mankind, the battle of the earth, the battle I saw called ARMAGEDDON, in which they'll loose and be wiped from the face of the earth. After which Scripture talks of a thousand year reign of peace to come, as does Astrology with a thousand years of peace under the golden reign of Saturn or The Age of Aquarius. Its' already a forgone conclusion in the heavens, just hasn't been played out on Earth. Yet.     "I will destroy those who destroy the earth." 


Mankind has been blessed with enormous power, as stated in the video, having a far greater depth of understanding, perception and ability than realized. If we could only truly see ourselves in 'spirit' to know how magnificent and truly blessed we are, we'd never doubt ourselves again. Just remember that each one of us here today is the sum total of all those generations that have ever lived before us, we are the ones that now represent our amazing, wonderful, relatives going back generations to time immemorial.  And yes! We are the ones who choose to be here at this time. No doubt about it.


Is anyone familiar with rocket scientist David Adair who put together (alien technology) a fusion rocket at the age of 17 which the Military tested at Area 51? I met David through Annie when he lived in California and often attended parties at this place. He was brilliant and the genuine article, who when taken by the military to White Sands actually sat in the UFO that crashed (can't remember when) years before and found that it was a living organism and responded to his brains waves. In other words controlled telepathically.   

Check the link below.

Adair designed a rocket at the age of 17, and was brought to White Sands Missile Testing Facility in southern New Mexico to test launch his rocket. He was told to launch it at a dried-up lake bed of specific coordinates in Nevada.  That lake bed, known as Groom Lake, happened to be at an undisclosed military base, now known as Area 51. Adair’s launch went off without a hitch, landing at the Nevada test site with parachutes deployed and ready to be reused and launched almost immediately, according to him – Adair claims he was then flown directly to the Groom Lake base, where he was met by black-suited, government agents and shown to an underground facility where a rocket engine of similar nature was kept. The rocket was unlike anything he had ever seen and appeared to be punctured. He said he wondered why the Air Force was asking him to repair an engine they had designed, which was far superior to his own.But upon further inspection, he quickly understood it to be of alien origin and claims that it was actually a living organism that could only be controlled telepathically. When he started asking questions, the government agents knew that he was not as naïve as they assumed. Adair goes on to explain how he deliberately blew up the rocket (made with alien technology he received in dreams) because he knew the Military would use it for nefarious purposes, which he explains in his tapes. Both David Adair and Stephen Hawking had been 'given'  alien or space technology via dreams and visions. (((((((((((((Things get weirder........While looking for links to David Adair, I came across this one that goes on for hours..........but the lady introducing David Adair, talks about Project Camelot..............the one and the same cabal as mentioned in Roy's video.  I haven't checked any of this out as yet. Nor David's connection with project Camelot. ))))



David Adair was my guest and is talking about his encounter with an alien AI conscious craft in Area 51. He will cover things not previously covered in my first interview with him. See the ...

Since David Adair mentions UFO's being telepathically controlled I'll tell now tell you about my children's ET's experiences following the 1980 close encounter of the 3rd kind. Danielle, my eldest daughter aged 12 had begun constantly drawing an 'imaginary' playmate' that looked like a mermaid- a girl with a fish tail with magic coming out of her stomach (solar plexus). After a few weeks I finally asked what the name of her friend was. 'Tarneyah' she said, and 'Tarneyah's  from another star called 'Sirius'. Which didn't mean much to me at the time. So I put it down to Danielle inventing an imaginary  playmate to compensate for loss of friends on account of the move. Meanwhile I'd been attending the psychic development classes in Brisbane and actually experienced going back into a past life, so decided to try it on David to see if he could get beyond the vale. We sat in chairs facing each other while I counted down birthdays which he remembered accurately, until we got to his actual birth. He said he didn't like being born into this world because it was a blaze of noise and color and he hated it.  (Hospital? ) When I asked him to try and recall where he was in a previous life, he said he could see himself on a 'water ' planet. Not only himself but I was there with him and so was one of the girls but couldn't say which one. (One of the girls joined us later he said) All three of us were sitting on the shores of this vast water planet visualizing things that would then materialize in front of us. (The dimension of thought) Then a 'call' went out to the planet's inhabitants asking for volunteers to go to Earth, because the Earth was in trouble. The three of us volunteered to go.  David did say something about the color of the planet, like it was maybe a light gold, but I can't recall. He was putting on a pretty good show and quite convincing I thought, but maybe he'd been watching to many episodes of Dr. Who, so I had my doubts. I then asked David if there was any negativity on that planet. “No!” he said adamantly, “There's no negativity there. It is a planet of light.” Then his voice changed almost sounding like an old sage like someone was actually speaking through him, “ Don't you know, that darkness can't penetrate light!.” Now that statement right there was so profound, so true that I thought maybe he was telling the truth after all. Look around the universe, look at our own world, light illuminates, penetrates and permeates every single thing right down to the smallest crack in the floor. It made perfect sense.


Two weeks later I was in the New Age Bookstore in Brisbane crouched down trying to find an Astrology book on the lowest shelf when a book from the top shelf dislodged itself and hit me on the head. Picking it up I was rather astonished to see the title was “Sirius- the Dog Star,”  the star Danielle said her playmate was from and purchased it immediately. After reading the book about Sirius -the brightest star in the sky being a water planet and worshipped by the African Dogon, who knew all about the star and its dwarf companion from their ancestors who'd been visited hundreds of years before by aliens from Sirius depicted as having fish tails. These beings, known as the Nummos, were amphibious beings, coming from the same star system as the Egyptian god, Isis. They also knew from ancient knowledge about the orbit of Sirius A and its companion white dwarf, Sirius B, which was not discovered until the 1950s with an advanced telescope. 

A few years later as mentioned in my last email, David had flying dreams where he met up with 3 other ET's and sometimes flew UFO's he said were controlled by thoughts. Then it began to all make sense. David's talk of having come from a water planet (together with me and most probably Danielle) in a past life and Danielle's drawing of a mermaid from Sirius  were indeed related. There were many other confirmations regarding the Sirius connection, later on which I've long since forgotten, but all in all, I now believe the Mother-craft Ship we saw was from Sirius.


Although many may not believe in biblical stuff, and I think the bible is actually written in code and changes according to the individual, I do believe in the prophecy about 'spiritual gifts' being poured out upon the earth in the last days. The gift of discernment and the gift of prophecy and visions. "And it shall come to pass that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions". Yes I believe this will happen. Is already happening. 






Is it possible for 'reverse speech' to give us some answers and insights into what is going on re coronavirus? I met David Oates -the reverse speech Australian guy- while staying at Symanthia's as did Annie Boyd. David was a friend of Australian psychic Glennys Mackay who was also staying at Symanthia's place at the time. David had only just recently moved to the USA. How accurate is David?  I can't say for sure. Through reverse speech (David learned when one of the Beetle's tracks was played backwards revealing some Satanic stuff. Remember?) and, according to David was instrumental in helping Queensland authorities bring down the then current Qld government in the 1980's during the 'Fitzgerald Inquiry.'  I'm not sure how accurate he is at all, as most of his reverse speech, when you listen to it, is open to interpretation, which may be way off. Listen carefully and see what you come up with. The only problem with reverse speech, is it is too subjective. Interesting, none-the-less         




 Yes, I think it is important to share the 'reptilian' experience in order for people to protect themselves. I do know one thing for sure, that every single one of us involved in this work, in this fight for humanity, is indeed 'spiritually' protected.




Back in the 80's and 90's I heard quite a lot about reptilians among New Age and UFO groups such as MUFON Houston, where everybody was scared to death of reptilians thinking they were ET's. I also met David Ike at  the Prophets Conference in Arizona way back when and he was constantly on about the reptilians all the time. What I didn't respect about David, was that anyone he didn't like in the New Age Movement and the circles he moved around in, David would accuse them of being reptilian, which lost me.  After that I wasn't interested anymore. Until......................................................years later I found out that 'reptilians' (I call crocodiles) were true. But from the demonic realms not ET's. 


I was asleep and dreaming I was walking along a street in a large city (which looked rather like London) where the front door to a house was accessed by steps, and another entrance below was also accessed by steps leading down, with a wrought iron rail in front. (Not really good at expressing buildings and things) Anyway that was the setting. It was dark as I walked along the street when I noticed that a window on the lower ground had a light in the room and the drapes hadn't pulled across. So I moved closer to the railing and stared down at a man and a woman making love, which began to arouse me. I felt like a voyeur watching the scene unfold before me then suddenly became aware of something large clinging to me, clinging to my back. As I pulled myself out of the dream, I realized I wasn't aroused at all, but that thing was still trying to entwine itself around my body and still with me. So that's how I could gauge what shape and length it was. It's head was a huge 'crocodile' head positioned over the top of my own which reached its throat, but its limbs were very tiny and couldn't cling on properly, its size was very long and I could see it had a long  'crocodile' tail. I had to pray to get rid of it, as it didn't want to let go. I'd never experienced anything like this before. But I can tell you for sure, this reptilian came from the lower astral, was a demon, and attracted to sexual energy, despite being sexless itself. This experience gave me a clear insight into anyone involved in really violent and depraved sexual acts which would most certainly attract these 'reptilians.' People have no comprehension of what they are truly attracting when indulging in depraved sexual activity.


As I understand it, the 13 families then, are being guided by reptilians physically by demons from the demonic realms, or the fallen angels the Greys.  The thing about the 'reptilian' experience was its ability to move from the astral into the physical reality, which no demon I'd so far

come up against had been able to do, and maybe this should be discussed with the group. The need to be 'armed' with such experiences

in case they run up against it themselves. None of my friends, in all walks of life, ever experienced the things I have. Being put through

test after test, learning to have no fear when confronting evil. Not quite ready to walk into the Lion's den, but not far off.


Had a sizeable mark of a lion (lying down like a sphynx) that appeared near my shoulder over night after I'd pledged my life to this work, in the spiritual.     


I had no fear of the horrible reptile, for I'm not afraid of demons and knew what is was. Latched on to me in the astral. In fact I was told in dream I had 3 major battles (spiritual) in my life, the last of which I would come up against the greatest force of evil I'd ever known. Good I said, bring it on. What can it do, take my life. So what. That's my attitude toward it. There's much more I haven't told you yet.


Like yourself, I believe demons are the emissaries of the forces of darkness, while the Archangels and the angelic hierarchy are the emissaries of Almighty God and the forces of light. The power of light is far stronger than the power of darkness. And those angelic emissaries of  light have been around me ever since I was 14. So I know them well and also how powerful they are in expelling evil. So do you. You were saved by Divine Intervention when your car was pushed back.

I have yet to tell you about what would have been a fatal head on collision but was saved when someone else sat in my seat put their hands over mine and pulled me to safety .


What I do believe as mentioned by J.J.Hertak in his Keys of Enoch is that any form not having the similitude of God, or been created in the image of God both in the astral plane and misshapen ET's are not of the light.

I've also had direct experience with a shape shifter -my partner Tony's mother -the Druid - whom I saw as a large bat fly over my head and David my son saw her sneaking up to the house in a hooded robe and recognized her. She disappeared when she knew she'd been discovered. A lot to that story your group would be interested in and another lesson in how to combat the dark side.


The earth was originally set-up as a 'training ground of souls' from all over the universe, established for mankind who was given free will

to choose his own spiritual pathway where he would know both the light and darkness and learn the difference between the two, because of what had transpired to the Pleiades where the pure innocence of the Pleiades was invaded and taken over by the forces of darkness from Orion destroying them.

(Job 38:31 : Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?) 


Astrologically speaking the ancients knew the Pleiades as the 'Singing Sisters' but later became known as the 'Weeping Sisters,' at 29 degrees of Taurus.

Many of predictions I've made of both weather and natural disasters show 29 degrees of Taurus on the chart, which I know will give people something to weep about.

Because the dark armies of Orion under Satan the Prince of Darkness had gone against Universal Law of non interference there were was war in the heavens

Revelation 12:7-10 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.

8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent (reptilian perhaps) called the devil,or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. 


So yes this is where the lower astral and fallen angels herald from. Two thirds of the angels remained with archangel Michael while one third fell with the ancient serpent. Little grey aliens, if they do indeed exist, are among those ET's who are fallen angels and misshapen and not in the image of God.

Unlike David Icke, and from what I've personally experienced, I think the 'reptilians' that once dwelt in Orion were cast to earth in the first war of heaven and now dwell in the lower astral as demons. Maybe there are a few strays around.............but who cares. I know the 'ship of light' I was taken up to see is in control of the heavens, monitoring everything that transpires on earth, and not the others. 


In Genesis ET's are also mentioned. "There were giants on earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God (some considered were fallen angels) came to earth, saw the daughters of man were exceedingly fair and married. These offspring of the sons of God were the Nephilim.


Okay now to present day.........................


The vision I had of the coming Apocalypse is similar,  for I witnessed the complete defeat of the forces of darkness too. Thus heralding the thousand year reign of peace, or the 'golden age' of Saturn- the Age of Aquarius.  


Complete Defeat

During the battle in the end times,  Michael will defeat Satan completely, so that no fallen angels will ever re-enter God's presence or accuse faithful people: "All of Satan’s attempts to oppose God throughout history have failed, and he will lose this final angelic battle as well .... Satan will suffer such a complete defeat that there will no longer be a place found for him and his demon hosts in heaven. Every inch of heaven, as it were, will be thoroughly scoured and all the rebellious fallen angels thoroughly cast out. They will no longer have access to God’s presence, and Satan will never again accuse believers before God’s throne."


Anyway read the vision I was shown of the coming Apocalypse. I'll send it soon




From: ROY KING Subject: RE: The Words to Melancholy Man are prophetic!




That is a scary experience! Everything about it matches what I have found in my studies. Your analysis of it seems to be accurate. However, from the information I have encountered there are many, many more entities on Earth than just the few we have discussed.


Demons can take various shapes or can possess bodies. Live in the Astral planes. So do benevolent spirits.

23 physically different alien species were experimenting with DNA on Earth.

There are reptilians underground (5 point star configuration) of 4th density that have been here for many hundreds of thousands of years. The same is for tall whites (Anshar) and Nordics and some insect species.

There are other reptilians from Orion (4th density) trying to take control of Earth. These are the ones David Icke is discussing.

The watchers (220 of them as referred to in the book of Enoch) are from the benevolent Elohim (Blue Avians or Guardians) but had a falling out with them and are currently confined to Earth.


We live in a river with all kinds of fish, snakes and alligators swimming by and care takers on the banks feeding us and fishing for dinner.






Everybody to a degree experiences telepathy, synchronicity, and even manifesting situations without even realising it half the time. Sometimes we even take miracles for granted or miss their impact on us altogether, because, for the most part, we are far too preoccupied and busy with daily life to notice the more subtle 'invisible' world going on around us.  I was lucky in that regard for my very generous father set both my brother and myself up financially for life when we were in our twenties, so that I never had to work in order to survive. This was part of the reason why I could devote so much time to seeking the truth in 'spiritual matters.'  One thing I'd never considered back then, was how powerful our 'thoughts' were. Sometimes they were powerful enough to manifest thoughts into becoming a reality.  Or that wishing for something, could actually make it happen. The saying “be careful what you wish for, as it may well come true,” was certainly true for me.

I was living in Brisbane and daydreaming one afternoon about how great it would be to live with an author in North America near the Canadian border where we could be  snowbound for six months while working on our respective interests, then enjoy six months of summer. The thought of being imprisoned with three active kids for six months never crossed my mind, being a bit of a romantic at heart. I'd forgotten all about my wish when I later visited the USA with Genieveve where I bought a book titled 'Our Threatened Planet,” by Joseph Goodavage, all about planets and weather forecasting which had become my passion. According to the back cover, the author, a science fiction writer, commuted between  an apartment in Flushing, Queens, and his hometown in Augusta, Maine. Through o/seas directory I found his number and called him in Augusta. Two months later I flew to New York to meet him, resulting in our getting married and living in Queens. My wish had come true down to the country, the author and the home town situated close to the Canadian border. But that's not all! Joe happened to be writing a book at the time called “LOCATION 666” about computers taking over the world that were being controlled from the lower astral in pitch battle with a very powerful  'psychic' and hero of the book who was always two steps ahead. What blew me away was finding out the hero's name was Tony Barnett -the same as the guy I had just split up with- and his girlfriend was Jennifer Lawson. Tony and myself - how's that!


Here's the thing. While I had been wishing to meet an author (Joe) in North America, Joe had been writing a book about me as one of the main characters.

I realised then it was indeed possible for a person to manifest relationships or draw them to you, which kept on occurring in my life, until I made a conscious decision to stop it, because the end result was never a happy one.  


I did however, experiment in other areas such as controlling the weather. And because I believed in the teachings of Jesus from a personal perspective and not from any Christian religious dogma (which I steered well clear of), that it probably was in the realm of possibility to walk on water, given enough faith in yourself, that is. Except I've never met anyone with that amount of faith in themselves. However, I did have a try at controlling the winds during air turbulence on planes which did seem to work nine times out of ten, including one time when I first moved to Texas and a tornado was bearing down upon my house. I could hear the 'freight train' coming through the woods and gale force winds pressing forcibly up against the house and terrified sank to my knees in prayer saying over and over 'Turn the winds away from the house, turn the winds away from the house,' while visualising it as well. Suddenly the tornado changed direction and veered away from the house continuing to cut a large swathe through the woods flattening everything in its path. It worked.


I've also tried controlling storms, turning them away from the house or reducing their ferocity, with good results. Yes, I do believe we have the ability to control certain elements in our environment, by thought and visualisation. Both work in tangent with one another. Try it, see how good you get!

We have far more 'untapped' power than we realise and have incredible protection, though unseen, from many players in the spiritual realms including our guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors and other highly advanced beings of light.


While on the subject of visualisation, there is a 'place,' you can visualise which may become very useful to you in the future. That is, if you don't already know about it.

I once overheard Rosicrucian friends discussing “a place in space,” where a person can visually 'escape' to anytime they want, and instantly knew what they were referring to. Although I'd never heard about such a place until then, I somehow 'knew' exactly what they were on about and knew what it was 'used' for. It is a 'sacred' place of purity of heart, mind and soul or your 'inner sanctum' situated far out space far away from human interference. It is  a 'magical' place where miracles can be created. So close your eyes and go deep within yourself  to 'the inner sanctum of your soul' or your 'inner core' and imagine yourself in a temple or church or whatever you feel comfortable with, located somewhere in space out there among the stars. This is your sacred place of worship where you and only you can enter, unless you grant others permission to do so. You then ask your guide or guardian angel to appoint a 'gatekeeper' whom you may never actually see yourself.  Sounds bizarre like everything else in my 'spiritual' life, and rather amazed when several 'psychics,'  independently of each other described the exact same  'gatekeeper' or 'protector' around me. An African warrior from the 'ancient' tribe of Simba, whose presence I could feel standing right behind me whenever they were describing him. Confirming what they were saying I suppose. 


In your temple you need a conference table with chairs placed on either side. The right hand side of the table serves as 'your domain' or where you sit as the controller of the situation while those you wish to communicate with living or in spirit sit on the other side. This is the method I used in when calling up the 'ancients.' There is however, one rule and one rule only, with no exceptions. Your temple can never be misused or exploited in any way shape or form. It cannot be used for self aggrandisement or self serving purposes, or for manipulating others, nor for material wealth or gain, nor control of others.   Although these actions could be construed as 'human intervention' into situations contravening the Universal  Law of non interference, your thoughts and actions must come straight from the heart, out of pure love or  caring, of pure intention and only used for the Greater Good of mankind or those individuals you are trying to help, heal or assist. It is a place of communing with those in the highest realms of light, your guardian angel, etc, or asking their help to heal others.


It is a place of miracles. I've only used my 'sacred' temple a few times when I needed it most. One was in assisting the passing of a friend at death's door who refused to take morphine on account of some religious belief forbidding him to do so, resulting in days spent in unnecessary agonising pain. So I visualised him sitting alongside me on the right hand side of the table and called the spirit of his deceased father (whom I knew very well) to sit on the other side. The visualisation I'd pictured and set in motion suddenly changed where instead of being seated he stood, and beside him gathered a large group of his relatives in spirit all waiting for my friend to pass over. I pleaded with both my friend to crossover and his father to please 'intervene' and take him home. Early the following day my friend asked for the morphine and passed peacefully later in the day.


Another time was when my youngest daughter Carolyn had run off and joined a hippie commune which I was totally against. We had a big fight and hadn't spoken for about six months and in desperation I finally decided to 'intervene' and visit my temple to sort it out. (I was experimenting, wondering if it would actually work.)

So I sat on the right side of the table and asked for Carolyn's 'Higher Self' (being her spirit I guess) to sit opposite me on the other side, where I was able to tell her how much I loved and missed her and would she please give me a call. The very next day she called. All of us have the ability to become 'miracle' makers through an out pouring of love, caring and goodwill toward others. Prayer can also achieve miracles, as can meditation, because higher thoughts are 'healing energy' with positive results. As the master miracle maker of the universe said, “These things I can do, so can ye also do, and far greater than I.”


And speaking of miracles the most amazing thing happened to Mickey, a very dear Mexican friend who lived in Houston and was gay, who'd just found out he'd contracted HIV AIDS and given only six months to live. This was in the early '90's when treatment for the AIDS virus was pretty nonexistent. Mickey, who at one time visited me in Australia, had fallen into a deep depression so to cheer him up a friend and I went over to his apartment where we began talking about ghosts and spirits and stuff. Suddenly Mickey got up went over to a drawer taking out a photo of a ghost he'd just taken recently while holidaying in Mexico. I thought the photo would be a blur, as most ghost photos are, but instead it was clear as could be, and unmistakable as to what it was. It was no ghost. The figure in white was dressed in robes, standing about a foot off the ground in sandals, with shoulder length hair, arms outstretched facing the camera. It was unmistakably Jesus Christ as portrayed in most Christians churches. And before I could stop myself I cried out in great excitement, “Mickey,  that's no ghost, that's the Good Shepherd and you know what that means! You're going to be healed, you're not going to die!” It wasn't just wishful thinking on my behalf, for I KNEW he was going to be saved. At the precise moment the telephone rang and it was Mickey's neighbour from the apartment above asking Mickey if he was the 'owner' of a large statue placed directly behind Mickie's car parked out in the street. With that we all rushed out to see it. And there it was, a four foot high statue of Christ with arms outstretched (like Christ the Redeemer in Rio), a perfect replica of the photograph we had just been looking at inside the apartment. It had to be a manifestation of the Good Shepherd we'd just seen in the photograph which Mickey immediately took into his apartment, believing he was going to be saved.  I never asked what religion Mickey was, though probably Catholic, whatever, he never doubted for one minute what we all witnessed that day was a 'miracle,' and Mickey was indeed healed, cured of AIDS. Forty years later he's still going strong.


During the 1970's, there seemed to be a major 'shift' of human consciousness on the planet where the modern global 'charistmatic movement' exploded in the Christian Churches, the Hippy movement became more well known and accepted and the New Age Movement began in earnest. Almost as if there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. It was a time too when many people, me among them, began to learn all about the properties of the 'divine healing light' which many began tapping into for spiritual growth and development, for healing others and also for spiritual protection. Especially 'spiritual protection' which I was about to use for the first time.


Rosicrucian friends often spoke about psychic attacks from the lower astral or dark forces and how to counteract them, and even though it all sounded like gobbledegook, I still took note of how they protected themselves by visualising being surrounded by white light, or protecting their homes with a dome of white light, or travelling in their cars and so on. They were my 'teachers' in how to use the white light. To all and sundry outside my inner circle, including relatives and friends who wouldn't understand the spiritual side of my life, I appeared to be living an ordinary, everyday life, doing every day things, as a single mother bringing up three children. But I was good at hiding it all and compartmentalising life on this side and life on the other. The kids didn't know half of it either, because 'learning how to deal' with forces of darkness would have been terrifying and way too scary for them. Although every time something major was about to happen in my life Danielle always saw the 'spirit' of my grandfather standing in the room come to warn me. And inevitably something did.  Danielle and David both saw 'spirits.' Right from the very beginning ever since I saw the angelic presence in my room at age 14, and convinced of being saved by 'Divine Intervention' many times over, I lent very heavily on the mighty arm of God and the angelic realms for protection against the demonic realms, which I knew were real. All too real. There are many that don't believe in a demonic real, nor in a higher power either, and maybe I would have been among them, had I not been 'shown' differently. Had I not been taken out of body and shown the 'spiritual realms' and 'experienced' the order of the angels. I knew it was all true. However, I wasn't at all prepared for a psychic attack, simply because I didn't really believe in it and thought people who had experienced it, were largely exaggerating. That wasn't the case as I was about to find out. In fact many truth seekers in this life, or those deeply religious following a 'spiritual pathway' are often 'psychically' attacked to scare and throw them off the path to salvation and enlightenment. So it was Christmas Eve, when I had a very late phone call from a guy I'd split up with six months earlier. He was a well know psychic and was incredibly accurate for the most part. Even warned me my father would pass over in 2 years but to hold up the burial for 3 days because he was an atheist and needed time to adjust to the other side. All true!  He told me he was a 'trans-medium' and one night sat in front of me to prove it by going into a trance where 3 different voices spoke to me through him. The first voice sounded rather feminine and said they were from The Great White Brotherhood (– also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light or the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, composed of those Ascended Masters who have risen from the Earth into immortality, but still maintain an active watch over the world.) They told me that I had been chosen to do my 'spiritual' work ever since they pushed me on a swing as a child. Okay! next please! (Didn't believe a single word that came out of his mouth.) The next voice to come through was extremely deep and introduced himself as Ramuki head of the UFO Space Force waiting to assist man in his final battle of the earth. Ho-hum! How pathetic! All of a sudden the psychic's face contorted or was twisted around to resemble that of an old wizened up Mongolian who told me how 'special and important' I was.  Flattering me, which, of course made me all the more suspicious. He told me his name was  (something ending in) …..Jinn. Now Jinns  (according to the dictionary) are treacherous spirits of changing shapes, and considered evil in many religions, which I had no knowledge of at the time.  Anyway I just wanted him to go home. After he left I sat meditating on my special Tibetan mat I'd purchased in Kashmir, and asked for an answer as to my psychic friend's agenda. After a few minutes I heard the words loud and clear in my head which left no doubt as to what he was all about' “If you bow down and worship me...........”  That was enough for me to cut our friendship short. My psychic friend was into the dark side. Deal with the devil? No thanks. So when he called late on Christmas Eve he was drunk as hell saying he loved me and could we get back together again, and although I said 'no way,' felt sorry for him. A fatal mistake, for without realising it I had unknowingly let my guard down against him. Hanging up the phone I crawled into bed and in my sleep saw this black heavy thick cloud coming toward me over the horizon and then I felt it 'attack me' in the Solar Plexus. So violent was the attack it felt like I was actually being disembowelled or 'gutted' as though everything inside me -all my innards, was slowly being pulled out of me so that something else could climb in. Although I was not being attacked in the physical sense, I sure was 'spiritually,' and knew that something evil was trying to 'take over my body and 'possess' me. Up until then, I didn't know how 'possession' of someone could possibly occur, but I sure knew now. Not only that but I could feel myself being held down by many hands and instantly visualised 'brilliant white light' over my entire body while simultaneously picturing 'symbolically' a drawbridge being drawn up over a moat. The drawbridge of  light representing the sealing off my solar plexus (the way in)  from further attack. From my experience it is the solar plexus area, not the head, nor the heart that is vulnerable to psychic attacks and possession. As I struggled from the weight of being held down and trying to wake myself up I heard the sound of high pitch screaming (like banchees) and found myself floating about two feet above my bed. When I awoke in bed my tongue was dry an stuck to the roof of my mouth and my solar plexus still hurt, so I knew I'd been out in the astral. Instead of scaring me, the whole demonic thing sent me into a blind rage to think that some pathetic evil demon was actually trying to 'take over my body. Boy was I incensed. 'They' weren't going to get away with, I wanted to go back into the dream and fix it. And this is how I first learned how to roll back my dreams and fix the outcome. But first I wanted more information on what had just transpired I read the Tarot Cards and threw up a Horary Astrology chart for the exact time the event had occurred, which all confirmed the attack had come from a boyfriend (former) involved in satanic worship or black magic. I then prayed for protection and saw myself completely equipped in a sealed suit of white light- rather like an astronaut'  and in my hands was a weapon of light, similarly shaped like the star wars laser beam, only this one had a funnel at the top where light poured in and which I blasted out in a fine compressed stream of light by pressing a trigger. As I began rolling my dream slowly back I found myself  in the astral plane which looked rather like a spiritual desert with nothing in it. Then I saw myself being held down on a raised 'sacrificial' slab of some sort by six women all clothed in black with my so-called psychic friend at my head also dressed in black. The black magician and his six witches, were all thoroughly engrossed in their black magic ritual over me. Obviously they were unaware that I had rolled back the dream,  where time was now on my side, so that I could observe them up close and personal without them even knowing I was there. So I aimed my weapon of light and blasted away until every last one of them had disappeared and felt triumphant over conquering the  great evil perpetrated through them against me. Although I'd conquered evil, I wanted nothing further to do with it all, and prayed saying, “God's will be done, not mine.” and glad I did, because several months later I heard his house had burnt to the ground and he'd lost everything. Which set me wondering, but didn't want to even go there.  


The astral plane by definition, is the level beyond the physical, the realm of dreams, spirits, and psychic phenomena, the substance and vehicle for contact between the material and the mystical. It is a separate reality 'linked-in' and as real as this world.  From what I'd learned about the astral plane or dream realm around me, it  should be  kept free and clear of any negative spirit or negative thought which, if left to fester, can make a person extremely sick in the real world. It was critical in this case to clear the astral plane so that no trace of dark energy was left behind. Prayer's of protection, and meditation will instantly clear the astral or visualising the astral plane swept clean by a beam of brilliant white light. Having a peaceful mind prior to sleep is so important. Above all else it is the 'fear' factor, that dark forces rely on and use in order to intimidate and terrify their human 'victims.' If they only knew it, humans are much stronger spiritually and mentally and can call in help from above, or use white light to subdue and banish the powers of darkness which are no match against the light. The more you 'fear' evil, the more fear energy it feeds on, giving it more power than it is really capable of . I am however, nervous about demonic possession where people are taken over and have a vacant look in their eyes, and are capable of murder. 


The following vision I've told you briefly about, but want to elaborate further. The Apocalypse and Armageddon- coming at some time in the future. APOCALYPSE  - A cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil.  ARMAGEDDON -the scene of the final battle between the kings of the Earth at the end of the world. All of which I saw from a 'spiritual' perspective on the other side. Two weeks prior to this amazing vision, I had just arrived in Houston from Australia and was struck down with a flu called 'walking pneumonia' a deadly strain that a number of Houstonians had already died from.  As it was still in the viral stage the doc wouldn't prescribe antibiotics, whereupon I became progressively worse and too weak to even call the doctor. Two nights later my fever spiked and I could only breathe by taking rapid short breaths (hyper-ventilating) where I found myself 'floating' in and out of body, or in and out of consciousness. The very same thing I'd encountered years ago  during a near-death experience when Carolyn was born. I knew I was at death's door and could see myself being flown home in a coffin and felt sad because my work was not yet done, nor would I be flying to  Samedan, Switzerland the following week to visit Max and family - the owner of the oil lease where I predicted the oil strike in Oklahoma. In desperation I prayed for an 'angelic healing' visualising a group of six angels standing around my bed with their hands placed on my body. (Whenever I needed healing myself, I went straight to the top, praying to the Lord or His angels for help and nobody else.) Whether delirious or seriously delusional, I could actually feel their healing hands on me as I drifted off to sleep. In the morning when I awoke I had no trace of fever, flu symptoms or pneumonia and took myself off large as life to the Doctor who was amazed at my 'miraculous' recovery.  I never told him exactly how 'miraculous' it really was.


While in Samedan, Switzerland, I had the most extraordinary out-of-this-world vision where I was 'shown' the 'final battle' a 'spiritual battle' known as the Apocalypse in which God and the Angelic Hierarchy destroy the ruling powers of evil, while in the physical world, Armageddon would be fought by wars or a war on the Earth, between the 'believers of light' and the non believers of darkness. It was impressed upon me that this would be 'a battle of the mind,' a battle for the mind and soul of mankind that had grown very dark.  It began with seeing the world in total darkness because humanity had descended into a spiritual wilderness, turned against their spiritual beliefs, their God, whereupon their minds had become darkened, clouded and depressed without nay hope of salvation or belief in the Divine, Spiritual, or Spirit World. I saw humanity enslaved in chains of disbelief having no religion and no faith in themselves, drowning in hopelessness and  succumbing to the evil forces of darkness. Humanity had lost its way.  Then out of the darkness I saw points of light and great pillars of light beginning to emerge right across the world. These shining points of light leading the charge, were emanating from a great army of enlightened souls, of spiritual warriors, of true believer's, all those of the light who had remained silent and well hidden until now. And as they marched I saw a vast multitude of people from all nationalities, all religious persuasions, doctrines and creeds, in ever increasing numbers banding together to fight this Holy War between the forces of light and those of darkness. I was then shown a (symbolic) vertical cross section of the sky, earth and space below, like a slice of layered cake, with the earth in the middle, the demonic realms below and higher realms above. As I watched the scene unfold I knew why it had been necessary for the Creator to finally intervene in the affairs of man. Whereas God had given man 'freewill' to choose his own spiritual path on earth, humanity was now in danger of loosing it all, of being overcome by the invading forces of darkness rising from the demonic realms below whose sole aim and purpose was to  enslave all mankind and eradicate their minds of all 'spiritual beliefs,' of any and everything that gave them freedom, hope and faith in themselves. Humanity couldn't otherwise be controlled unless they had nothing left to believe in. Leading up to this final battle, I was shown that every move being made by the dark forces, was also known to the 'light workers' who then 'blocked' their way preventing them from carrying out their insidious agenda. And although the evil become more subtle and crafty constantly changing tactics, the forces of light were a lot smarter  keeping two steps ahead them. The scene then suddenly intensified as the forces of darkness launched a savage attack against humanity in overwhelming numbers, and I thought all was lost for mankind. Then the Almighty finally intervened. Descending from the heavens I saw Archangel Michael and the angelic hierarchy -the Holy Host of Heaven' of thousands upon thousands of angels  come to earth to stand with mankind on this day of days and eradicate the evil on Earth for once and for all. The vision ended there. We had won. Although what I saw corresponds with what is written in biblical text, I assure you the vision was very real and terrifying to watch except for the last part. The vision may also denote the 'second coming of the Christ,' and the 'coming of the ships of light,' in order to establish a new heaven and a new earth without evil. A thousand year reign of peace, or the golden age of Saturn -the age of Aquarius.


In another earlier dream, I was warned that in the future Christianity and all religious belief systems would be outlawed and followers severely punished.

Many psychics have also seen the descent into darkness.


And then there was Norman, a Scottish friend of my father's, who told me that one time while sitting on a hillside overlooking Glasgow the whole scene changed before his eyes. Where he saw humanity in rags, heads bowed and shuffling along, a beaten dejected people of all nationalities. Now what could do this?

Communism under a One World Government!





Please take a look at

and let me know what you think.




I found the article interesting but don't agree with a bunch of things. Doesn't gel with some of the things I've been shown. Here's my take on God for starters.


From my very limited understanding of all the things there are in the universe, I do think the Creator is incomprehensible or beyond mankinds' comprehension, or scope of imagination. Unfortunately humanity likes to put everything into little boxes and label them all. There are worlds without number, some just like ours. He is the beginning and the end. Infinity. He is the energy or life force of the Universe and every living thing in it is part of His energy and is indestructible. His spirit (similar to our own spirit if you will) is known as the Holy spirit and although separate from the Creator is also one with the Creator. Just like humanity has a body, a spirit and a soul, all separate but one - the trinity. Likewise, the Creator, his Holy Spirit, and His Son -Jesus Christ are one and the same, as well as three separate personages. Not hard to get your head around when we have similar.


Humanity has three dimensions- soul or 'Merkabah, the spirit and body. Our soul- intelligence and highest level of consciousness- is housed in the Merkbah 'a ball of light' providing Divine protection, from whence we came.


I do agree there are possibly seven levels of spiritual, mental and physical evolution, and the body itself has seven main Chakras or spiritual centres. When lifted up to Paradise it was made known to me that at all spiritual levels or chakras there exists a 'state of perfection.'  At that state of perfection 'inspiration' like a stream

of light, pours in to the individual from the highest realms. Every 'gift' we have and our different ways or expressions have all been 'inspired' at one time or another.

And when we pass over I do think our spirits shed densities on our sojourn through the various levels.


There is so much misconception among all religions and beliefs that reaching the higher realms is 'way out of our reach' or a spiritual pathway moving ever upward to enlightenment, is simply not true. It is or can be instantaneous!  Honestly If you really want to see Paradise in all sincerity then ask the angels or the higher beings to show you. For example, when Jesus was being crucified one of the beggars nailed to a cross alongside him said (Luke 23:42-43) 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' Jesus answered him, 'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.   Exactly! Instantaneous by thought and wanting it.


Another example is when my 33 year-old daughter Danielle, a staunch member of the communist party, was staying with me during a break down and having trouble sleeping. Suddenly her room lit up with a brilliant white lite and a massive hand came down and placed it over her forehead shutting her eyes. Then she heard a voice saying, "You are one of us!"  Which is Angel speak, I'd heard once before when I was complaining to 'them' about Carolyn being a hippy and how much she was wasting her life. And was told very sternly that I was not to 'interfere' in Carolyn's life. "She is one of us, you understand." She was so shaken by the presence of an angel, let alone being spoken to by one, telling her she was regarded as part of them,  that Danielle instantly converted to Christianity knowing communism was a lie. And I guess I'm just not interested in who and what is on this density or that density. Some people want to know how many wings the angels I've seen have, just to compete. Probably the reason I just don't talk about it with most people.




 From Roy - That is a wonderful statement!


Just out of curiosity, what do angels look like? Do they even have wings?




Hi Roy,


At age 14 when I prayed to see angel I was looking for a winged angel but could only see an outline because it was so brilliant, therefore it would have had folded wings. To describe the brilliance is difficult. Far whiter, brighter and purer than any lighting I've ever seen. Not only but the light has a very powerful energy force which shakes your whole body.  The massive angel standing in broad daylight on the banks of the Brisbane River was about 10 times the size of other angels I've seen

which I'm convinced was an Archangel, probably Michael, also had folded wings. Angels I've seen in dreams also have folded wings. I've never seen one with wings outstretched. I also believe that not all angels appear in angelic form either, sometimes they appear in human form. And another thing all those I've seen either from the Higher Spiritual Realms or Advanced Space Brothers all appear in white robes. I also believe that angels can and do take form and appear as personages or people. They walk among us. I know of many people that have experienced being spoken to from a stranger out of the blue giving them an answer of advice then turning around to find the stranger has disappeared. For example my great grandfather was a dedicated church goer and a fisherman by trade who'd earned quite a bit of money but was stingy and didn't want to share it with his wife and kids. One day he was walking along a deserted beach when he saw a stranger walking toward him and chatted with the stranger in passing. As the stranger was about to leave he said," You'd better open up your purse strings and share it with your family or your days on earth will be numbered!"  And vanished into thin air. Which scared the crap out my grandfather but he became a generous person after that.


The saying "as above, so below" is very true. Both the forces of light and those of darkness can 'shape' shift, materialize, appear or disappear. whatever. Remember the words to Annie Get Your Gun," "anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you." That's the motto of the forces of light................just kidding!!!  "Laughter is a gift of the gods" and we can heal ourselves through laughing at things.  We can also use it to overcome depression.  There was a American guy, whose name I can no longer remember but could have been Norman Vincent Peal, the author of positive thinking, who had terminal cancer and given six months to live. So he began watching the old Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keyton, The Keystone Cops, Oliver and Hardy movies etc, many of the silent movies and laughed himself stupid. After two or three months no more sign of cancer. He'd laughed himself back into good health and was written up in magazines which is where I read about him.

I'm not sure whether the last dreams&visions episode was over the top for everyone, but I do want to talk about the Holy Spirit that I felt in Symanthia's house one time during her Buddhist meetings, as well as other groups. The Holy Spirit moves among all religions where people have come together to raise their level of understanding, or in prayer or meditation.. I've felt it many times, and can actually feel a 'vibrational' shift when it comes into the room, where suddenly everyone become inspired, uplifted, joyous, happy, laughing, chatting, euphoric, rapturous. These are the hallmarks of the Holy Spirit, which is obviously not exclusive to any one religion. People also forget that Jesus was Jewish and Christianity is what the churches when I call myself Christian it is because I follow the teachings of Jesus, but not any of the Christian churches, which I find most to be sanctimonious, condescending, judgmental and very negative. These sort of devout Christians have driven followers away in droves from the churches. 




 One of the most dangerous people I met in my life was David Hackworth, who inspired the character of Marlon Brando's Colonel Kurtz in Apocalpyse Now- a story set during the Vietnam War, where an American captain is assigned a mission in Cambodia, to search and assassinate a renegade colonel, who has taken innocent lives and is believed to be a demigod by a tribeDavid Hackworth received many awards over his life, but he treasured his United Nations Peace Medal the most. Hack got it for his anti-nuclear work in Australia. I did see him several times on TV when he was over in Iraq reporting on the war and heard him state that America should make 'Crispy Critters' of all those in the Middle East.  Someone who knew Hackworth, maybe one of my friends who worked as a chef in Hackworth's Brisbane restaurant, said he was a cousin of the Rockefellers. Which I could well believe. Obituary, David Hackworth


When Hack arrived in Australia, he had no plans for the future, except survival in a nuclear world. He settled first on the Gold Coast. With few skills  applicable to making a living without a gun, he set up a hot dog stand. He explained that he had learned a lot about moving and procuring stuff, and running Army kitchens. So he got stuff, hot dogs in this case, cooked them, and sold them very successfully. Eventually, he and his new wife Peter moved into an old church in Brisbane and started a restaurant called Scaramouche. Ducks were a feature of the menu, so he bought a property to raise them at Uki, near Murwillumbah, NSW. And........................this is when I met him.




It would have been around March 1981 that a friend called saying I should contact David Hackworth who was written up in a local newspaper as wanting anybody interested in setting up a 'survival' commune to contact him and gave his phone number. As I'd planned to 'set-up' a commune myself I called him saying I was interested, but wanted no part in his idea of weaponizing the place for protection. “Having your own little war in your own back yard was asking for trouble,” I told him.  

That evening I drove over to his place in Brisbane and the two of us sat out on the back deck where we discussed one of the visions I'd recently had of a major tsunami, and how it was possible to predict natural disasters. All the while his wife was taking care of their 1-year-old baby. It was about 11.00pm when we went inside whereupon he lit up a joint and offered me a puff which I declined. The only time I'd ever shared a joint had turned me into a party pooper and I'd gone to sleep. And besides that I always kept my wits about me in all situations due to being a single parent where you had to be alert. After a bit I thought maybe I'd be polite and just have one puff. One puff wouldn't hurt, so I took a hit.

Whatever was in it knocked me into next week. I was thrown into some sort of 'psychic' state and knew I was in danger because instantly a very powerful tall 'being' had come and stood right alongside me and 'revealed to me psychically' what both Hackworth and his wife were up to. I was shown them like cats playing with a mouse passing 'knowing' looks to one another and both had slit eyes. I was their prey and sexual play thing, because I was no longer coherent. ( I'd learned from previous dreams that anyone with slit eyes like a cat was from the dark side, evil, and not to be trusted.) So I hurriedly packed my things and said I was leaving despite their protests that I wasn't fit to drive, saying they'd call a taxi, but I knew the taxi would never arrive and I was getting progressively worse by the minute. They tried to bar my way as I pushed past them and got into my car locking all doors.

I managed to drive to the top of a hill where I tried to change lanes going down the other side of the road but the steering wheel refused to budge, almost as though it was locked into position from some 'unforeseen' force preventing me from doing so. A car coming from the opposite direction on the exact same side of the road as myself was speeding toward me and I had no hope of escape. A head on collision was unavoidable, I was going to die. I dropped my head and prayed.

Instantly, I felt the same 'being' that had been standing beside me earlier, move into my body, where I felt a tingling sensation begin from the top of my head right to the tip of my toes and psychically saw two massive hands grab that wheel and wrench it to the other side of the road thus saving my life within seconds of loosing it.  I have no memory after that of driving home, only of crawling up the front steps and collapsing on the bed where I passed out for two days, leaving the poor kids to take care of themselves.

Thankfully Hackworth didn't know my last name or anything about me. But I was convinced the joint was 'laced' and that he and his wife were into the dark side, not only because of what I was 'shown' about them psychically, but also the incredible force of darkness preventing me from driving to safety. Were it not for 'Divine Intervention,' from the 'being of light' who rescued me twice that night, I would have died.

After a few days and feeling better I called my trans-medium buddy Renate to see what she could pick up about Hackworth.  She told me he was definitely on the dark side, and a very dangerous man, whose MO was beheading people. She told me more but I can't remember. The thing was, Renate had never seen the movie Apocalpyse Now, and had never been interested in watching war movies. She had no clue that colonel Kurtz's MO, as portrayed in the movie, was decapitating people and displaying their heads on pikes.

Next step was to call the reporter who'd written the article about Hackworth, and  found he'd since relocated to Sydney where I spoke to him at length. The reporter said Hackworth was the most dangerous person he'd ever interviewed and had bragged about the movie 'Apocalypse Now' in which the renegade character of colonel Kurtz played by Marlon Brando was actually about his own life, Hackworth's life, and was not fiction at all. And that 'he' personally had killed 800 men with his own bare hands. Shortly after the interview Hackworth called the reporter demanding that he not mention the part about 'killing 800 men with his own bare hands' when writing up the  article or he'd sue. The reporter informed Hackworth the entire interview had been taped and that Hackworth didn't really have a leg to stand on, which was when Hackworth became really aggressive and truly threatening. And the reason why the reporter decided to leave that part out of the article as well as relocate to Sydney where he felt a lot safer. He warned me in no uncertain terms to steer well clear of Hackworth whom he suspected as being CIA.

Although I never saw Hackworth for sometime after that, I had many friends in the New Age circles in which Hackworth moved 'pretending' he cared about their issues' so I put out a warning he was not to be trusted and possibly making a dossier on all those 'freedom' lovers. 

In the meantime Joe and I had married in Queens whereupon I told Joe all about Hackworth, which I lived to regret. For the next time we visited Australia Joe found out where Hackworth lived and paid him a visit. Either out of curiosity, playing games, or some cocaine which Joe used at times, I have no idea. But one thing was for sure, Hackworth now knew all about me, who I was, where I lived, and that I knew the truth about his murdering 800 men with his own bare hands. I also knew he was portrayed as colonel Kurtz in the movie, a movie about Hackworth's life.

After briefly living in New York and escaping to Texas following the split between Joe and I, the kids and I returned to Brisbane about a year later and moved back into our family home. Feeling restless I decided to go looking for land around the hinterland at the back of the Gold Coast with a view to setting up a commune. I spoke to a realtor in the area who said, “I've got a deal pending for one side of a mountain, but the other half is still up for sale which you might be interested in buying!”  “Yes, most definitely,” I said, really excited about the prospect, inquiring, “Out of curiosity, who's   interested in buying the other side of the Mountain?”  “Oh! a guy called David Hackworth, he wants to set up a commune with his group of his followers,” said the realtor.  I couldn't believe it!  And certainly didn't want Hackworth knowing my business.

I then tried to convince the realtor that I was a very private person and didn't want anyone including the other interested party knowing about my interest in the property. The following morning I decided against buying the property altogether and called the agent to tell him so. Who then informed me that David Hackworth was no longer interested in the property either and that I could now buy the entire mountain. But I didn't have the money nor the inclination anymore.

At least I'd put a halt to Hackworth's dark agenda, and was delighted to hear later on that some philanthropist had bought the entire mountain turning it into a  nature reserve for all the bush animals. 

Then out of nowhere Phil turned up at the house on his motorbike. Hadn't seen Phil, a mutual friend of Sonny and Ian, my Rosicrucian buddies, for a few years now, compared to years past where Phil would show up every now and then and stay over as we'd end up talking about spiritual matters until the wee hours of the morning. Phil was the son of a well known Court Judge in Brisbane and spent much of his time gallivanting round the countryside.

Genevieve was already staying with me when Phil arrived, for I had that sort of  sprawling ranch style house with five bedrooms set on a couple of acres out of town, with an  open house policy where all and sundry were welcome to spend the night if they didn't want to drive home.  

It was decidedly odd for Phil to show up like that when I'd only been back from the USA for a few weeks. So I asked him what he was doing job wise these days, if anything, and he looked me straight in the eye and said quite candidly, “I've got a job as one of  David Hackworth's henchmen!” Now Phil, of all people, knew all about my paranoia and disdain for Hackworth and how dark he was, so I figured because Hackworth dealt drugs out of his restaurant in Brisbane (where a friend of mine once worked as a chef and told me all about it), that Phil must be a willing participant these days and he looked rather 'spaced' out of it walking around the house. 

Later on that evening Genevieve caught Phil actually eavesdropping in the dark outside the room where she and I were talking, trying to listen in on our conversation. So Phil was now 'spying' for Hackworth and I began to feel a little edgy about his presence in the house.

The following morning when I queried Phil as to how he knew I was home, he said it was through Sony and Ian. A lie, as I found out later. It was all too obvious, Phil had come sniffing round at Hackworth's behest, who knew I was home through the realtor and wanted Phil to find out what my movements were.  After bidding Phil farewell and warning him again about the dark side of Hackworth, he left. 

A week passed when I got a call from Sony telling me that Phil had 'supposedly' died of a drug overdose on the Gold Coast. That was the official version which neither she nor any of his friends believed. Because Phil's spirit had appeared to two of his friends independent of each other and both had seen Phil's spirit hanging in shreds, which meant symbolically that Phil had been murdered. I was truly grieved about Phil's death, because he'd always been a bit naïve, innocent and open about everything and had probably confessed to  Hackworth that I was now aware about his working for Hackworth; thus signing his death warrant.


The truth was yet to come. When Hackworth and his wife Peter split up and he left Australia for good, It was only then Peter confided in a best friend of hers that Hackworth was indeed the guy the movie Apocalypse Now had been made about. It was a true story about Hackworth's life. He personally had slaughtered 800 men!

And that close friend of Peters, just so happened to be Margaret, my friend's mother. Needless to say Margaret told her daughter, who then told me.






When the New Age Movement first began there was so much disinformation flying around that I found it hard to believe anything anyone said until I had personally experienced it first hand. The same was true about 'shapeshifting' where people had the ability to physically transform through an inherently superhuman ability, demonic manipulation, sorcery or spells which I was convinced was a load of codswallop, until it happened to me. 

It is important to always be aware of sudden mood changes within yourself that come out-of-the-blue and for no apparent reason, which can be attributed to invasive or intrusive thoughts, or in my case this time round, someone concentrating on me and wishing me ill. What's even more important is to know that once you have become AWARE of changes in your mood, discovered what you're going through is out of the ordinary and begin to figure out what's going on, the dark side's 'little bag of tricks' don't have the same element of surprise anymore and stop occurring. The dark side is really sneaky avoiding discovery at all costs, but once the game is up, it’s over.

I've heard it said 'to send it back from whence it came' in reference to negative thoughts or energy, but personally, this is just like bouncing the ball around and far better to obliterate 'negativity' altogether by zapping it with pure white light so the 'energy' doesn't exist at all. You could also diffuse it by sending love to 'weaken it,' or become 'indifferent' to it altogether as 'indifference' has no emotional attachment and therefore ineffectual in any case.     

In the late 1970's following my move to Brisbane, Tony Barnett and I briefly lived together in a large house on the banks of Brisbane River, with our  five children - my three and his two. His mother and father also sold up in Sydney and moved to Brisbane to be near their grandchildren. Tony's mother was Welsh and a practising Druid, which I knew nothing about, until I discovered she was into witchcraft by either making effigy dolls of people and sticking pins into them, or concentrating on a photograph or item of somebody and wishing them ill, or far worse, which she did with Tony's boss when he fired Tony from his job.

Tony's parents lived with us for awhile until a falling out occurred between Tony and his mother who had become way too possessive of her grand children, resulting in his parents moving out into their own apartment away from us.  Their grandchildren then spent weekends with them until Tony found out that his mother had been running him down to his children, and banned her seeing the kids altogether. 

All went well, until one afternoon I began to feel this enormous 'weight' of depression, so heavy, dark and oppressive to the point of feeling suicidal which lifted as soon as I left the house to pick up the kids from school. The same thing happened the following afternoon between the hours of 1:00pm-3:00pm and continued every afternoon during week days for almost three weeks. It was mystifying because by nature I was a happy individual, laughed and joked all the time, danced and sang around the house, so this was totally out of character for me to be so depressed and having a pity party every afternoon. It didn't make sense. So in desperation I decided to brush up on my astrology skills and found an obliging Astrologer whom I went to for 3 afternoons a week between the 'bewitching' hours of 1:00pm-3:00pm. And the depression went away. By changing my environment during those hours, leaving the house and taking on a new interest the depression instantly ceased and never returned.

Having forgotten all about it, one afternoon about a month later, I was seated at a large table strewn with Astrology charts when suddenly the charts flew up in the air and scattered everywhere. As I looked up to see what was responsible, a very large black bat flew low over the table and then disappeared over the top of my head. I looked back at the table but everything appeared perfectly normal and untouched as though nothing had ever happened. Then the realisation hit that I was actually seeing the bat 'psychically' from a different dimension.  And I 'knew'  the black bat was either a 'thought form' from Tony's mother, or that Tony's mother was actually a 'shape shifter,' and was the bat. Not only that, but Tony's mother was the person responsible for having concentrated her voodoo on me every afternoon when the kids were at school. Made more obvious because her husband did shift worked every afternoon between the hours of 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but sometimes I'm a bit slow on the uptake and never even suspected for one minute that she'd actually use her voodoo against me.

 A few weeks later David was home from school and watching TV in the family room when he saw Tony's mother sneaking past the kitchen window dressed all in black like a monk with a hood over her face. He yelled out to me, “Nanny's here,” and with that  she promptly vanished. We searched everywhere looking for her but she'd gone. Which was when it dawned on me David had obviously seen her 'psychically,' just as I had. And once 'discovered' by another 'psychic,' must have been a bit disappointing.

So Tony's mother was a 'shapeshifter' having taken form as a bat as well as a monk. Takes some talent to do that.

Nothing further happened until the following Saturday morning when Tony was helping me weed the garden at the back of the house and I suddenly had a 'flash' of seeing his mother arriving by Taxi in a furious state of mind, and warned Tony to get cleaned because his mother was spoiling for a fight. Five minutes later, just as I'd seen psychically, she arrived by taxi and we had to usher all the kids to their upstairs bedrooms before the fight began.

Fight!!!! I'd never heard anything like it in my life apart from the Exorcist. She danced around in a crazed frenzy acting like Rumpelstiltskin as blasphemy and profanities poured out of her mouth like verbal diarrhoea, the filth, the vile, the foul mouth of evil, all hurled at her son Tony who just crumbled like a jelly behind me. I guess his mother terrified him so much from all the wicked things he'd witnessed her doing in his life, that it rendered him useless. And all in front of the kids who were gathered around the rail upstairs staring down at the unbelievable scene playing out below.  Well she wasn't getting away with it! Someone had to put her in her place, as Tony couldn't or wouldn't. So I said firmly, “YOU cannot act like that in front of your grandchildren. YOU cannot upset them behaving like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum. You're their grandmother, control yourself, pull yourself together. I want you to leave otherwise I'll call the police.”

Talking to her about the 'effect' all of this was having on her grandchildren seemed to calm her down and bring her back to reality. So without uttering a word, she turned on her heels and walked off the property.

Everyone settled down after that and I never had a problem with her again. Would you believe we even remained friends long after Tony and I had parted ways. 






I was introduced to Symanthia Harper in 1988 by fellow Astrologer John Quinn at a Nichiren Buddhism meeting in northwest Houston. The Buddhist group used the spiritual chant of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, which I found quite uplifting. From the moment we first met, I reckon Symanthia and I had been together in a previous lifetime as we clicked like two little peas in a pod. We shared the same interests in spiritual matters, Astrology, Tarot cards, humour, entertainment and just about everything under the sun, together we 'tripped the light fantastic' and had a blast. Having such a wonderful, generous and high spirited friend eventually led to my flying over to the USA and staying with Symanthia and her equally wonderful family for six months of the year, where I would diligently work on the latest hurricane predictions, then hang out with Symanthia and have fun.

Symanthia often held Buddhist meetings at her place which I loved joining in and chanting  along with everyone else. Then one night when Max and Joy joined the group of about a dozen people, we had just finished chanting when I suddenly felt a 'temperature shift' in the room.  A powerful energy force exuding enormous heat and an all encompassing outpouring of love flowed through everyone elevating them all to a higher dimension, which was noticeable by a sudden outburst of joyfulness, happiness and laughter exploding around the room. I'm sure most people weren't even aware of it, didn't notice the sudden outpouring of joyous energy as I did, because I'd experienced it before. This was none other than The Holy Spirit. Although most people do not believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit, sometimes called the Comforter, it is very real as I was to discover on several occasions. The Holy Spirit is a 'mighty' Universal Spiritual Force, after all it is the Spirit of the Creator, and God's spiritual emissary to the world. This gives us a clue as to the overpowering, overwhelming love and compassion that Almighty God has for all mankind. The Creator's spirit moves among all people and all religions irrespective of their divisive beliefs, because there are no divisions in heaven, only here on the earth. The Holy Spirit comes to all those who seek the truth, the spiritual pathway and higher understanding of life, also through prayer and meditation, as well as the sick and weak among us. You may encounter the spirit of the Creator by suddenly experiencing being 'at one with the Universe,' have feelings of being elevated to a higher dimension, or  inspired where you can see things more clearly, while being enveloped in an overwhelming sense of peace and love.  Other religions and peoples may call God's Spirit by another name entirely, but it's still the same Universal Spiritual Force, just expressed differently.

You can also tell the presence of the Holy Spirit by a sudden rise or shift in room temperature followed by joyful laughter, frivolous chatter and great happiness from all those present, who, maybe unbeknown to them, have been 'touched' by the most powerful Universal Spiritual Force there is. Sometimes you can even feel your face getting hotter and hotter as a beam of light flows through your mind, from just merely being in 'its' presence. The Holy Spirit cannot be compared with the beings in white I felt standing next to me, nor the wonderful presence of angels, because it had a far more powerful force field where you could actually feel a shift of energy or felt electrically charged whenever it walked into the room. Like someone switching on a light in a darkened room, the room suddenly switched to a higher vibration, with a noticeable change in temperature that engulfed everyone in an overwhelming feeling of love, healing, happiness and joy.  It had the power to elevate your spirit to a higher dimension, transcending earthly existence. That 's how powerful it was."

I believe the first time I encountered the Holy Spirit was while walking along the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, when I felt an overpowering presence walking right alongside me. The Kibbutz where I was working at the time bordered the Sea of Galilee and every time I walked its shores the same thing happened. I'm convinced it was the Holy Spirit because of its all powerful presence. The very same thing happened to my 25 year-old grandson when he visited Israel a few years ago and walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee. It was his first ever 'spiritual' encounter.     

The second time I experience the Holy Spirit occurred right on dusk in the dining room of a hotel at Niagara Falls during the six week trip Genevieve and I had taken around the USA. After a  day of exploring the Falls we decided to eat in the dining room of the hotel where we staying  and just so happened to be the only ones there for dinner. We'd given our orders when suddenly three bus loads of people arrived at the hotel and all of them poured into the dining room, probably around fifty in all. Hotel staff had previously set up two very long tables which seated everyone, and soon enough the waitress came round taking everyone's orders. In the meantime our dinners had arrived and I had taken a few mouthfuls when I heard the entire two tables  erupt in singing 'grace.' In Hebrew. Which sent shivers through me and I swear my hair stood up on end. I was so emotionally moved that tears streamed down my cheeks. For I knew who they were, without even asking. They were Kibbutzniks from the various Kibbutz community farms in Israel and 'the true spirit of Israel,' I had loved so much while living among them at various kibbutzim many years before. It was then I felt the full force of the Holy Spirit come into the room and move among them as though blessing them while they sang their praises to Him. Which moved me even more so. Making it even harder to try and pull myself together, which Genevieve, a natural psychic who could accurately tell anyone's fortune, couldn't see what I could, and wondered why I was falling apart at the seams.

As far as I was concerned these Kibbutzniks, the heart and soul of Israel, were a caring, loving people who didn't give a damn who and what you were or how little money you had and were much closer to the Almighty than the more pretentious 'holier-than-thou orthodox Jews I'd met. Most of whom I found to be arrogant, prickly, intolerant of other religions and totally lacking in compassion. Not so different from some of the born-again Christians I'd come across who could be equally painful. I knew all about Judaism because John, my first husband, and father of my three children was Jewish, a sabre (Israeli) born in Haifa in 1943 of German/Jewish extraction, whose parents later immigrated to Australia when he was only 15. He had never known his grandparents on his mother's side because they'd perished horribly at the hands of the Nazis- gassed and cremated in the ovens at Auschwitz. This! Despite the fact that his grandfather had been awarded the German Iron cross for bravery in the 1st world war and written up as a war hero in German History books. Luckily their children saw what was happening and escaped to Palestine prior to 1940. John's father, Herbert, had been a captain in the Haganah (Israel's biggest fighting force later know as the Israeli Defence Forces- the IDF ) for the northern sector of Israel where he and his family lived in the seaside resort of Nahariya, and played a part in helping to establish the state of Israel. John's parents and many German Jews like them, were educated, assimilated, down-to-earth much like the kibbutzniks I had spent time with in Israel. They treated me like their own daughter when John and I married, unlike his brother Reuben who became an Orthodox Jew and despised a 'goy' coming into the family. I rest my case.   

On the third occasion when I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit I was visiting my mother at her house in Victoria, together with her sister Gwen. It was New Years Eve 1982 and I'd been telling them about being visited by the beings in white, angelic messengers, and some of the psychic stuff that had been happening around me of late, when I noticed them giving each other odd looks. They then asked me had I been messing around with something I shouldn't. In other words had I been messing round with the dark side. I was so hurt and really offended to think they'd even contemplate such a thing, when the most incredible thing happened. Instantly from behind me I felt the full force of something far greater than anything I'd ever experience before rise up pushing my head up against the wall. It was huge, overpowering and dwarfing me but I was really excited because I had the distinct feeling 'it' had come to 'back' me up, and 'reveal' to my family exactly who I had been messing with. So I said to the two of them,“If you don't believe me, the powerful force I've just been talking about, is right here in the room, right now!” (I omitted telling them this was a far greater force than what I'd been telling them about) With that my aunt Gwen who was quite religious and also psychic and who was seated close to me let out a yell, “Oh my god, I can feel it moving up through my feet. It's so powerful. It's the Holy Spirit!” My mother who was sitting further away looked at us rather scared, until she too began to feel it.  Because they'd both experienced the Holy Spirit before, and familiar with its presence they knew what it was. So there we were, all three of us, sitting liked stunned mullets in a trance-like state, when everything abruptly changed around us. No sound of birds or traffic or of normal human activity, nothing but a dead silence. I felt myself (spirit) being taken up to another reality, to a higher dimension where I seemed to be suspended in a blissfully, peaceful state of being, where all noise ceased apart from a heavy pendulum that I heard swing slowly back and forth. Then heard the words loud and clear saying, “Time No Longer, Time No Longer!” Then just as suddenly as it had come, it disappeared leaving me back in the land of the living, back to reality. After comparing notes we realised that all of us had encountered the very same thing of being lifted up to another 'place' where we all heard the swing of a heavy pendulum as well as the words “Time No Longer.” Curiously, there was no grandfather clock in the house, nor did we know what the words “Time No Longer” meant. Later that year in October my Aunt Gwen passed away. The message had been about her.

If I thought my experiences with the Holy Spirit were over I was very much mistaken, for the best was yet come where I was about to learn a whole lot more about the Holy Spirit in a one-on-one encounter.It happened one night when I was all alone in my Woodlands apartment, and terribly saddened by the downward spiral of humanity, their indifference to the terrible suffering of  animals-all of whom have spirits, and the rise of so many great evils and insurmountable wickedness and corruption everywhere in the world, that it finally got me. I just couldn't bare it any longer!  As an overwhelming sense of sadness swept over me I heard a faint noise from the furthest corner of my room. It sounded like a faint whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, as a gentle breeze came ever so slowly toward me then felt the power of it come up through my feet bathing my entire body in a glorious rapturous healing, with such tenderness and love I'd ever known, where I felt 'renewed and recharged' and free of all human ailments. I then saw my heart symbolically cleaved in two and laid bare in grief over my concerns about the world, then watched as two beautiful hands came down either side and slowly pulled it together again, thus healing my heart. Next, I was aware of the sensation of being 'cradled' in powerful loving arms and physically crossed my arms over my body trying to hold it there, because I never wanted to let it go. I had been visited by the 'Comforter' another name given to the Holy Spirit, obviously by those who had also experienced the greatest healing power on earth, which made me whole again.

Hard to believe!

I'd have a hard time believing it too, had it not happened to me. So I know it is for real and that the Holy Spirit will come to all those who sincerely believe in its existence.







It was in the late '70's while living with Tony in Brisbane, I began to hear the song “Lilac Trees' repeating over and over in my head. It was a very special song my grandmother used to sing to my brother and me when we little, every time our parents went overseas on holiday and left us at her place. By this stage of my life my grandmother had long since passed away and I'd not heard the song since I was little, and wondered if she ever knew the profound impact that song had had on me. Lilac Trees was about the plight of a little black child living in a white society and shunned by all on account of the colour of his skin, which brought tears to my eyes every time I heard it.

And now, for the past two weeks, that's all I'd been hearing when my brother Peter happened to call from Melbourne, two States away in Victoria. He often called to see how I was so I told him about hearing the tune 'Lilac Trees' repeatedly over the past two weeks and he said the same thing had been happening to him and over the same time period as well.

Was it a 'message' from my grandmother come to warn us about an impending death in the family?

Two weeks later I found out.

It was 9.00am on Saturday morning when I had a phone call from my mother in Frankston, (near Melbourne) to say that Aunt Hazel, her oldest sister. was in the Mount Gambier Hospital in South Australia and had terminal cancer. According to her doctors Aunt Hazel had cancer throughout her body and was given only weeks, maybe months to live.

As soon as Mum said it, I automatically 'knew' Aunt Hazel had only until midnight that Saturday night before she passed away. So I called the Mount Gambier Hospital to tell them I was on my way from Brisbane and that I'd notify her daughter Heather who lived in Texas USA, and Heather would be arriving in a few days. The hospital staff informed me Aunt Hazel was told of my visit and was currently bright as button sitting up in bed having a cup of coffee.

I called the airlines but being the weekend there were no direct flights from Brisbane to Mount Gambier, so the quickest way was flying to Melbourne then hiring a car to drive some 265 miles, time-wise around 4.45 hours, out west across the 'barren waste' to Mount Gambier.  My mother was too unwell to accompany me, but Aunt Gwen who lived in Melbourne contacted me to say she'd come with me and her son George and friend would drive us to Mount Gambier in his car.

My reason for wanting to be with Aunt Hazel at this time was to see her out of this world, ('knowing ' she would die that night)  because she was the nurse who delivered me into this world, the first person to ever hold me and welcome me into the world. It was imperative I be with her now. She saw me in, I'd see her out.

It was midnight by the time we arrived to find that Aunt Hazel had already slipped into a coma, but upon holding her hands felt a faint wiggle in one of her little finger's, and when brushing her hair felt a slight movement not wanting me to do it. Heather later informed me her mother simply hated anyone touching her hair.

She knew I was there. 

George and his friend left for Melbourne while Aunt Gwen, Aunt Hazel's younger sister, and I sat in chairs nearby and drifted off to sleep in the hospital ward. Around 3:00 am we were suddenly awoken by a nurse informing us she'd passed away.

So we collected Aunt Hazel's house keys from the nursing staff and caught a taxi to her house. Which is when all the 'hair raising' events began to happen.

As Gwen opened the front door to the house and I stepped up onto the front porch behind her wearing my hair piled high on my head, the street lights reflected my image onto the wall in front of her which looked like a huge shadow looming over hers. She let out one blood curdling scream which scared the living daylights out of me, as both of us nervously entered the house.

Apart from Gwen's screams which were unsettling enough I 'sensed' something else was in that house. Gwen felt it too. Something scary we couldn't see. Something evil.

For everything that had happened in my life and all the things I had so far felt and seen psychically, including living in a haunted house, this situation scared me the most. Neither of us wanted to sleep in the bedrooms so we slept close together in the living room, she on the couch, and big brave me on the floor behind the couch, where I felt a lot safer. 

We slept fitfully that night and the following morning hired a car, did some shopping and picked Heather up later in the afternoon from the airport.

Heather was an only child and had lived near me when we were little, so we'd always been close. She was four years younger than myself and as a little kid I loved pushing her around in my pram and showing her off to all the neighbourhood because Heather was so talented. She could 'cuss' better than anyone I knew.

On the way back from the airport Heather told me about the major falling out she'd had with her mother. They hadn't spoken in years. The crux of the argument was about Heather living overseas and Aunt Hazel not seeing Heather anymore.  

As I hadn't seen cousin Heather ever since she married and lived in the USA, we had much catching up to do. So after dinner we sat on the floor facing each other while Aunt Gwen went sound asleep on the couch. 

Getting towards 1:00am and still talking Heather suddenly let loose ranting and raving about her mother's miserable attitudes towards her and how badly she'd been treated, when I suddenly felt a deep freeze next to me on the left hand side of my body. Was it an evil presence?  As Heather continued spouting off about her mother the freeze kept growing stronger until I had to put a stop to the whole thing. Wherever the idea came from I have no idea, but I had to 'prove' to Heather what was transpiring alongside me otherwise she would never have believed me.

So I got up casually shut all the doors around the living room to stop any breeze coming into the room, sat back down and still feeling the deep freeze alongside said to Heather “Now watch this carefully,” and lit a match. I then moved the lit match to my right hand side and it flickered away as normal. This I repeated three more times with the same result. Then I said “Now watch this,” and lit a match holding the flame to my left side where the flame and smoke simply vanished into nothingness. As though flame and smoked was sucked into a vacuum. I repeated this two more time with the same results, which had worked. I now had Heather's full attention, her face had gone ashen.

“Don't say another word about your mother,” I said, “because she's standing right here beside me in an absolute fury over what you're saying!”

I was somewhat vexed over whether it actually was her mother or not, simply because a deep freeze on my left hand side usually indicated a dark entity or evil presence, whereas in this case I didn't feel it was evil, but rather Aunt Hazel in a temper tantrum in a fit to tied. Well, if that's the sort of dark energy we emit whenever we're in a particularly 'nasty' frame of mind, or in a frightful temper, I'd take extra care to control any emotional outbursts in the future.

The deep freeze was not at all scary unlike the other evil presence I felt in the house that was definitely threatening, and once we changed the subject from Aunt Hazel to something else, the deep freeze disappeared entirely too.  

A short while later however, both Heather and I felt very powerful vibrations coming right up through the carpeted floorboards beneath us from what sounded like a fierce 'fight' being carried out in the hallway. Thankfully I'd closed the living room door earlier, as we sat there scared and in stunned silence listening to the sounds of extremely heavy footsteps stomping quickly back and forth in the hallway accompanied by 'muffled' shrieks renting the air. Maybe it was something jumping around because of the heavy pounding of the floor we heard on the other side of the door. I certainly had no interest in finding out either. No way was I going to venture into what sounded like one hell of a pitch battle being played out between the forces of good and evil. Possibly between Aunt Hazel, who was a good person, and the horrible 'evil' presence I was so scared of upon entering the house.

The battle ensued for about 10 agonising minutes then abruptly stopped which is when we checked the hallway and found nothing there. 

The following day Gwen and I flew back to Melbourne while Heather waited at the house for her husband Claude to fly in from the USA, without any further incident.





According to my mother, her family had a long history of spirits of recently departed family members 'appearing' to a living relative around the time of their deaths. Which I'm sure happens to many people.

And now, it was happening in my generation.

In 1981 while travelling round the USA with Genevieve my father passed away in Australia and simultaneously 'appeared' to cousin Heather in Texas. She was awakened during the night by the image of a man standing at the foot of her bed, which she assumed was Ronald Reagan, the American President. He had several suitcases packed beside him and said, “I've come to say goodbye as I will be going on a very long trip and won't be seeing you for quite some time.”   

The whole thing remained a mystery to Heather until she had a call from my brother the following day to say my father had passed away. Easy to mistake my father for Ronald Reagan as they were very similar in appearance and both were Aquarians.  

When Heather told me I had a bit of chuckle to myself because I'd had this ongoing argument with my father about there being an afterlife, while he, an ardent atheist, was so adamant there wasn't. And there he was visiting Heather in spirit! Priceless! The cosmos does have a sense of humour. Laughter is indeed the gift of the gods, or God.

Minutes before he passed away, my brother, a lay preacher, performed the laying-on-of-hands on my father who'd been in a coma for quite a few days, who then suddenly sat upright in bed saying, “Tell Jenny to enjoy America and have a good life and not to come back for me. Tell Jenny I love her,” then collapsed and passed away. Dad loved America especially San Diego which he visited every year on a cruise ship.

A few years later Aunt Gwen's spirit appeared to me at the moment of her death too.

It would have been roughly ten months following the 'spiritual' encounter we'd shared  at Mum's place on New Years Eve 1982, that Aunt Gwen was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Yet despite the fact that so many women developed breast cancer and recovered through treatment, I got a real bad feeling about Aunt Gwen in light of hearing the words “Time No Longer, Time No Longer,” so I flew to Melbourne to see her.  And was shocked to see the 'death mask' over her face, like a dark veil covering her features, or where the skin tone was a 'deathly' colour,  and darker than normal. This was the second time I'd seen a 'death mask' over anyone's face, the first had resulted in the person passing  away a few months later. Which left me with a heavy heart when I said my farewell to Aunt Gwen knowing that we may never see each other again, as my children and I were immigrating to the USA for sometime.

While away I was constantly kept updated by my mother as to Aunt Gwen's progress of having undergone one mastectomy, then two, then bone cancer, where she was now 'pinned together like a marionette.' 

A year later I was in a real quandary and undecided as whether to come back to Australia or stay on in Texas for another year, when I was awoken by the spirit of a woman sitting on the end of my bed, who said, “You'll be far happier living back in Australia. You won't look back!” Then promptly disappeared. I didn't recognise who she was until Mum called the following morning to say that Aunt Gwen had passed away. When I asked if Gwen's beautiful dark curly hair had all gone grey and been cut short, and if she'd gained a huge amount of weight, Mum told me yes it was all true. So it was Aunt Gwen who appeared to me in spirit the moment she had died on the operating table,  whom I hadn't recognised because of her illness.

The next bit however, simply gave me the creeps.

Shortly before the operation that took her life, when Mum was saying her final goodbyes to Aunt Gwen, Gwen said to her, “Don't worry Neen, we'll see each other again. You've got six years left!”   

How true that was when six years later my mother contracted breast cancer and passed away in late April 1990 and was buried on May 4. On her namesake Ivy May, which in roman numerals is May 4.

Apart from seeing my mother surrounded in brilliant white light the moment she'd passed away, I'd not seen her spirit since.  And although I had dreams of being with her and feeling presence around me on her birthdays, a belief held by Symanthia's Buddhist group which I firmly believed in, as I'd also felt my father's presence around on his birthdays, it wasn't the same as actually 'seeing' her spirit physically appear.

I was still feeling a bit guilty about how rotten I'd been to her at the age of five, when mum completely ignored me while spending hours making up floral arrangements for other people. She had the most magnificent garden which she'd open for 'garden week' and used her flowers for her floral arrangements she never charged for, but when it came to giving me some attention, no, she was just too busy. From that moment on I began to dislike floral arrangements no matter how beautiful they were. Truth was, I was just a spoiled brat and got heaps of attention, but in my five year old head it wasn't enough.


One day she made the mistake of showing me the most precious flower she had in her garden, a spray of bleeding hearts otherwise known as Dicentra. Later that afternoon while she was doing her floral arrangements inside the house I tiptoed out into the garden and in a terrible temper tantrum tore that spray to pieces, gathered up the evidence and threw it into the incinerator my father lit on Sundays.


I thought I was being clever until she discovered my crime the following day and queried me about being anywhere near her bleeding hearts. I lied and said no, despite the give-away guilty bright red face. “Then what are your little footprints doing all over that spot and near the incinerator?”  Got me!  And punishment was swift.


My reason for telling you all this, is because it directly relates to what transpired some 40 years later, which was quite extraordinary to say the least.    


It was mid June 1999 and I was temporarily living with my brother Peter and his wife Joy at their rambling house in Brookfield out of Brisbane, where I literally spent 14 hours a day working frantically on my computer in order to complete 2001 worldwide predictions for Llewellyn Publishers,St.Paul Minnesota. They already had my predictions for 2000 which had taken almost 18 months to complete, but to give the book longer shelf life Llewellyn needed worldwide predictions for 2001 before deciding to publish. It was an impossible feat to complete 12 months of worldwide predictions in just one month, still I gave it my best shot and sent the 2001 predictions off to Llewellyn and waited for an answer.


While waiting, I had a dream where I found myself walking along this humongous hallway, inside a building resembling an enormous cathedral.


I wasn't alone.


I felt someone walking alongside me, a very tall being clothed in robes, and although I felt its powerful presence never saw who it was. I must have asked where we were for my companion telepathically conveyed to me that this place was known as “The Halls of Heaven.'  As we continued on walking along the huge hallway I saw massive urns filled with  the most spectacular arrangements of magnificently coloured flowers I'd ever seen in my life, some of which seemed to reach halfway up the wall. Awestruck by their beauty I had to stop every now and then just to gaze on in wonder at how many different flowers there were and how many different arrangements too.


Feeling rather overwhelmed by it all, my companion and I kept walking to finally arrive at a very large foyer, where I saw three of the most amazing floral arrangements being put together by a lady who was obviously the expert of all the others too. She was standing with her back to me putting in the finishing touches, and after placing the last flower  into position stood back to admire her work, then turned to me with a smile on her face. It was my mother.  "Mum," I yelled in great excitement and ran toward her, and the dream abruptly ended.


Boggles my mind to think she may have been rehearsing for the job while on earth and having to tolerate the selfish whims of a five year old.


The meaning of the three floral arrangements was evidenced the following week when I heard from Llewellyn they would go ahead and publish “Violent Weather Predictions.” On the same day my brother Peter won the Rotary 'community service' award for his work with Camp Quality established to help children with cancer, as well as his wife Joy who also received the Rotary community service award for her volunteer work with Camp Quality. The three floral arrangements were in recognition for our work! Then are our endeavours in helping others in many different ways while on earth recognised in the spirit world, or in my case, by our own relatives in spirit. And are our two worlds the physical and spiritual, far more intertwined than we ever realised.


In my opinion, every time we 'see' our departed parents, loved ones, friends in our dreams, they have actually come to pay us a visit. They visit us in our dreams at night when the world is still and our minds are relaxed and not in the daytime when we are too caught up in the busy world we live in. Sometimes they can appear in dreams with an important message for us as well. On the odd occasion, it may even be the case that it is your spirit paying 'them' a visit on the other side. Which is exactly what happened to me last year, when I experienced being on the other side following the death of June, a very close friend. In my dream I was attending a large gathering of family and friends and talking at length to June's husband Keith who'd passed away some 10 years earlier. In bygone days both Keith, June and their two boys often came to my place for a barbeque, so we were pretty close. Keith and I were heavily into a discussion when all of a sudden there was great excitement and commotion among everyone there, and I heard them saying, “June's coming, June's coming,” then they all rushed off somewhere, followed by Keith. When I awoke from the dream I realised that I had actually been out-of-body in spirit on the other side, and that the gathering were all June's relatives and friends that had long since departed this world and eagerly waiting to celebrate her coming to be with them in the spirit world.  This revelation was astounding to me, because I now understood more about how passing from one dimension to another was wonderful and nothing to be feared. If only we realised there is no death, just moving from one form to another, then funerals should always be about the celebration of a person's life, which is certainly seen as a great celebration on the other side.


Which raises the question of suicide. I believe there is no judgement or punishment if a person chooses to end their life at any time, which is their choice and their choice alone and their road to follow as everyone is a master of their own destiny. Irrespective of the reason why we pass over, our departed friends and relatives will always be there to greet us and welcome us home. Even if you think you are all alone, there are countless family members, generations of them, going way back in the spirit world.


I am also of the opinion that judgement and punishment of others is all about power, fear and control belonging to the forces of darkness and no part of the Divine will of God.


Based on my own understanding and interpretation of the things I've been shown, I believe that life begins the instant the baby takes its first breath when the spirit/soul enter the body. Likewise, when the last breath is taken the spirit/soul depart the body, leaving behind the cocoon. While the fetus is in the womb the spirit of the baby is constantly around the mother who feels a closeness and oneness with her unborn infant. In other words the spirit of the fetus remains outside the mother until birth when its' life force enters the infants body, or breathes life into the body.


And lastly is the question of abortion which I also believe is the mother's decision and hers alone seeing as she will generally be the main care giver, although there are exceptions to the rule. It is her choice as to whether she feels capable of taking on the enormous responsibility of a child or not. If she decides not to go ahead with the pregnancy and has an early termination of up to four months (at one time the 'sensible' ruling in most states) it’s perfectly fine, as all spirits of the unborn then remain in the spirit world. However, there's a marked difference when carrying the fetus to full, or nearly full term then deciding to abort it (7-9 months, or earlier if very premature) which does not sit well with most people. There's something sinister and terribly wrong about it and it does have a name, 'infanticide.' The deliberate 'murder' of a healthy baby either at birth or close to it, has significant repercussions in the spirit world.







Spiritual Proofs



One of the most important 'sign posts' in life which I'll cover briefly, is about affirmations or confirmations. Not so much the affirmations or positive statements that can help to overcome negative thinking by putting you into a positive state of mind. But rather, when you question something or have come to some conclusion in your head and shortly thereafter another person or 'message' from elsewhere will give you the answer you want or will 'confirm' what you've been thinking about, is precisely what I'm referring to. In other words giving you an answer to or confirming your thoughts.  Confirmation or affirmations of your thoughts can come from any source. From another person, a newspaper, a newsreader or reporter, a musical lyric, and so on, but when it happens to you, it is a 'confirmation' that you are on the right track. It is a Universal “YES” to tell you are correct or that you're following your true path.




The power of the mind is so much greater than we could ever begin to imagine, to the  point of performing miracles, which is now beginning to attract the attention of  neuroscience, especially the power of prayer which is thought may even be able to reshape our brains. And although all of the brain is in the mind, not all of the mind is in the brain, for the mind/soul governs our thoughts or our intelligence, our emotions  and actions - all part of the mind/spirit/soul connection, whereas the brain is the 'electric engine' or motor that controls the physical body until death when the soul/spirit/mind depart.

There's mental intelligence. Also, there’s emotional intelligence which by definition is the capability of individuals to recognise their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately and use emotional information to guide thinking. But emotional intelligence is far more than that. Emotional intelligence is about 'action,' the instinctual, instantaneous and spontaneous reaction or gut-reaction to a critical situation without having fear or 'thinking' of the consequences, sometimes coupled with amazing strength you never thought possible. Such as rescuing people in certain situations, like jumping a fence you normally couldn't do if you 'thought' about it, or lifting a car off someone pinned underneath you normally couldn't do if you 'thought' about it. That is the sort of thing involving emotional intelligence.

Whereas mental intelligence is 'thought' as opposed to 'action' (emotional intelligence). You 'think' about helping someone out in a critical situation, weigh up the pros and the cons and the repercussions should you not succeed rather than taking immediate action. Thinking about helping someone in a crisis is a far slower response rather than taking immediate action possibly due to our minds having been conditioned to failure and being repressed and handicapped by people telling us all our lives that we couldn't possibly help out or do this or that, then the doubt sets in so that we can't do it either. We believe the lie.

We are however, discovering far more about ourselves through Neuroscience, where attempts are now being made to understand spiritual experiences and what happens in the brains and bodies of people who believe they connect with the divine. This new field of research is called "neurotheology," and involves many prominent researchers in the U.S. and Canada, who have found that the brains of people who spend untold hours in prayer and meditation are different to others who don't follow such practices.

Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, who has been scanning the brains of religious people for more than a decade found that people who meditate or pray from Franciscan nuns to Tibetan Buddhists, go dark in the parietal lobe — the area of the brain that is related to sensory information and helps us form our sense of self, and all felt the same sense of oneness with the universe. “When it comes to the brain,” Newberg says, “Spiritual experience is spiritual experience.  There is no Christian, there is no Jewish, there is no Muslim, it's just all one. I think we're wired for the supernatural. I think we're meant to sense a world beyond our five senses.”

The parietal lobe at the back of the brain is divided into two hemispheres. It functions both in processing sensory information regarding the location of parts of the body, as well as interpreting visual information and processing language and mathematics. When this area darkens during meditation or prayer as Newberg explains, “This is an area that normally takes our sensory information, tries to create for us a sense of ourselves and orient that self in the world. When people lose their sense of self, and feel a sense of oneness, a blurring of the boundary between self and other occurs, we have found decreases in activity in that area." In other words, we can and do 'physically' alter our own brain chemistry. Amazing! 


But I believe it's more than that!  Although brain scans have proven beyond doubt that meditation and prayer do indeed alter physical changes in the parietal lobe of the brain, in my opinion it is the power of the mind that in fact controls and alters the physical chemistry of the brain. The brain is the machine, but the driver is the mind and the one in charge of giving the orders.


Many times throughout my life I have been saved by the incredible power of prayer within minutes of certain death where I was instantly answered and subsequently rescued by Divine Intervention. This happened way too many times to be passed off as mere coincidence. Especially when I was saved from a near fatal head on collision which I was powerless to prevent from happening, where I prayed for help and instantly 'felt' a very tall being move into my body and saw 'psychically' two powerful hands superimposed over my own grab the steering wheel and steer the car to safety on the other side of the road. Although I don't pray a lot, in fact hardly ever in the traditional religious sense of the word, I do however, constantly keep an open dialogue with God in my head about life and spiritual matters, which I also regard as prayer.



Apart from witnessing many times over the miraculous power of prayer in my own life and in a great many others who were 'healed' by the prayers (absentee healing) we said for them during our 'healing circles' on Friday nights, the proof of just how great the energy force of prayer is in sending waves of healing energy/light to another person occurred when I'd just heard from the police that David, my son aged 17, was not expected to live. It was around 8.30am on a Sunday morning when the police called to say that David was in a coma and not expected to live and may not be rescued to get to a hospital in time. According to the police, David had slipped into a coma overnight and his location high up on a rugged mountainside made it impossible for the chopper with the State and Rescue Service to cut through dense bushland to get to him.

On Saturday morning, a day earlier,  David led a group of three students on one of his usual treks through the mountain ranges dotting the Gold Coast hinterland. By sundown the boys had pitched camp on the mountain side, made themselves dinner and later that evening settled themselves down for the night. At about 12 midnight David found it hard to swallow and finding a mirror in his backpack discovered that his face was completely swollen and suspecting a paralysis tick checked his scalp to find one deeply embedded there. The impact may not have been so deadly had David not suffered a severe allergic reaction to the more deadly female paralysis tick whereupon his body began to immediately shut down. He did manage to wake the others who helped remove the tick before David collapsed into a coma. Two of the boys immediately set off to a farm house they'd passed earlier in that day to call the Queensland State Emergency Services (SES), while one boy stayed behind to watched over him. Arriving at first light at the farm house, the boys alerted the SES. Meanwhile out on the mountainside, David had still not regained consciousness -a major concern without treatment. The SES rescue helicopter had already tried to reach David but had been hindered by the rugged mountainous terrain and heavy bushland, having nowhere to land or able to hack their way in. They needed better equipment. At this point I was notified by the police that David may not make it. The moment I hung up from the police I called a women's group from the church I   sometimes attended and asked if they could get a prayer circle together and pray for David's recovery. I then called a friend, who, similar to myself, ran a healing circle and together we mustered up around 20 people who also prayed for David. After that I waited and prepared for the worst.

Three hours later the police called to say David had been rescued and was perfectly fine. So fine, in fact, that he'd been standing waiting for his rescuers at the bottom of the rope ladder. According to David, he'd begun to recover around 9:00 am, around the time we'd all started praying for him, when he suddenly snapped out of his coma 'just like that' and now felt perfectly okay. The only things David was embarrassed about was having unnecessarily bothered the SES for their help, and the TV camera crews waiting patiently at the Brisbane Hospital's helipad taking footage of him arriving by helicopter and being carried out on a stretcher for all his school mates  to see later on TV.




One of the most mystifying events in my life, bordering on the supernatural, cannot so readily be explained away in the real world, simply because it defies all logic and reason. Whether it was the power of the mind, mind over matter,  or a belief powerful enough to actually prevent someone from driving to my house, or something else entirely, still remains a mystery to me today. Is the power of thought a force so great it can actually 'block' matter and the forces which govern it? Or was it Divine Intervention that prevented 'negative' human intentions and actions from happening?

It all began early on Friday morning when I was getting ready to drive over and visit Pat a well known psychic, astrologer and card reader who was going to do my tarot cards. The last time I'd seen her was several weeks earlier at her house just after midday when we'd been saying our goodbyes to each other on her front steps. We'd been talking about UFO's and the vision I'd had about the 'coming of the ships of light' which I always thought was a precursor to the second coming of Jesus Christ, when I glanced up into the sky at a passenger plane flying overhead and something caught my eye flying much higher up. Way above the plane and clouds and far up into the heavens, I saw a bronzed, disk shaped object moving slowly in a zigzag motion ever further upwards into the heavens. Rather like the fluttering zigzag movement of a leaf falling from a high branch, only  in reverse. 

As Pat and I lay on her front lawn looking up into the sky, a delivery man with a package for her walked up and asked what on earth we were looking at. I wasn't going to say the words, so I just pointed. “Oh my god,” he said, “It's a flaming UFO.” With that he joined us on the lawn. For the next five minutes the UFO continued to zigzag far up into the heavens until it finally stopped altogether then suddenly sped off at enormous speed and disappeared. What an incredible experience it was to see a craft in broad daylight. I wonder how many times that happens and the world is too busy to notice.

Pat was married to Jeff, a trucker and a giant of a man, whom she'd had a little boy with, and I regarded her as a very strong character, a little overbearing at times, but most decidedly someone who was very much in charge and in control of her life. So when I telephoned Pat to confirm I was coming over it was hard to recognise her as the same person for she now spoke in whispers obviously severely traumatised. When I asked what was wrong she said her husband was going to 'kill' her and she had to escape with their little son while she could. She was so terrified she couldn't even think straight or knew what to do. According to Pat, they'd had a terrible fight the night before whereupon he'd punched a huge hole in the wall with such force and so close to her head that she now feared for her life. Her fears were reinforced in the early hours of the morning when she saw a spirit of a woman standing at the end of her bed come to warn her that her life was in mortal danger. All of which had reduced her to a confused quivering mess, not knowing where to go.

To my place I said. I'd be at her place in 30 minutes, so she should pack some clothing and follow me in her own car back to my place at Karana Downs on the outskirts of Brisbane. And before I could stop myself, the words literally flew out of my mouth. “You'll be safe at my place! Jeff will not be allowed to come here. He'll be stopped if he tries to get anywhere near my place!” Where on earth that came from I had no idea. It felt as though 'someone' was talking to her through me. Yet, despite my 'prophetic' outpourings, I did believe it implicitly. I 'knew' for sure that Pat would indeed be protected by the powerful forces around us both, and that Jeff would most certainly be prevented from coming to my place. 

Pat and her son stayed for about three weeks during which time she read her tarot cards on a daily basis, and taught me how to read them as well. Every single time she laid a spread of cards down they indicated the same thing. Jeff was in his car planning to get to her and every time something inevitably happened to prevent him from coming. Gauging from the cards, he already knew she was staying with me and he also  knew where I lived, and by the looks of it had attempted on several occasions to reach my place but failed every single time. Three weeks later when they finally patched things up, Jeff came to my place where he sat down and confessed to us both that he'd known Pat was at my place all along and  that on three separate occasions he'd tried unsuccessfully to get to us.

The first time he tried, the car had mysteriously run out of petrol; on the second try his battery suddenly died after driving halfway to my place; but it was the third time, the 'Grand Finale' that topped them all, because he was speeding along the freeway when his car suddenly 'died' in the middle of heavy traffic and refused to budge. Which really shook him up. By a miracle his car wasn't hit and totalled by another car travelling at 120kph along a three lane freeway.  After having his car towed home to find out there was nothing wrong with it, he knew for certain that powers well beyond his control were certainly preventing him from seeing his wife. It defied all reason. It didn't make sense. How in the hell was that possible?

He decided not to push his luck and told us we must have been 'protected' by some mighty powerful angels to have stopped him dead in his tracks 'just like that' and prevented him from reaching us. Not just once, but on three separate occasions he'd  tried, the last of which, could well have ended his life. He might not get so lucky next time.  

The whole affair was rather 'creepy,' to think something that powerful had physically intervened to stop Jeff's car dead in heavy traffic, and could have taken his life.  So I very much doubt that I'd 'blocked' him. More likely the hand of God - Divine Intervention.



Nonetheless I do believe the power and vastness of the mind is so much greater than we know, and perhaps it is true that we only use 10% of its capability. And perhaps the vastness of our minds can be more easily understood when you consider the mind is part of the body/mind/spirit complex. The physical, the spirit and soul- the intelligence/ethereal part of the divine. Compared to the power of the human mind, the principle powers of darkness are no match, and are really weak, having little to no control over us whatsoever. That is, unless we allow it entry. Evil must have a human host in order to function or carry out its wicked, nefarious intentions. Evil cannot function or operate unless we give it the power to do so. On the odd occasion however, our thoughts may be subtly infiltrated without us even realising, until we wake up to what's going on.

The rise of evil is more easily recognised in certain individuals mixing among a crowd during mass rallies or unruly crowds of protesters who suddenly become extremely violent and begin viciously attacking others. Or when a 'crowd' appears peaceful enough then suddenly explodes into a frenzy of hatred toward another group.  Mel Gibson's movie 'The Passion of the Christ' illustrates this very well,  where evil is portrayed as a dark shadowy figure gliding silently among the crowd whipping them up into a frenzy and inciting hatred against Jesus struggling to carry the cross. This is precisely how evil works!

Because crowds of protesters can be so easily overtaken by evil and out for blood, I keep well away. Then again, I'm probably more paranoid than most, possibly attributed to having seen three past lives where I died violently at the hands of a hate crazed crowd influenced by great evil. 

Evil entities from the lower astral are attracted to and thrive on extremely dark 'negative energy' that humans 'emit' or 'give off' in their aura emanations, when involved in activities of the very worst kind of human misery. And unlike the higher realms of light and the Universal Law of non intervention, the lowly principalities of darkness have no such boundaries and both subtly and insidiously try to influence the minds of their human victims. Evil cannot thrive or survive the higher vibratory energies of love, happiness, music, singing, dancing, laughter and freedom- all part of the kingdom of light . Evil is the reverse of live (e,v,i,l – l,i,v,e).  And in a 'spiritual sense,' just as there are worlds of lesser light leading to the bottomless pit where a world of total darkness awaits the very worst kind of humanity that have fraternised with demons, there are higher levels of brighter light leading upward, through which our spirits pass and shed 'density' to become lighter, until we reach Paradise- the brightest of them all. 

But during our earthly incarnations, we have to be forever alert and on guard against becoming 'ensnared' in highly emotionally charged situations that may draw unwarranted attention from the lower astral. A major lesson that Jesus taught us, was to “turn the other cheek,” and walk away. Control your emotions before your emotions control you. Ephesians 4:26-27  “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.” In other words, it's normal to be angry but don't dwell on it or allow that anger to fester into rage or build into something far greater in your subconscious mind during sleep state. Thereby giving evil a foothold in 'feeding off' your negative emotional states.

One of the best ways to control any emotional crisis in life is by 'distancing' yourself from the problem and picturing yourself high up on a mountain thus viewing things from afar.  Seeing things, symbolically speaking, from an entirely different perspective. You should be 'objective' rather than 'subjective', where you master the situation rather than the situation master you. 'Distancing' oneself from any emotional upheaval is very empowering. While the 'busy bodies' from the lower astral constantly interfere in the affairs of man, the higher realms of light do not. Because the spiritual law of non intervention prevents them from coming to our rescue, unless specifically asked for, via thoughts, prayers and meditation. Once asked, then they will come. But you have to first ask. Unless of course Divine Intervention steps in and rescues you from a death dealing situation you fail to see coming. When a person, in all sincerity, prays to God for help, He will answer! Either directly, indirectly, and sometimes not in the way you may have anticipated, for the Lord works in mysterious ways. But He does hear our thoughts and knows what is in our hearts.

One time when I was feeling truly heartbroken, I suddenly became aware of a gentle presence standing right behind my chair, and saw in my mind's eye a great angel with folded wings surrounded in brilliant white light. I then felt the angel's wings wrap across my chest and enfold me in its loving embrace where I felt comforted and protected. Much the same as Egyptian pharaoh mummies are found with arms likewise crossed upwards over their chests and hands placed near the shoulders.  Sleeping with arms crossed upwards across the chest gives a sense of comfort, peace and protection, inner strength and is a great panacea for sleeping well.  Needless to say, I slept this way for years following this experience.






In the Bible there are many references pertaining to animals having spirits.

Ecclesiastes 3:19-21  For what happens to the children of man and what happens to the beasts is the same; as one dies, so dies the other. They all have the same breath, and man has no advantage over the beasts, for all is vanity. All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return. Who knows whether the spirit of man goes upward and the spirit of the beast goes down into the earth? 

Corinthians 1:15:42  It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.

According to spiritual laws and beliefs held by indigenous people the world over, who are blessed with a vast knowledge and a profound love and understanding of the laws of nature and the universe around them, all animals have spirits. A belief that is the accepted 'norm' among Buddhists, Hindus, and many other religions, nations and societies, including Christian based Western Democracies. That is, with the exception of Socialism and Communism based on atheism, the belief there is no God, no afterlife, that man doesn't have a spirit/soul, therefore animals certainly do not have spirits either. Which may well explain the exceedingly barbaric, cruel, and heartless way animals, both domestic and wild, are treated in many parts of communist China and other such spiritually barren nations around the world.  

On several occasions while travelling throughout Thailand and other areas of Southeast Asia I was appalled at the amount of cruelty I found especially toward wild animals. For instance, one time in Thailand I went to visit a tourist attraction where a mongoose was being pitted against a cobra. Initially I had no conscience about seeing such a show until I arrived with a group of tourists and what confronted me sickened me to the core. First off, I saw a pit in which a honey bear was chained with hardly enough room to move around and kept in appalling conditions. The bear's eyes were dead and lifeless -its spirit broken, and its fur was knotted and lifeless too, as it pleaded with its paws to passersby for food. But no one cared, everyone looked the other way. Next, in another nearby pit, looking just as miserably unhealthy, were hundreds of cobra's, most of which looked half dead with no fight left in them at all. Alongside them was a cage full of  dozens of dispirited mongeese, also kept in appalling conditions, showing signs of fatigue, distress and hair loss due to the mange.

The show was held in a glass cage the size of a large fish tank, where the mongoose and cobra were supposed to battle it out, and was just beginning as the tourists crammed around the tank in great anticipation waiting to see who would win. First in went a beaten up old cobra in such poor condition it could hardly move followed by the mongoose. As soon as they saw one another the two natural enemies fled in opposite directions one trying to escape the other. They had no will to fight. I thought it was wonderful and clapped and cheered for the animals despite drawing dark looks and derogatory comments from the crowd. But when the tourists began bitterly complaining about having paid good money for a worthless show, egging on the snake handler who began prodding the mongoose and the snake hoping for some action, I lost it and launched into a furious tirade on the stunned crowd. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Just look at the state of the animals. How can you stand by and watch such cruelty to animals. They'd put you in jail for doing this sort of thing back home.” My mother, who'd been standing alongside me until then, melted to the back of the crowd in sheer embarrassment and didn't want to know me. After all, I wasn't so innocent myself, seeing as I, like all the others present that day, had read the brochure and come here to see a cobra verses mongoose battle it out. What was I thinking! But now, after seeing the tragic and deplorable plight of animals held in this wonderful jungle setting -the animals natural habit, all geared towards tourism, I'd done an about face, a complete change of heart. Enraged by my actions the snake handler pulled the cobra out of the cage and held it on the end of a stick within striking distance of my face. But I didn't even flinch or budge an inch, despite his trying to taunt me with a totally dispirited and fatigued cobra. Truth be known, if it had been a large hairy tarantula held that close to my face I might have had a far different reaction because of being terrified of spiders, but not so of snakes.  I avoided any sort of live animal show after that, much to my mother's relief.

I'd forgotten how barbaric animals were treated in Southeast Asia until the recent outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic swept throughout the world killing hundreds of thousands, and thought to have originated at a  local 'wet' market in Wuhan. A place where domestic and 'exotic' animals were cruelly treated and slaughtered for human consumption. A few weeks later suspicions fell on the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where horseshoe bats carrying coronaviruses and Covid-19 were being studied, as being the culprit for the outbreak of Covid-19. None of this however, gelled with American Virologist and whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits, who stated that bats thought to have caused the Covid-19 virus were not responsible. That the virus could have only come via 'injection', and deliberate. (As in biological warfare)

Being an animal lover and hearing about the 'wet' markets for the first time ever, I discovered to my horror there was a very dark side to many of the 'wet' markets found throughout China where the sadistic torture of animals- especially dogs, prior to death was commonplace. After suffering torture and extreme fear dogs are then killed through being bludgeoned, hung, or electrocuted -all in sight of other dogs awaiting the same fate. Some were even flayed alive. The epitome of pure evil!  You can tell a lot about a culture and its people in the way they treat their animals. To show no mercy and allow such horrific and sadistic acts of torture to be carried out on helpless dogs and to hear them cry out in excruciating agony, suffering a fate far worse than death, just beggars belief. According to traditional beliefs, inflicting the greatest amount of pain possible on dogs produces high adrenaline levels making the meat far more tender to eat. Thankfully at least 20 percent of the Chinese population are Buddhists- a doctrine that shows loving-kindness to humans and non-humans alike. And thankfully too, they believe in karma, where any wrong doing to animals or humans will have to paid for in a future life.  Amen to that.

As Proverbs 12:10 tell us, “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”   



But there is a judgement coming for everyone. Especially for those that, at the end of their lives, thought they'd gotten away with acts of great evil perpetrated on others. It's a reckoning no one can escape, because everything you've done both good and bad throughout your life is recorded in your mind to be played back to you upon passing from this life to the next. So the judge is not Almighty God sitting on his throne while you stand there reduced to your bare quivering ego, but you are. You are the judge of all your actions. After all, our greatest critic is not other people, but ourselves.   

Author Danion Brinkley recounts his amazing experiences of exactly what happens at the point of death in his book 'Saved by the Light,' which, based on my own near death experiences, is the truth and a factual account of what really transpires at death. Danions' book is easily the best and most informative I've ever read on the subject.After being electrocuted and pronounced dead by his doctors, Danion miraculously started breathing again and completely recovered. As he was dying  Danion saw his whole life pass before his eyes and was aware of a very powerful presence standing alongside beside him watching on. He was shown both his kind and charitable deeds in helping people as well as the bad and ugly perpetrated against them, and the impact it had on them all. Just like a chain reaction, Danion saw how the consequences of his charitable actions had positively impacted their lives and made them happy, which in turn had been passed onto others making them happy also. Conversely, he also saw and felt the repercussions of those he'd wronged and treated badly and the terrible impact, grief and despair he'd inflicted on them, which in turn, had brought misery to others further down the chain. We are the judges of our deeds and transgressions. Not only are we accountable for our own actions, we should also have empathy for others, or walk a mile in their shoes before we judge anyone. Uncharitable actions toward others usually, but not always, comes from judging them.



I also believe that we are held accountable for the treatment of animals in general. Cruelty to animals especially dogs, can be found in 'wet' markets right throughout Southeast Asia including Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. And although 'wet' markets exist in many other countries around the world, most animals are treated  better and more humanely and death is swift. In New York City alone there are 80 live animal or 'wet' markets that sell and kill on-the-spot, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, pigeons, etc. Unfortunately, in many cases, animals are crammed together in cages in dirty conditions with blood mixed with animal faeces covering the floor, which, apart from a disgusting stench, can easily spread disease. Ever since Wuhan's 'wet' market was brought to the attention of the world and  condemned for spreading the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the international community want to ban not only Wuhan but all 'wet' markets throughout the world. In the USA, both New York and California state lawmakers are also calling for a shutdown and ban on all “wet markets” in their states.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and beyond all the gloom and doom brought upon the world by COVID-19, the most wonderful news happened regarding the fate of China's dog population. Due to mounting criticism and grave concerns by the international community about the Chinese treatment of dogs, the Chinese Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping, has now 'reclassified' dogs as pets, and not livestock. While animals are generally treated poorly in many countries, the exact opposite is generally true in the West, where animals, especially domesticated ones, are considered valued members of the family. Here, the bond between domesticated animals and their owners is a very powerful one and in so many different ways. Animals anchor people, emotionally, mentally, and physically, where their sheer presence immediately relaxes their owners.  You can bitch, moan and bitterly complain about your day at work or your partner and even bury you head into your pet, and you'll still get a lick or kisses and a nudge here and there to comfort you. Whereas you may not get quite the same response from your spouse or loved one, unless of course you live alone. Animals, especially dogs (as in my case), truly connect with you and can sense every mood you go through. I find it highly amusing to watch the almost human reaction animals have toward their masters when they're miffed or slighted by something that was said or done to them which hurt their feelings and go sulk about it. My cousin Heather had a Siamese cat that if upset or hurt by something you said or did would deliberately sit with its back to you and ignore you completely despite all the cajoling in the world to change its mind. Dogs in particular, appear to inherit or 'pick up' certain 'traits' learned from their owners. And they do observe us. Every move we make, the way we look at them, the way in which we walk around the house, the pitch or tone of our voice and also throwing off vibes signalling if we're in a good mood or the one you go hide from. Animals possess special healing powers and instantly calm us down through our tactile interactions with them, which helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure, as well as charging our hearts with pure loving energy, where, for a split second, our spirits intertwine with theirs.

Animals also have extraordinary ESP, especially Robby, my blind black cocker spaniel, who used to howl every time someone in the family passed away, which was especially  unnerving in the middle of the night.

Cocker spaniels were always my families' choice of dog and subsequently also became mine. So not surprisingly on my 21st birthday, my father presented me with the cutest golden cocker spaniel puppy I named Gabby, who was to become my constant companion, and also protector and watchdog over my children when they were little.


Throughout the tumultuous years of going through a divorce and a second marriage, Gabby was ever by my side providing a great source of comfort and a grounding influence in my life. In her latter years she developed terrible arthritis and hobbled about despite medication, and efforts to make her comfortable. Then came the day when Werner, and I decided to take the children and go live in Germany for 18 months.

Of course the idea of living in Germany was really exciting, but it meant leaving Gabby behind on account of Australia's stringent quarantine measures. Not so much going over to Germany, but upon returning to Australia, where animals could be quarantined in a cage for weeks or months on end. Which was totally out of the question. 

I had no other option than to leave Gabby with Werner's parents. At least I was comforted in the thought she wouldn't be alone. She'd have Humphrey-the doberman, and I-Ching, our Siamese cat, for company. Plus my mother-in-law was a very kind caring person and also an animal lover. Still, it broke my heart leaving Gabby behind.

It would've been around six months after living in Pforzheim, Germany, that I had the most extraordinary dream about Gabby, which felt so real I thought she was right there with me. In the dream Gabby was no longer the same dog I'd left behind - old and riddled with arthritis-, instead Gabby appeared young, vibrant and in her prime again, bursting with energy, bouncing round all over the place and running here and there with no sign of arthritis. And I was running with her, free as a breeze through fields of lush green grass. (I always dreamed in vivid colour)  We were so delighted to see each other that I held her in my arms hugging her for the longest time before the dream finally faded.

Next day the phone rang and it was Werner's mother calling from Australia. Gabby had to be 'put down' on account of how severe the arthritis had become.

The news of Gabby's death was so terrible I was inconsolable, until the realisation hit. The dream of being with Gabby the night before had been real. It had really happened. Figuring out the time difference between when Gabby's spirit had appeared to me in Germany and the time she'd been euthanized in Australia meant that Gabby was right beside me the instant she'd died. Obviously insurmountable barriers such as physical distances and living on the other side of the world made no difference to Gabby in the spirit world. She joined me the second she'd passed over.

Words cannot express how overjoyed and amazed I was to be with Gabby again,  proving that my love for Gabby and hers for me went far beyond the bounds of the physical realm and into the spirit world and beyond that. We were forever bonded   spirit and soul. Which goes to show just how powerful the bond of pure love is  between animals and humans. We are spiritually linked forever to our pets through our great love and bond for one another. After all, the greatest power in the entire Universe is love, just as the brilliant white light that elevates us into the higher dimensions, is the manifestation of the Creator's love for us. Seeing Gabby in spirit certainly taught me a whole lot more about the spirit world. How incredibly linked we are to our animals both in the physical and spirit world, and knowing for certain that animals do indeed have spirits.


That animals have spirits was confirmed for a second time many years later with Robbie, my blind cocker spaniel. When Werner first brought Robbie home from a dog breeder we never knew that our little black cocker spaniel puppy had been born blind until it was discovered a few days later. Despite being furious with the dog breeder for selling us a handicapped pup, we couldn't take him back or exchange him because Robbie had already captured  our hearts and we loved him. So Robby became my special dog, just as Humphrey the Doberman was Werner's, and I-Ching the cat, was attached to Danielle. Dogs and cats seem to attach themselves to just one person in particular, they view as head honcho of their pack. And as much as we'd like to 'think' we choose them, animals also choose us as well. The most amazing thing about Robbie, you never knew he was blind due to his other senses becoming more acute than normal. So he'd run and play everywhere without a care in the world and always went bushwalking with David through thick dense scrub without getting himself injured. Robbie was my special buddy, spending most nights curled up alongside me on the couch as I watched TV and later sleeping on my bed. Robbie had been with us for about seven years when I met and married Joseph Goodavage in New York and made plans to immigrate with my children to the States. But what to do with Robbie? And for the second time in my life I went through the tortures of the damned completely broken hearted over having to sacrifice yet another dog to follow my own destiny. This time was even more difficult than the last had been with Gabby. Who would take care of a blind dog? Time was marching on and I was at my wits end when luckily Jeanette, a friend with a young daughter, stepped in and said she'd help me out and take care of Robbie while I was away.

So once a week I'd call Jeanette from the States to see how Robbie was faring. “Really well,” she'd say, “He's settling in just fine.” Although she did annoy me by complaining  about how spoiled he was on numerous occasions. Still, I owed her big time. Then one day she called to say Robbie had run away trying to get back to our place on the other side of Brisbane, only to return a few days later on the brink of exhaustion with bloodied paws.  Just the thought of poor little Robbie, blind and helpless, dodging traffic crossing busy roads trying so hard to reach me was more than I could bear and I was on the verge of taking a quick plane trip back to Australia when Jeanette called. She'd given Robby away to a farmer she knew well who had lots of land where Robby could run around freely, and would be a great companion for his son. When I asked for the farmer's number to check on Robbie's welfare Jeanette refused to give it to me saying I shouldn't interfere in the matter and that Robbie was now the farmer's dog. Which automatically gave me chills as I immediately suspected her of having had Robbie euthanized. But what could I do? Nothing!          

As I never saw Robbie in spirit as I had with Gabby, I wasn't sure if I'd been mistaken about Jeanette. But I found out the truth a year later when I move back to Australia. The day we moved back into the Karana Downs house I called Anne and invited her over for drinks later that evening. As Anne and I were sitting in the lounge room deep in discussion both of us were startled to see a small black dog (Robbie in spirit) running back and forth throughout the house following the children around. Robbie had actually materialised in form rather than an outline or ghostly apparition. How exciting and oh so wonderful it was to see our Robbie again even if it was in spirit. It was as though he'd come to welcome us all back home again and to be reunited with 'his' family. That was the one thing I'd been dreading about coming back home, not having Robbie running around the house anymore. And here he was in spirit, as happy as could be, running around as large as life to here for us. Just goes to show just how great and powerful an animal's undying love is for us. Their spirits come to be with us, to be near us once again. Seeing Robbie in spirit also confirmed my suspicions about Jeanette having had Robbie euthanized. I'd been right. Still, I was grateful to know he wasn't suffering and feeling deserted anymore. I knew where he was, and he knew where I was. I never saw Robbie again after that, although I did feel him around from time to time. And when he wasn't around I guess he returned to Paradise where all animal spirits dwell. Animals have no karma and are pure of spirit and return to the place of peace, love and tranquillity, where 'the lion shall lie down with the lamb' in everlasting life, safe in the garden of the Father. The same place I was taken up and shown by the angels called Paradise -the state of perfection- where I saw the Almighty's greatest creations- the souls of mankind, and His paragon of animals. Based on my experiences of seeing animals in spirit, it seems a natural occurrence for animals to visit their human families in spirit when they die, regardless if they're seen or not. And just like my parents often come to visit me in dreams, so too do my dogs.  Or maybe its the other way round. Perhaps I do the visiting. Whatever the case I do believe that animal spirits come and go from the spirit world and are around us far more than we realise. And just as humans choose to live many lifetimes on earth, so too do our special animal companions. Sometimes humans reincarnate as a family group and sometimes they are also joined by their special animal companions. Or maybe they incarnate every time we do. It's all pretty flexible. However, I do not believe that humans cross over species to become animals in future incarnations, nor subscribe to the idea that animals spiritually advance to become  humans, as the Hindu or Buddhist doctrines believe. Both humans and animals are a pure and perfected species in their own right and remain so. 'Man was created in the image of God.' So be it.   

Animals are especially close to the Creator and are in many ways more pure than we are. Animals posses an acute sense of hearing, sight and smell, far superior to humans and appear to have a more developed sixth sense than we do. They are steadfast and loyal, protective, very loving, forgiving and content to be with the ones they love for all eternity.  So that makes them all pretty special.  


The third time I saw an animal in spirit was quite extraordinary and unlike the others. This time it wasn't canine but one of the feathered variety. A wild bird. A large white cockatoo I named George, who became my pal. After 25 years of having no fixed abode, I finally settled down in my early 60's and bought a house in Ocean Shores, a coastal town in northern New South Wales about 15 minutes north of Byron Bay -a well known tourist destination. The back of the house overlooked a nature reserve with a ton of trees in the foreground, and beyond that, an uninterrupted view right across the valley to the far distant mountain ranges. It was a perfect place to have a good sized deck built on the back of the house in order to take in the view. And once I moved in, so too did the birds. My place became a bird sanctuary. Among the meat eaters, fed by hand twice a day, were a family of kookaburras, butcher birds, magpies, and lots of currawongs. Then came the seed and bread eaters, arriving in flocks, including doves, minors, blue faced honey eaters and all types of parrots including the brightly coloured scaly breasted and rainbow lorikeets, pink and grey galahs, white corellas and the large white sulfur crested cockatoos. They all were fed in the morning by boxes of seed at the side of the house and again later in the afternoon with pieces of bread thrown out on the lawn. Bordering the entire property on one side of the house were six large shady poinciana trees with showy red flowers in summer, where most of the birds (80+) usually sat waiting to be fed. Excluding the tamer meat eaters that sat on the railing waiting to be fed. So the yard was always full of song, chirping and whistles from so many birds, apart from those that knew where I was in the house and sat directly outside a window whistling away for my attention to be fed. 

I'd always loved birds as well dogs and kept budgerigars as pets when I was young. But it wasn't until I moved to Brisbane into a three story house built into rocks on the banks of the Brisbane river, that I decided to put a large aviary alongside the rocky side of the house strung between the second and third floors extending almost the entire length of the house, which I filled with various breeds of birds. Including two golden pheasants, 30 budgerigars, 30 finches, two parrots and a family of guinea pigs taking up the floor space together with a dozen quails that formed a little battle ring facing outward every night. I then placed many breeding boxes on branches of trees throughout the aviary, threw handfuls of duck down from an old quilt into the aviary and watched as the birds rushed round gathering the down, looking like miniature Santa Clauses, before flying off to line their boxes. Needless to say I spent a lot of time bird watching back then. Nowadays, I enjoy watching birds flying freely in their own environment. Especially the spectacular large white wild cockatoo's which became very tame, some eating bread out of my hand. Tragically, in the area where I live, some of the cockatoo's suffered from a pitiful and lethal disease called 'beak and feather,' where beaks are malformed and splinter away to nothing so the poor birds starve to death, coupled with a continuous molting condition where severe loss of feathers meant they could no longer fly. A terrible death and no cure.

One unfortunate Cockatoo afflicted with the wretched condition, flew in one day with other normal healthy cockatoo's and sat on the rail waiting to be fed. After watching the bird struggle in vain to feed itself with a fractured beak, I made up a special mix of bread dipped in honey water and began feeding him the slush with my fingers. For over a two-year-period I fed 'George' twice and sometimes even three times a day this way, talking to him all the while. By that stage his beak had mostly disintegrated and with hardly any feathers left to fly with, he'd taken on an almost ghostly appearance.

Yet despite his miserable condition George always squawked when he arrived and squawked when he left, as if to say hello and goodbye. Over time he'd become so tame he actually let me pat what was left of his feathers. All the while becoming weaker and weaker, until one day George never showed up.

That night however I saw George in my dreams. He'd come to visit me. I saw George's spirit materialise right in front of my eyes and he looked absolutely magnificent. His two black eyes now sparkled with 'spirit' and were bright as two new buttons, and he had a brand new beak as well, complete with a brand new coat of spanking new feathers and a yellow 'sulfur' crest brightly arrayed on top of his head. George was so pleased with himself that he turned right around, so as I could see all his new coat of feathers front and back. George obviously knew that I loved and cared about him seeing as I'd fed him twice a day trying to keep him alive. So he'd cared for me too, enough to come and show me himself in all his glory as he truly was in spirit. How's that! Isn't that amazing? Until then I had never thought of a bird as having a similar intelligence to that of a domesticated cat or dog. Yet George had come to me in spirit to show me how magnificent and perfect he now was, just as Gabby had done. There's so much yet to learn and understand about the amazing and extraordinary animal kingdom in the world around us and in our own homes. So yes indeed, all animals have spirits and bond with us and love us just as we love them, not only in this world but well beyond for all eternity.





First off I want to say that while Renate has incredible communication with spirit which she can see and talk to face to face, she has exterior or worldly sight only e.g. psychics and mediums, and can only 'see' into the material world and astral plane. She can not talk to Richard at the celestial or highest heavenly level. Her interior sight has not been opened.


Whereas Symanthia has had her interior or spiritual sight opened to some extent and can see further into the realms of spirit more so than Renate can, e.g. her sojourns to the Milky Way where Richard has appeared to her and communicated with her about things between he and myself that can all be validated by me. Its past history now but Richard has shown Symanthia some of his and my Akashic record together of being married in a past life. A part of his life he still holds very dear to his heart today.


As explained by Swedenborg, which makes perfect sense to me, in light of what has happened to me.

(480.Man after death continues to eternity such as his will or ruling love is. This, too, has been confirmed by abundant experience. I have been permitted to talk with some who lived two thousand years ago, and whose lives are described in history, and thus known; and I found that they continued to be just the same as they were described, that is, in respect to the love out of which and according to which their lives were formed. There were others known to history, that had lived seventeen centuries ago, others that had lived four centuries ago, and three, and so on, with whom I was permitted to talk; and I found that the same affection still ruled in them, with no other difference than that the delights of their love were turned into such things as correspond. The angels declare that the life of the ruling love is never changed in anyone even to eternity, consequently to change that love in a spirit is to take away or extinguish his life; and for the reason that man after death is no longer capable of being reformed by instruction, as in the world, because the outmost plane, which consists of natural knowledges and affections, is then quiescent and not being spiritual cannot be opened; and upon that plane the interiors pertaining to the mind and disposition rest as a house rests on its foundation; and on this account such as the life of one’s love had been in the world such he continues to be to eternity.)


I am now in direct communication with Richard and can hear him clearly enough to write down what he needs to tell me. And he still says war is coming fast and so's the rapture.


I'm going to keep the following information very brief, only to say that I have had similar experiences in Heaven as Swedenborg has had and had my interior sight- spiritual sight opened.

The first time was when I was taken up and shown Paradise, the origins of man, three past lives, where I was able to talk directly to the angels and ask questions which were promptly answered. And another time when I was walking with someone who told me I was walking in the 'Halls of Heaven' and took me to see my mother. I now 'know' the person who walked the Halls of Heaven with me was Richard, because only recently I was taken into the Halls of Heaven again where I saw Richard waiting for me. And then I knew he was real, not a figment of my imagination. My spirit instantly recognised him and what he meant to me and as I went to him to embrace him, the scene finished.


Since then, I have been 'taken up' and had more 'revealed to me' about the Celestial Kingdom or Paradise, through Richard. 


The next time I saw Richard was not in Paradise but on his horse, leading me up a hillside on my horse following behind his and when I looked back, the whole valley below me was full of dark, dangerous swirling water- indicative of troubled times ahead. Richard was leading me to safety. The one thing I did notice about Richard he was constantly talking to an invisible presence- to God.


A week later I had another out-of-body where I saw Danielle and I park a hire car near a Ferry Terminal and were catching the last Ferry to get back home. Just as the Ferry was leaving, a saw the last passenger a very tall man board the ferry. As I looked, he walked briskly toward me with an all knowing smile spreading across his face. It was Richard who is very tall 6'5'' -a foot higher than myself. The significance of this OBE in my mind, was that Richard was edging ever closer to me, but carefully measured in case I freaked out about his 'sudden' appearance in my life. My two worlds had suddenly merged together. The spiritual and the material- one just as real as the other.


This is from Greg Jeu editor of 'Outsmart,' a Gay Magazine in Houston, a very close friend of mine, who recently emailed me regarding the appearance of Richard in my life.

“Incredible! Someone mentioned to me that they thought we somehow briefly entered a parallel universe because of some particle wave briefly merged with ours.” 


In the next OBE, I saw myself inside the halls of a huge castle walking toward the master bedroom in which was an enormous four poster bed. I knew it was Richard's bed from when we husband and wife, and living in his castle at Château Gaillard over looking the River Seine in France, which he himself had personally planned and overseen the construction of, following his Crusader days. As soon as I lay on that bed, I felt comfortable and very protected, knowing his presence was close by. Shortly after this, every time I thought about him and 'felt' I needed protection, I saw him standing directly behind me protectively, as though we were already a couple.


Then one day I heard him say very clearly “Marry me, marry me,” several times. I had no hesitation in saying YES. Later that night I had another OBE, where I saw myself dressed as a modern bride and searching for some shoes to match what I was wearing. Someone, a woman, standing near me asked why I was getting all dressed up, at which I laughed and said, “I'm actually marrying the same man for the second time.” (Which was quite a revelation when I thought about it later!)


Our first marriage on Cyprus on Richard's way to the Crusades, took place on earth. And this time we were marrying in the spiritual realms with God's blessing, and therefore considered husband and wife, or in 'marriage love' as Swedenborg describes it.


When Symanthia had the second meeting with your group at her place (can't remember the date) and I said I'd come pay a visit with Richard, well I did but only briefly, because Richard and I were  in a hurry to the Celestial Heaven to a conference of major importance held between the highest order of angels and the Lords of Light. I clearly remember flying through the heavens (angels?) and on our way Richard threw a scroll at me which unrolled and I saw a picture of Paradise. Richard then smiled, pointed to the picture and said “That's home!” Meaning Paradise is where we lived.


But the next scene simply blew me away, because it went against everything we humans have ever been taught on earth about Paradise and the Angels. Man has no idea that in spirit his spiritual body remains the same as it was on earth, he is still a man in every sense of the word with everything intact. In the spirit world man only takes on the appearance of an angel when flying through the various heavens and dimensions and appearing on earth sometimes as an angel while at other times either a man or woman in solid form, when in fact they are angels.


King James Bible
Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

In the next scene I was once again back in Paradise, where I was standing talking at great length to someone about building a special wing for me that was attached to a house where I was living. And I needed that special wing so as to continue my true work on the planets that was so rejected by those fools and idiot scientists on earth. The scene then faded, and I found myself waking up in that house and heard heavy footsteps, which I 'knew' were Richard's, coming down the hallway and into the bedroom. If I ever wanted proof of his existence this was it. I was able to actually 'feel' his hair and run my fingers through its thick mass, and a vibrant colour of dark copper, dark blonde and tinge of red- I've never seen on earth. And when he kissed me, it was real, even saw saliva in his mouth which I never thought possible in the spiritual realms. I was shocked. This is all I was permitted to see, suffice it to say, this was not make believe or delusional, this was just as real as in the material world. So I know without a shadow of doubt, the spirit world we are all headed toward will shock a great many who never believed in the spiritual realms or never knew just how magnificent and truly wonderful the spiritual kingdom is. People live here much the same as they did on earth. Only this realm is ruled by the Love and the Light of God, where everything is in perfect order and harmony, truly magical.    


A week later or thereabouts I was back in Paradise again and observing Richard who didn't know I was there. (Somehow I am also an observer and can remain unseen in this realm too)  I saw Richard with a nail in his mouth and a hammer in his hand, while a brother of his stood by with a bunch of nails in his pocket, helping Richard as he hammered the last nail into a building. Which I gathered was the wing he was building especially for me. And as soon as he finished he stood back admiring his great work of art knowing that I'd be so excited with what he had built for me.( I had the distinct 'feeling' it was magnificent, full of planets in miniature, different star systems and cosmic stuff for me to study – my dream come true- possibly an observatory.) His dream too, because he had already asked if I would teach him the science of the stars.) I could tell he was thrilled with his work, especially since he'd  finished just a day before I was due to arrive from earth. I then observed myself arriving the following day and walk down the stairs of some sort of transport where Richard was patiently waiting at the bottom to take me 'home' and show me his amazing work of art.


In one of his automatic writings Richard stated;

'This is your time and me with you. This is why we separated (him in the Spiritual and me on Earth) so as to do this work in the name of the Father. He loves us dearly and blesses us greatly, my love. Then we shall finally be together again. I have been around you always, you are my Queen and my salvation- we are one you and I, inseparable, if you only Knew! Everyone you love will be saved! You were born to do this – to usher in the Age of Light.' 




More recently, I had another OBE and was in Symanthia's kitchen area and talking with Symanthia and her partner Max (who's already passed on). Thing was the three of us were all

dressed up to the 9's ready to go somewhere mighty important and all of looked about 40 years younger and just fabulous. Symanthia looked truly magnificent and just radiated pure love. She had curly blonde hair piled high on her head, perfect figure and fabulous outfit and Max looked really spiffy in his immaculate suit. (This is the first time I've seen Symanthia in spirit- she's just gorgeous.) 


Well, I wasn't too sure what it all meant exactly and not trusting myself because I was too close and may have a bias even if I asked Richard for an answer, so I asked Symanthia if she would kindly ask Richard for me instead.  And this was Symanthia's reply.


According to Richard, we were all dressed up and making preparation for a time not too far in the future. This is when Richard will gather everyone we have ever known together. We will at that time view pictures of every person we have ever been, in every lifetime, we have ever had. 

The rapture!